The dress, checked. The makeup, checked. The shoes, checked. The accessories, checked. The hairstyle… ooops not yet. Be it in a wedding, a Valentine’s day date or a romantic date with your boyfriend, husband or fiance, you have to make sure that you have the perfect, or at least suitable hairstyle, that will compliment your look and get-up. Most women find choosing the right hairstyle for the specific occasions a daunting task. Well, that’s understandable as we don’t want to be a laughing stock in any kind of event.

You want a romantic hairstyle but you don’t know how to achieve it? Let me give you some ideas that will hopefully help you decide.  Here are some romantic hairstyles suitable for different events and occasions.

5 Best Romantic Hairstyles

I would rather have had one breath of her hair,
One kiss from her mouth,
One touch of her hand,
Than eternity without it. One.
City of Angel

Source: Hairstyleweekly

#1. Loose Bun Hairstyle:

Here’s a great, loose bun hairstyle that will give you an innocent yet romantic look.A perfect romantic hairstyle from Diana Agron. For a romantic date or any special occasion, you’ll never go wrong with this loose bun hairstyle.

long curly hairstyle

#2. Romantic Curls Hairstyles

Long and Curly -Have an elegant and regal look with this simple, curly hairstyle. This is perfect for events like prom, wedding or romantic date. This one is easy to achieve. Just give your straight hair some curls here and there and voila!

Source: Allure

#3. Soft Romantic Hairstyles

Loose Knot – Here’s another easy-t0-achieve hairstyle. It gives a relaxed and carefree look by having your hair nearly unkempt.   Brush and put your hair together using your finger and loosely tie it, leaving some strands undone.

Source: Viphairstyles

Here’s another sample of loose-bun hairstyle with unkempt yet romantic look. This hairstyle is perfect for evening event, prom and even wedding. This is easy to make and you can even do it to your own hair.

#4. New Romantic Hairstyles

Messy Updo – Achieve the romantic look easily with this messy yet sweet updo of Gemma Arterton. Tying the hair up, leaving some strands on the side and sweeping the bangs into the side.


#5. Romantic Side Ponytail – Need a quick fix for your long hair and achieve a sweet, delicate look? Then try this side ponytail hairstyle. Tie your hair together to the side, have some small, long curls here and there, leave some strands for regal effect and that’s it!

Romantic Wedding Hairstyles

Source: Sheknows

6. Half-up, Half-down – one of the best hairstyle for one of the most special occasion – the wedding. This is pretty easy to achieve. All you have to do is to pull the half of your hair together upwards and tie it, leaving half of the hair down. It works best with big curls.

Source: Kookhair

7. Romantic Summer Wedding Hairstyle – Thinking of a beach wedding? Achieve the best hairdo with this carefree, messy updo. Create a loose knot and adorn with your chosen wedding flowers (like what you see in the photo)

Source: Cooleasyhairstyle

8. Romantic Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Delicate Hairstyle – How about an intricate-looking hairstyle for your wedding. You can use some sort of pins to put your hair up, creating some swirls and curls here and there. Leave some strands on the sides to create regal, romantic look.

Source: Fashdloops

9. Wedding Romantic Hairstyles

Swirly and Curly – This is a perfect choice for brides who want to flaunt their long hair. Brush the hair down and put some swirls and curls on it, especially at the tips. To add the romantic effect, put some flowers in the knots or beautiful pin on the side.

Source: celebrity60

Romantic and Regal – Have a look like of a queen with this regal and sophisticated bridal hairstyle. Just like the other wedding up, this one has big curls and was put together to create a messy, yet polished hairstyle.

10. Romantic Hairstyles for Long Hair

Source: Hairstyleimages

Half up, Half down with some curls is probably one of the most popular choice of hairstyle in wedding. It’s because this hairstyle creates the romantic look a bride wants for her wedding. Most of the time, this hairstyle is accentuated with tiara or small hair piece.

11. Romantic Updo Hairstyles

Want to have a look of a princess or queen with your long, sleek hair? You can achieve it with this classic up. Brush some of your hair up and tie it with sophisticated-looking pin, have some big swirls in the remaining hair down.

Source: Zimbio

12. Here’s another half-up,half down hairstyle for long hair. This is a perfect choice of hairstyle for classy events, proms and wedding.

Source: Beautyriot

13. Romantic Braided Hairstyles

Curls with Bangs -You can also achieve this look of Bella Thorne. This works best especially when you already have bangs and long hair. All you have to do is to curl some part of your hair and polish your bangs, creating a romantic look in your face.

Source: hairstylesweekly

14. Straight hair with a twist – Spice up your long, straight hair with this romantic hairstyle. Have a thin braid along your hair, starting from the up, downward. This hairstyle is perfect for those who have natural straight long hair.

Source: Longhairstyleshowto

Another hairstyle that can look romantic to those who have long hair is loose fishtail braids. In this hairstyle, one can braid her hair from the mid hair up to the end. Let some of the hair strands loose which create the aura of romance.

15. Romantic Hairstyles for Short Hair

Romantic look is not just for those who have long hair. For those who have short-hair, you can still get the same effect by getting some ideas and work with what you currently have. Take a look at these short romantic hairstyle ideas.

Source: Short-hairstyles2013

No need for big curls, intricate twist and big buns. You can still achieve the romantic look even with your short hair. All you need is to properly choose the hair accessories you’re going to use for your wedding. Make sure that it perfectly fits for the wedding dress and jewelries. A thin head band with delicate net and big pastel flower is one of the options to choose.

Source: Beauty-zone

If you’re not into flowers and headbands, a simple delicate hairpin is enough to secure some of the hair away from your face. Though it’s simple, it’s enough to make you look romantic on your wedding day.

Source: Wedimpression

Tiara is another option to achieve the romantic look with your short hair. All you need is a tiara that fits for your wedding dress and enough to secure some of your hair from your face.

Source: xxpmw

Not a fan of tiara and any kind of accessories? It’s easy. You can still achieve a romantic look effortlessly. The choice of haircut is all it takes. You just need bangs and flaunt it. See how innocent and romantic the girl looks like on her a little messy hairdo.

Source: Viedka Wedding

Here’s another sample of delicate-looking hairstyle that is achieved by simple securing the hair with a hairpin. But this time, the girl put most of her hair behind her ears and accentuate it with that jeweled floral hairpin.