Christmas-GiftsBuying Christmas  presents can be quite troublesome at times, especially if you’re not sure of what to get for certain people. Some are actually quite easy to buy for, but others may require some heavy thinking. What do they prefer? Which color do they like? Would they appreciate this? Flood of questions will overwhelm you and you’ll still be left clueless and unsure on what to buy.

So to keep you from scratching your head and thinking for hours, why not get them a “safe” gift but at the same time, special? Instead of just choosing one gift that you think they’ll like the best, get them a gift basket with items you know they’ll appreciate as a whole and present it to them with a beautiful Christmas cards with heartfelt Christmas messages .! Here are some ideas on gift baskets:

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for All Ages

Food Basket

christmas-gift-basketYou can never go wrong with a gift basket filled with food. Buy a gift basket, preferably with a Christmas theme, so it will be in line with the holidays. Not to mention that with the themed basket, they can use it as a holiday centerpiece!  The basket can be filled with various holiday gourmet treats like different kinds of gourmet cheese, chocolates , wine, cookies and other delicious goodies.  Anyone who receives this present will surely have a gastronomic Christmas.

Fruit Basket

Aside from having gourmet treats, you can also choose to get a fancy basket and fill it with fresh and colorful fruits from the Farmer’s market. Fruit baskets are always appreciated no matter what occasion. You can decorate the basket with ribbons or ornaments for added effect. You can also sneak in chocolates or gourmet nuts in your fruit basket for a wonderful surprise.

Image Source: Mothernaturebeauty  on flickr

For Your Special Someone

Show your better half how much you love them by giving them a gift basket that spells romance! Fill a fancy basket with the best Champagne  or wine that you can buy and throw in a box of gourmet chocolates as well. For added romance, why not throw in flowers too? You’ll definitely send butterflies to their stomachs with how sweet and romantic your gift basket is. If you want to make it more romantic, add in a special note you wrote just for your special someone.

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Women

A Gift Basket for Pampering

Women loves to be showered with tender, love, and care. What better way to show them exactly just that than by preparing them a gift basket with goodies to pamper them?

In your pamper basket, add in a perfume you know your lady friend will definitely love. Make sure the scent is something you think they’d wear.  Also add in DIY Spa kits like lotions, creams, body scrubs, and the like. They’ll surely love the treatment! And if the woman you’re going to give it to is someone really special, you can choose to add jewelry in the basket to add a bit of class to the basket. If you want to surprise her, why not add sexy lingerie at the bottom of the basket? This can be both for you and for her as well.

Image Source: Mothernaturebeauty  from Flickr

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Men

The Pampering-Kit-for-Men Gift Basket

Truth be told, men also love pampering themselves. This Christmas, give them the ultimate male vanity pampering kit. You can get a fancy basket and fill it with a high-end electric razor with replacement razors, a branded shaving cream and after-shave, shampoo and conditioner set for men, lotion, facial wash, talc powder and the like. You can also throw in a pair of good socks or tie. Anything you think a man who loves fixing his self up would love to have!

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Kids

Candy Basket

Without a doubt, kids will go crazy if they receive a gift basket filled with candies and chocolates. You won’t have to think hard on what to give them because this basket of sweets will do the trick. If you know the kid well, you can customize the basket and add treats that you know he/she will surely enjoy. Find out their favorite brand of candy or chocolate so you can make the gift basket extra sweet and special!

For a Friend

A Techie Friend’s Dream Gift Basket

If you have a friend who loves gadgets, give him a basket that would target this interest of his. You can give your techie friend a couple of gadget magazines, cases for his gadgets and to quirk it all up, flash drives that have funky designs. Your friend will surely enjoy this little techie treat.

No matter to whom you give a gift basket to, they will surely appreciate the effort you’ve thrown in compiling different items just for them to enjoy! After all, it’s the thought that counts.