Christmas , is one of the most momentous season of the year. It is the time when one is given the license to be cheesy and sincerity in one’s feelings becomes a fashion. For couples, aside from June, December is considered to be the best time to tie the knot or become engage, because of the evocatively romantic Christmas atmosphere that is felt by everyone. For singles, the ambiance rouses their interest to find more friends and who knows, they might be meeting their potential boyfriends.

Everyone you came across is in their best moods, like the world comes to a momentary era of peace.
Because this one can’t help but feel generous, thus giving them more than enough inspiration to shop for gifts for their loved ones. We covet for love and appreciation, as well as feeling of belongingness, especially in this season.

Thus, the tradition of gift giving was born. In the department store, there we realize the necessity for planning ahead, so as not to waste our efforts and money in gift shopping. You can select a good christmas gift and add some christmas messages  to it. In so planning, you might need some gift ideas:

For Sentimental Couples, you may consider:

  • Personalized Photo Lamp – Available at Department Stores  and Online Stores the product comes in different sizes, styles and designs. It consists of a back lit photo frame, which allows you to place your favorite couple photo on it, whether single or collage. Perfect for display on your bedside table.
  • When We Met First Book – For those having time, why don’t you consider giving your love something that’s really personalized and handmade like a scrapbook which you can work over secretly from now until the 24th of December. Materials are available at your nearest craft shop and dozens of you and your love’s photos. Show him/her your love as you uncover your inner creativity in this work.
  • Couple’s Pendant – Be her leading man, like just like in the movies you’ve watched with her, why don’t you give her a shared heart pendant this Christmas and melt her heart.

For Adventurous Couples, it would be fun to:

  • Treat him/her out in an Amusement Park – Sent him/her a gift box, outside, write: TO BE OPENED ON: scribble on the time and date of your rendezvous, with a message of love. Inside the box your park tickets. Reminisce and relive those days when your forever starts.
  • Trusted pair of climbing shoes – If you spent most of your bonding time out in the wild, climbing heights and thereafter reward yourself by allowing your eyes to indulge in the marvelous beauty of nature. It would be a good idea to buy her a new pair of climbing shoes. Promising a fun filled year ahead.
  • Arrange a dinner date with your love in an open landscape – Nothing beats a romantic dinner in an open landscape, whether it be a formal or an informal set up. All you need is good researching skill to find that place that would take her breath away, whether up on a hill or at shore at sunset; it will make your date something to remember. It will be great if you can check the weather ahead as part of the planning process.

For the Home buddies:

  • Prepare a candlelit dinner and bring her to a movie – Within the comfort of your home, rekindle your love by setting up your dinner table fashionably, cooking (with the help of trusted friend or a cook book, if necessary) his/her favorite Japanese/Chinese/French inspired meal. Prepare your audio and video system ahead, as well as a DVD of your favorite movie. Have dinner with him/her over wine and sweet jazz music, it will create an intimate ambiance.

For Professional Couples

You might consider giving your better half something functional and at the same time stylish, just like the following:

  • Watches – Time to replace the old one’s he has been using for years. Find a good timepiece that suits his style, taste and nature of work. If he is a diver, find one that he can use in the deep; if he’s in the corporate field then find one that is elegant and wearable.
  • Wallet – For both men and women on the go, wallets are essential. Find a good wallet that is capable of accommodating all her Id’s, Cards, Pen, and even his/her phone.
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