cheap-wedding-ideasWedding is one of the most special and anticipating moment in one’s life, especially for women. This has to be something worth remembering, something unforgettable. Many of us, when wedding is the topic, think that a wedding has to be grand and luxurious. The groom, or at least both parties, has to spend a lot for the wedding preparations and the ceremony itself. But, how about those couples who can’t afford grandiose and expensive wedding? That’s why I’ve come up with some cheap and frugal wedding ideas. This will prevent the couples from shelling out more penny than what they planned to.

The Venue

home-wedding-ceremonyOne of the biggest parts of the wedding that costs a lot is the venue. Most of us would probably choose romantic venues like beach, private resort, grand church, expensive hotels, etc. But let’s make it less expensive yet romantic and homely. How about hosting your wedding at home? This will make the affair exclusive. You can use seasonal flowers and ornaments in decorating a gazebo or garden. You can hire a catering service to handle the table set ups and menu for each guest.

The Wedding Dress

Wedding-DressesAside from the wedding venue, another aspect of a wedding ceremony that is likely costing you more is the dress. Yes, there are a lot of boutiques that sell expensive and designer’s wedding dress. However, if you will just shop around, you will find that there’s a lot more beautiful dress out there, but cost less than those of you can find in large scale boutiques.

I advise that you look around for wedding dress designs. Have some samples of them, photos or sketch and show it to a local dressmaker. That will give your designer an idea what you want for your dress and design it for you. You can also consider using second-hand wedding dress and just the same, you can talk to a dressmaker to alter the design and make it look new.

The Wedding Invitations

Instead of ordering from card shops and specialty greeting card stores, why not consider making your own unique wedding invitations? If you have a friend, or you know someone who’s creative and love to design, why not ask her/him to design your invitation. This will allow you to save some pennies and at the same time personalize your invitations the way you want them to be.

The Flowers

wedding-flowers-ideasYou don’t have to pick the most expensive brand of flowers or go to the most exclusive flower shop in town. Most of the time, you can pick the same quality of wedding flowers in less expensive price from small flower shops. There are shops that sell flowers at wholesale price. All you need is to ask for discounted prices especially if you’re going to buy all the flowers you will use for your wedding on the same shop. On the side note, how about grow your own flowers in your garden months before the wedding? That would save you a lot.

The Decorations

Want less expensive decorations? No need to choose expensive centerpieces and decorations for the venue. For centerpiece, you can use a simple glass vase with seasonal flowers on it. For those who don’t want flowers, streamers and ribbons with stylishly placed at the center will do wonders. As for the chairs, instead of satin covers, you can use tulle. It has the same quality and effect but less expensive.

The Honeymoon

romantic-destinationsAdmit it or not, we want the best honeymoon, the best cruise and most romantic getaway with our newly-wedded partner. But thinking about it, you don’t actually have to spend a lot just to achieve this. You don’t have to go abroad just to experience extravagant honeymoon. All you need is to look around for local tourists spots. You’ll see that there are romantic destinations that are yet to be explored, beautiful yet less expensive.