Holi is the one of the most popular Hindu festivals in India. Hindus celebrate this festival to commemorate the victory of good against evil. According to the legend, Demon King Hiranyakshipu started insulting god and and saints. Finally, he made a decree that “no body in his kingdom should praise the God, instead they should praise him. He ordered that whoever caught praising the God, his soldiers will kill them.. All temples has converted to Hiranyakshibu temple.

However, his son never obeyed him. He always prayed and praised God Vishnu. Irritated by his own son’s disobedience, Hirnyakshibu tried different ways to kill his own son. One time, he called his sister Holiga and asked her to take his son to fire. Holiga had a boon from fire that she will never be burned as long as she is not trying to hurt others. Powered by her boon, she took the little kid and walked into the fire. To everybody’s surprise, she was burned to ashes but Prahaladha was not. (She has broken the boon since she tried to hurt other people). Prahalada was saved by Lord Vishnu. This is where the celebration of Holi started.


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