Wedding is an unforgettable occasion in any woman’s life. It is special day and it comes only once in life. S0 get ready and find a great wedding hairstyles for your taste and appearance.  Make sure you are looking gorgeous and resplendent on the day, as a bride you are the most important person of the day. so make sure you are having all the charm you can have.

Wedding hairstyles vary as per the culture and religion of the bride and the groom. Islam prohibits showing hair in public and Hindus Like to decorate their hair with flowers. In western countries Beautician will decide the bridal hair styles

1. Long Hair Wedding Styles

The embellished wedding hair styles are perfect for brides with long hair. Small flowers are added to the hsir styles to compliment with wedding dress. This is give a special romantic look to the bride

Image: Woohair

2. Long Wedding Hairstyles

When you have long Curly hair, it is always better to select an hair style suitable for that.  If you do a select a proper Hairstyle for curly hair then you will look like an angel. Remember marriage is special day for you. So you deserve the best hair style.

Image: Hairstylesweekly

3. Short Wedding Hairstyle

So girls like short hairs. There are hundreds of short hairstyles are available there to make the person of the day. Bride and groom is most important in any marriage. The below hair style shows a sample short wedding hair style. You can select as there are 100’s available


4. Half up Half down Wedding Hairstyles

Half up and half down??. Yes women like these hair style and it will make them a special person in the crowd. If your bride is having a long hair with gorgeous look, then this is the Hair style for them. This will make them princes in the crowd


5. Half up Wedding Hairstyles

Brides with charming and sexy look can go for this hairstyle and that will make them special and attractive. Brides should feel like the most beautiful woman in her wedding and this wedding updo is a perfect choice. Accessorize with some beads and small flowers, some curls and swirls in the ends, this would surely make any bride a delight on her wedding day.


6. Wedding Hairstyles Half Up

Below you can see a charming lady with special hairstyle for wedding. She looks like an angel in this hair style. Her hair style and bow exactly matches with her wedding gown.


Have this sweet and delicate look, that I think every bride should have, on your wedding day by letting your layered hair down, curl some of it and use a simple floral and lacy headdress as accessory.

7. Wedding Hairstyles Updos

Another wedding style created on the concept of half and half. Her long hair nicely blends with her wedding gown and her other half hair (half up) is giving her a sexy and special look. This hairstyle is suitable for brides with blond hair that blends with their wedding gown.


Most brides choose curly hairdo to achieve that angelic and delicate look. This hairstyle works best for any bride. A simple flower ornaments and big curls are enough to achieve this look.

 8. Indian Wedding Hairstyles

India is the only country who preserved her culture untouched even after 200 years of British rule. All other countries adopted British or western culture in their life. Same way Indian wedding styles, dresses is still in a traditional way.

Image: Source

Most Indian wedding hairstyles are involve using delicate accessories and jewelry. Every bride makes sure that their hairstyle for their wedding will fit perfectly for their choice of lehenga or wedding dress.

9. Hairstyles for Indian Wedding

Braided hairstyle is probably one of the best pick of every bride. One can simple look delicate and divine with that long braided hairstyle. Mush more if its embellished with beautiful flower and beads accessories with the colors that complement well with the makeup and wedding dress.


This kind of bridal hairstyle is perfect for those who have long hair and want to keep it tidy and delicate on her wedding day. Just make sure that the hair accessories to be used will blend well to the choice of lehenga.

10. South Indian Wedding Hairstyles

In some part of India, especially in Southern regions, flowers are one of the most commonly used hair accessories for brides.

Image Source

Look at how this hairstyle appear so beautiful and natural with those flowers with different colors covering the hair from head to the roots. Different kinds of flowers can be used but usually, brides can use flowers that are used for creating rangoli or pookalam for festivals because they have fine petals and delicate colors.

 11. Indian Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

For Indian brides with long hair, braids work best as hairdo. Usually, a long yet simple braid can turn into a beautiful hairstyle by putting jewels and flower ornaments on it.


To achieve this look, hairstylist will divide the hair from the middle then braid it all the way to its end. Then, she will put jewels or accessories in each of the twist. One have to make sure that the jewelry used as hair accessory is fitted for the wedding dress.

12.Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

Are you dreaming of a vintage-themed wedding? Aside from the wedding dress and venue, hairstyle should complement with the theme you choose for your wedding. It’s better to check out some of the traditional wedding hairdo from 80’s and 90’s.


One of the most popular vintage bridal hairstyles is big curls for long hair. Basically, you just have to curl the mid and end part of the hair (this works best to those who have medium-length to long hair). Then, grab some hair from the side and pull it up. Secure it with a beautiful hair pin with some accents that fit well with your jewelry.

13. Romantic Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding is one of the most romantic moments that one can ever experience in her life. Hence, brides want to make sure that this will be the perfect time to appear romantic. And one way to achieve this is having a romantic wedding hairdo.


To achieve a romantic look for wedding day, one must choose a certain hairstyle that will highlight the romantic feature of the bride’s face. One can big curls, secured into a loose bun and accessorized with big lacy flowers on the side.

14. Black Hair Wedding Styles


Most black women are known for its thick curly hair. But it doesn’t mean that she can’t achieve the most delicate look for her wedding with those hair. With some simple accessories, one can turn a curly, thick hair into something so gorgeous, perfectly fit for a romantic wedding moment.

15. Curly Hair Wedding Styles


Curly will never be forgotten in every hairstyle. Big curls in hair can give the look of delicateness and romantic. That’s why most brides choose curly hairstyle and just let down their hair on wedding day.

16. Kerala Wedding Hairstyles


Indian brides have to make sure that their long hair will be kept tidily in place during the wedding ceremony. Hence, they often choose hairstyle that will keep their hair in place like braid. They just use jewelries to make the braids more beautiful.

17. African American Wedding Hairstyles


In previous black wedding hairstyle, the bride let her hair down and just accessorize it with beaded floral headband. In this hairstyle, the bride kept her hair tide up into bun and accentuated it sparkling tiara. This one looks so beautiful and so perfect for her wedding dress and wedding veil.

18. Braided Wedding Hairstyles


Here’s another delicate bridal wedding hairstyle that anyone can choose for her wedding day. This one is designed to be wedding veil ready. The bride has braid in the front part of her hair and let the rest tied up into chignon bun. Secured it with hair accessories and attached the veil to it.

19. Simple Wedding Hairstyles

This is probably one of the easiest and simplest hairstyle for wedding. This hairstyle is called chignon bun wherein the hair is tied loosely at the back. Put some twist with the traditional chignon bun by adding some small braids in the side.