New Year Celebration

happy-new-yearNew Year  is one of the joyous celebration in a year. Aside from the festivities and firework displays, people are sharing the spirit of celebration through New year greetings . Most people are also throwing a party to celebrate the coming of the fresh and new beginning. during the party, there are dancing, new year games, exchanging new year gifts, having fun and drinking. Of course, attending this kind of party can be daunting for some. Preparations are essential especially when it comes to party dresses.

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New Year Party

Few days to go before your new year’s party and you still haven’t chosen (or bought) the perfect clothes to wear for the momentous event, where you might meet your future fiance, husband or boss. Will you be on a crash diet to look your best? Or is there enough time for that or is it even possible? These are the thoughts of a girl anticipating a New Year party .

One of the most basic fashion principles is to stay simple, stick with the basics and wear that one you feel most comfortable and confident in. To help you choose the perfect dress to bring out your best angles is to consider your body shape. This guide will help you enhance your assets and hide imperfections if there’s any.

For a more fashionable you this New Year, you can consider the following tips on choosing the perfect New Year dress for you. The basic body shapes are:

For Apple Shape Body

For those women who have a larger upper body. If you happen to have an apple shaped body, choosing a dress with a V- neckline would be most flattering. This kind of clothes will emphasize more on your slender waist and hide the broad shoulders.

Trendy are dresses with cinched waists or belted dresses gives out an illusion of a trimmer waist area. Dresses that are tight on the top (but not too tight as to make you uncomfortable) with flaring bottom are perfect for this body type as it creates a balance out of your body. As much as possible, avoid layering tops, as this will only emphasize your upper body. Prefer dark colored tops rather than pastels.

For Pear Shaped Body

Pear shaped body is the opposite of the apple shaped body. These people are endowed with larger bottom area.

In choosing the perfect party dress, your main objective is to highlight your upper body up to the waist. As for your top, feel free to choose from dark to pastel colors, but on the bottom be careful not to choose pastel or other light colored dresses as it will emphasize the size of your hips downwards. In choosing blazers or jackets, choose that one that falls a little above your waist. A sweetheart cut top paired with a full knee length skirt with a wide belt will be fabulous.

Remember not to wear too tight pants. Also, shiny pants or a pastel or khaki/ cream colored pants are a no-no for this body type. Hence, if you have these clothes, it would serve you better if you keep them away your closet, until such time that your problem areas have been adequately addressed.

For Hour Glass Shape Body

Thank God for your perfect body, you have a curvaceous upper and lower body with a slender waist. All you need is enhancement and some flattering of your best points. For a more elegant look, try to focus everyone’s attention on your waist rather than your hip or chest area. Accessories such as belts, whether wide or thin are just perfect for you. Pastels or dark colored dresses would be just fine.

If you are endowed with height, you can wear either tight or wide cut pants. Long flowing skirts with floral prints would be lovely. If you are petite, choose knee length dresses.

For Rectangular Shape Body

If your curves are not too well defined, or that your waist, your chest or your hips are not too curvy then this could be your body type. Fret not, because there still a dress that could suit your body type. Tops with scoop neckline or tops with V- shaped neckline would flatter your chest area. Halter tops are also great for this kind of body type, especially if paired with waist flaring from the waist. Dresses with big floral prints would be great in your body type. As much as possible, avoid wearing whites, pastels and cream colored dresses or clothes. Likewise, avoid wearing light colored belts.

For all kinds of body types please avoid wearing metallic-looking clothes neon colored dresses, as they are neither elegant nor fashionable, unless you’re required to.

At the end of the day, whatever your body type is, be sure to wear your clothes with confidence, because confidence is better than any fashion tip or surgery. Feel beautiful and enjoy the New year party. Expressing my warm happy new year wishes  for all!