birthday-gifts-for-friendsSurely, one would run out of birthday gift ideas especially for a best friend. After all, he/she’s the special friend, who finishes your sentences, is clairvoyant with your thoughts and knows all your secrets enough to blackmail you for a lifetime. In fact before you might even think of a gift, that very special friend has thought about giving the same to you way before you’ve planned doing so.

What if I do have no idea what to give?

Remember the cliché it’s the thought that counts? Well, it just might be true after all. Imagine how people have difficulty letting go of something they hold dear to them? It is pretty much the same way when people receive gifts. Sometimes the simple yet highly memorable gifts are the ones that are most remembered and cherished.

I know what you’re thinking. You probably might say “Don’t get sentimental on me.” But that is actually what gift giving is about. It is manifesting a shared sentiment between the giver and the receiver. The giver exudes excitement, nostalgia even sympathy and carefully thinks about the instrument (the gift of course) that would best show it. Moreover, it shows the receiver how important, take note IMPORTANT he/she is to the giver.

So ask yourself how important is your BEST FRIEND to you? Come to think of it, it’s a no-brainer. Of course he/she is important to you. So it is not enough to show it by just giving any gift. The gift has to show how you genuinely feel about your best friend. It needs to have a “sentimental value” hence, give a sentimental gift.

Sentimental what?

If you are talking about a sentimental gift, one important word comes into mind: MEMORY. The true treasure of relationships is the memories that go along with it no matter how joyful or frightful these may be. They are milestones, similar to the progress of an infant going to its adult years. Your best friend’s birthday is undoubtedly the most opportune time to show the milestones of your relationship and be grateful for how these have contributed to what you’ve become. Who knows, this gift might even be the key to forge a friendship that lasts for a lifetime.

How do I show that I remember everything?

  1. 1.       Collecting and Selecting Memories with the trusty SCRAPBOOK

Plucking out memories from thin air is not enough. You have to collect these and select the ones that are important to both of you. This is where the old trusty SCRAPBOOK becomes handy. From photographs and letters you’ve given each other to concert tickets and wrappers of favorite candies and chocolates, you can completely describe the depth of your relationship through pasting simple mementos on your compilation. And add some nice happy birthday wishes to this and it will become a wonderful gift

  1. 2.       Narrate your friendship story with a PERSONAL DIARY

Those who are fond of writing can recount memories using a different medium. If you are someone with eidetic memory, doing a Personal Diary can definitely tell your story. Recall your experiences together (including dates of course) and write down on the specific date these happened. Share feelings that you may have had at those times and if you do feel like mentioning so, assure your best friend how you’re grateful that you’ve experienced all of these memories with him/her no matter how pleasant or embarrassing these may be. Be intricate with the details. That way, he/she can really see your sincerity in reliving those experiences through this diary. Happy Writing!

  1. 3.       Give a Token for your bond to strengthen

Nothing says “Best Friends Forever” best other than giving your BFF a token. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. A lasting relationship is priceless. No amount of money could ever quantify your friendship so don’t pressure yourself to give her a platinum band if you don’t have the dough. You can get stuff in pairs so you get to keep half of it and give him/her the other. Shirts, rings, pendants, bracelets, you name it. Shirt designs containing phrases such as “My other half” or illustrations and photographs of your best friend may be an option. You can give have bracelets named after each other as well. If you’re into something more extreme you can have your initials or name tattooed to each other. You would be the one who would know your best friend, umm best of course.

  1. 4.       Can’t think of something? Then give a little bit of everything

Collect photographs of you, memorabilia of your favorite bands or music artists, posters of your favorite actors or teen idols. After doing so use your God-given creativity to compound these elements. Perhaps you can put together a photo mosaic, sew a quilt, computer generate a presentation. Put your creative juices to good use by expression and tailor-fit your artwork to your friend’s preference. Inject variety to this artwork and it will surely be a masterpiece.

All in all, remember to remember. Nothing expresses how you treasure a friendship better than remembering your experiences together. Now put them all together and concretize your own story with these gifts and make it something that you can share for a lifetime

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