rangoli-designs-with-dotsAre you looking for Rangoli designs with dots that are easy and simple to do?. And you do not want to use ready made rangoli designs? Can’t figure out how to draw Rangoli by yourself? Don’t worry, this post is meant for you. Please have look below where you can find lots of beautiful Rangoli designs suitable for your taste and skill.

I am sure that this post will help you to create a great Rangoli Designs for Diwali. As you read this, you’ll probably tell yourself “does designing rangoli just that easy?” And since Diwali is just around the corner, let me greet all of you a happy Diwali. May all of you be granted with lots of blessings and happiness. Happy reading!

Make Rangoli by Using Dots

rangoli-with-dots-11You can see lot of Rangoli designs and patterns on the web. But the biggest challenge to make rangoli is making your dream pattern symmetrical  When we draw our dream pattern it should be perfect. So what about when you start Rangoli from one side and by the time you reach other side it it became big or small. So making Rangoli symmetric and perfect looking is the biggest challenge in Rangoli design.

Yes!! The women who do Rangoli also knows this. That is why they use Rangoli design with dots to make their Rangoli symmetrical and perfect. You may be wondering how all these women makes rangoli so perfect. The answer is simple. The use Rangoli design with Dots technique. That is make dots before as per your pattern and then connect it to make your pattern. I am amazed to find this in Tamil Nadu when I stayed there. They just put some dots and then their hands will move so fast. Tada the Rangoli is there.

Recently I found lot of people are looking for Mesmerising Rangoli designs with Dots. So I thought I will share my knowledge to you.

How to Make Rangoli With Dots

  • Clean the floor. There are different steps to follow in making Rangoli with dots. Since rangoli is a divine artwork used for religious occasions and events, cleanliness is important. Anything to be offered to God or to be used in Puja must be in a clean spot. Same goes to Rangoli. So it’s important to clean the floor thoroughly. Make sure that the materials and the space where the rangoli will be laid is clean.
  • Add dots. Create the dots according to the design you want. Make sure that the dots are symmetrical.
  • Connect the dots. Then, connect the dots you created. By connecting these dots, you will be able to see the whole picture of your pattern.
  • Fill the patterns. Colors will make the pattern even more beautiful. It’s time to fill the dots with colors. You’re free to choose the colors you want. It can be symmetrical and anything you want it to be.

Different Stages of Making Rangoli with Dots



NOTE: My sincere thanks to rangolidesigns.com for these beautiful photos. They have a lot of Rangoli designs that you may want to check out. You may visit them to get new rangoli designs and ideas.

Simple Rangoli Designs with Dots

Below you can find a simple rangoli design with dots. It is easy to make and traditional


Easy Rangoli Designs with Dots


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Pongal Kolam with Dots and Rice Powder

In Tamil Nadu, people use white rice powder to create Kolam. Women usually clean their yard and lay their kolam.


Simple Rangoli Design with Dots

Here is simple Rangoli with dots. This is big one but it uses more simple design and much less material


image Credit: sagennext

New Rangoli Designs With Dots

The design below is ideal for Diwali festival. It features colorful kolams, decorated with Diwali lamps.

Image: todaynewz.com

Latest Rangoli Design with Dots

Here’s another colorful Rangoli Kolam. This features Andhra style, the design is quite intricate but the colors are beautiful yet simple.

Image: Blogspot

Small Rangoli Designs With Dots

Nowadays, people use computer-generated stencils or ready-made stencils for making Rangoli design. Here’s a sample of such Rangoli design:

Image: Squidoo

You can use computer generated stencils to make this beautiful Rangoli. The intricate red floral design inside the circle brings out the beauty of the pattern. This Rangoli requires time and patience but the final design is worth all the effort. It can be used for ordinary days once you master how to make it.

Beautiful Small Rangoli Designs with Dots

Image: mykolam.blogspot.com.au

This floral rangoli design is simple. Using dots to guide you will enable you to produce the beautiful petals. Once you fill in the colour it will enhance your Rangoli. Ideal for religious festivals and occasions as it brings out the all the beauty on the design.

Rangoli Designs With Dots for Competition


Elephants surrounding lotus flowers brings out the majesty of the animals and can be used on religious and other occasions. You can make one elephant shape and then toggle it to cover all the four sides. It is a simple but very artistic piece of art and will beautify your courtyard.

Diwali Rangoli Designs with Dots


In order to bring out the beauty of this particular Rangoli a large space is required. The Diyas are reminiscient of the lights of Diwali and so this is an ideal piece for the festival of lights. It requires skill and patience and beginners may find it a bit hard but with patience and practice it can be done.

Pongal Rangoli With Dots


This particular Rangoli is very intricate and elaborate and beginners may find it tough. Lines and circles have been used a lot and it can be a good family project. It requires a large space in order for the true beauty of the piece to be seen. Can be made in the court yard or if inside the house then a large room can be used.

Diwali Kolam with Dots

Here’s another Rangoli design for Diwali festival. The theme used in this design is ideal for the Diwali celebration.


The floral design filled with coloured grain and rice is a simple Rangoli that can be made by beginners using ordinary items from the kitchen. The lights in the artwork make it ideal for religious occasions like Diwali. It is a Rangoli that requires a large space in order for the true artistic beauty of the piece to be seen. Can be done in the court yard or other large spaces inside or outside the house.

Colorful Rangoli Design with Dots


This is a Rangoli that is created from dots being connected to bring out the flowers and also the lights in the artwork. With practice and patience, this is a Rangoli that can be done by beginners. The lights in the piece make it ideal for religious occasions even though it can still be made for everyday beauty of the house or yard.

Rangoli Designs with Dots Tamil Style


The bull surrounded by vessels and coconut palm trees can be made easily from motifs. The colours used have enhanced its beauty. It requires a large space in order for the design to really come out.

Simple Rangoli Designs with Dots


This Rangoli looks very complicated and intricate but with patience and practice even an ordinary person can make it. The dots are good guidelines and once the colours have been filled in, the beauty of the piece shows. It can be done as a project by more than one person and it requires a large space so as to bring out the shapes.

Image: http://www.rangolicoloring.in

This beautiful Rangoli can be easily done by beginners. Once the dots are connected it is fun to fill the spaced with different colours and bring out the design you desire. It is very attractive for the front yard to welcome your visitors and can be used as an everyday decoration or on special occasions.

Rangoli with Dots Patterns


This star shaped floral Rangoli looks complicated when first seen but once the dots are drawn and connected the shape comes alive. The centerpiece is a large flower that adds to the beauty of the artwork. It does not require a very large space and so can be ideal for any spot of your home since it can be made from basic materials that are found in your kitchen.


The large floral Rangoli is made from drawing lines around the dots. The dots are there to guide you to achieve the desired shape. It is a very simple design that children and beginners can do every day to beautify your courtyard.


Using lines, triangles and circles you can create this artistic piece of work. It is a beautiful piece for your yard whether front or back, and the single colour means it is simple to make. Once you get the hang of it you can use it as an everyday decoration because of its simplicity.


This Rangoli has been made from swan and floral motifs. One side can be made and then toggled to complete the remaining sides. Once the basic outer design has been done, putting the centre piece is not so difficult.


This simple Rangoli is made by connecting the dots to create the outer flowers and leaves, and then joining the centre dots to make the centre piece flower. A beautiful piece which can be made by children and beginners everyday and on special occasions.

Elegant Rangoli Designs with Dots


This is a simple Rangoli to make and that is clear from the outline on one side. Different colours enhance the beauty of the floral patterns and due to its simplicity children and beginners can have fun filling in the colours. Because it is simple it can be made everyday and different colours used each day.


This Rangoli made from motifs of birds standing back to back looks complicated but is very simple to make. Connecting the dots makes the art work simple and once they are all joined then the colours are filled in to bring out the beauty of the piece. Once you get the hang of it this can be an every day project.


Line and dot Rangoli is very simple to make. By following the dots and joining them to form the four outer flowers and then crown shapes your art work is ready. It is easy enough for beginnners and can be an everyday project. If you are a bit more adventurous you can try to fill it with different colours to enhance it, otherwise even without colours it is still a beautiful piece. It does not require large spaces.


This is a very simple floral Rangoli made form different geometrical shapes and dots. Once the colours have been filled in the true beauty of the piece is seen. It does not require very large spaces and because of its simplicity it can be an everyday project.

Easy Rangoli With Dots for Competition


This Rangoli is simple to make. Once the outlines have been done by connecting the dots it can be left as complete or else colour can be filled in. It is a piece that can be done everyday and also on special occasions. It does not require large spaces and beginners will find it interesting to do.


Bird motifs have been used to make this Rangoli and the centre piece stars make it very attractive for welcoming visitors to your home. The dots make the work simple and beginners can attempt it and with patience and practice they will produce a beautiful piece. In order for the beauty of the art work to be seen it requires a large space like the yard or large rooms.


Lines and geometrical shapes have been used for this Rangoli. You can try to use as many different colours as possible for a different effect each time. Due to its simplicity it can be done as a children’s project and beginners will also enjoy making it. It requires ample space in order for the beauty of the art work to be seen.


This Rangoli depicts lights surrounded by shapes and a star at the centre. It is very suitable for religious occasions and also to show light in your home on other days. It requires a large enough space for it to really be enhanced and the beauty of the piece to show.


This piece looks very complicated but with a lot of practice and patience it can be done. You can experiment with different colour fillings to see what effect it brings out. It is a large piece and so can be done as a project by more than one person and once mastered this is an ideal everyday piece to beautify your yard.