Republic Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm on the 26th Day of January .It is the day on which the Indian Constitution came into force.India gained its independence through much struggle and on this day Indians remember those martyrs who have fought for our country and have lost their lives. Before becoming independent on August 15, 1947 the day 26th January was considered as the independence day . This is because on this day in 1930 Indian National congress declared the ‘Indian Independence’ or Purna Swaraj. On this day, a colorful parade is organised in the Capital City. Soldiers from different parts of the country display their excellent skills.School children display energetic dance performances  . Indian states display their cultural diversity with individual floats . Each year delegates are invited from foreign countries to accompany the Prime Minister and President for the Republic Day Celebrations. Today we have some Republic day Message which are great to be sent out to friends and family.


Republic Day Message :

Here’s some popular Republic Day Message for you to share with Family and friends.

May the sun in his course visit no land more free,
more happy, more lovely, than this our own country..
My best wishes to you on republic day.


Let Every Citizen,
From The East
Where The Sun Rises,
The West Where It Sets,
North And South Where
It Has No Footprints Come Together
And Pay Tribute To Our National Heroes.
Happy Republic Day.


It’s the perfect day, to pray for our country, by heart .
Orange, White and green three colors are there not for to look beautiful.
These colors give us message that we should love each other, live in peace and in unity .
Happy Republic Day to all Indian citizens.


Today Is The Day When Everyone Or Old,
Tall Or Short,
Light Skin Or Dark Must Come Together
To Show The Whole World
That This Nation Is The Best Nation
Under The Sun.

Happy Republic Day.


Let Every Teacher Teach
The Student How To Love This Nation,
Let Every Parent Instill
In His Or Her Sons And Daughters
The Beauty Of Our Nation.

Happy Republic Day.


Freedom In The Mind,
faith in The Words,
Pride in Our Hearts &
Memories in Our Souls..
Let’s Salute
The NATION on Republic Day!


No Matter where I am
My heart is always with my homeland.
Happy Republic Day to all my friends.


On this day think of our past and
Try to build better future for all of us..
It is a duty of all of us!!
I am proud to be an Indian.
Happy Republic Day !


May our dream of a new tomorrow come true for us
Happy Republic Day.
Constitution Gave us
Faith, freedom , Peace and Pride.
So Let’s Value the Day it was created
And Wish Happy Republic day with a smile.
Let us remember the golden heritage of
our country and feel proud to be a part of India.


Republic Day is a good time
to examine who we are
and how we got here.


The Roots of Violence:

Wealth without work,
Pleasure without conscience,
Knowledge without character,
Commerce without morality,
Science without humanity,
Worship without sacrifice,
Politics without principles
Happy Republic Day.


If not other than our common
ground to meet,
let me remember the anonymous,
for once at least,
beyond the patriotic floats display
on a Republic Day.


As We Match Out
In The Spirit Of Brotherhood And Nationhood,
Let Us Not Forget To Defend
The Colors Of Our Flag With All We Have.

Happy Republic Day.


Other Might Have Forgotten
But Never Can I
The Flag of My Country
Furls Very High
Happy Republic Day!


The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems
Happy Republic Day.


Independence a Precious gift of God.
May We Always Remain Independent.
A Very Happy Republic Day To You.


Still Sleeping?
The nation need you !
You need to be Awaken !
You are part of world’s biggest Democracy ..
Today is the day when We got our own constitution..
Its Indian Republic Day..
Wake up and Value the Day – 26 the January.

Everyone is celebrating Independence day all over India. Sending Wishes for the day, But let us thank all the people and the legends who fought and gave up their lives for us to enjoy today as our Independence day. Lets pray for their souls to rest in peace.
Happy Republic Day!!

Republic Day Message in Hindi


Watan hamara aisa koi na chhod paaye,
Rishta hamara aisa koi na tod paaye,
Dil ek hai ek jaan hai hamari,
Hindustan hamara hai hum iski shaan hain.
Happy Republic Day.


Aajadi ka josh kabhi kam na hone deinge,
Jab bhi zaroorat padegi desh ke liye jaan luta deinge.
Kyonki Bharat hamara desh hai ab dobara is par koi aanch na aane denge.
Jai Hind, Happy Republic Day.


Zamane bhar me milte hai aashiq kai,
Magar watan se khubsurat koi sanam nahi hota,
Sone ke kafan me lipat mare shashak kai,
Magar Tirange se khubsurat koi kafan nahi hota.


Kuch Nasha ‘TIRANGE’ ki Aaan ka hai.
Kuch Nasha ‘MATRBHUMI’ ki Shaan ka hai.
Hum Lahrayenge har Jagah ye ‘TIRANGA’
Nasha Ye ‘HINDUSTAN’ ki Shaan ka hai..
Jai ho.. !!


Nahi sirf jashn manana,
Nahi sirf jhande lehrana,
Yeh kaafi nahi hai watanparasti,
Yadon ko nahi bhulana,
Jo qurbaan hue,
Unke lafzon ko aage badhana,
Khuda ke liye nahi ..
Zindagi watan k liye lutana.
Happy Republic Day! !


Log anek, par maksad ek.
Bhasayen anek, par matlab ek.
Prant anek par Desh ek.
Gantantra Divas ki shubhkamnaeyn.
Happy Republic day !
Mukut Himalay
Hriday mein Tiranga
Aanchal mein Ganga layi hai
Sab Punya,
Kala aur ratna lutane
dekho bharat maan aayi hai
Gantantra Diwas ki Hardik Shubhakamnayein
Happy Republic Day
Gandhi Swapna jab satya bana
desh tabi jab gantantra bana
Aaj fir se yaad karo wo kurbani
jo ki thi veeroon ne
aur Bharat Gantantra bana.
Gantantra Diwas ki Shubh kamnayein
Indian hone par kariye garv ,
Milke manaayen loktantra ka parv ,
Desh ke dushmanon ko milke harao ,
Har ghar par * TIRANGA * lehrao .
Watan hamara misaal mohabbat ki,
Todta hai deewaar nafrat ki,
Meri khush naseebi mili zindagi is chaman mein.
Bhula na sake koi iski khushbu saton janam mein.
Happy Republic Day!
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