Ramadan is Coming

ramadan-poem-1Will you open up your eyes?
And look above the skies
There’s a crescent moon higher than the clouds
to lighten up the excited crowd.

This symbol does have great meaning
Which probably a new beginning
This is our most awaited evening,
For Ramadan is coming.

The next day fasting begun
Foods and pleasures are sinful one
Spending the day reading Qur’an
while reflections are done.

Inclinations to prayer are stronger
And piety are made better
Forgetting earthly sins might be harder,
But with faith it will be easier.
Small goodness are now seen bigger
But the continuous acts of sinner
its penalty is a lot heavier.

The soul that was broken to pieces
Will be brought back to its places
after this month-long sacrifices.
‘Cause with Ramadan I saw chances
now we can put smiles to our faces
and because our unending goodness
Allah will give us bountiful graces.

Sacrifice have Prize

My father possesses goodness,
My mother does shows kindness,
My brother stopped his laziness,
My sister ended her flirt ness
While here I am troubling with consciousness.

Left or right, front nor back.
Difference and changes never mock
Now there’s such thing that lack
I’m here hoping their wicked will never be back.

Deafening silence has arrive,
Why before a day without gossip they can’t survive.
Temptatious glares where changed with loving stares.
Wherein now I can say the world does really care.

Devilish activities and doings are changed
And all of their badness does fade.
But why does food they never ate?
Even water they never take.
These has been running through my mind
Answers I really ought to find.

It’s been years of eagerness to criticize
But now I can heartily emphasize
Ramadan might be a hard sacrifice
But at the end, our spirits will have their prize.

Lost and Down

I am feeling lost,
I am feeling down,
My face sadly shows frown,
My smile can’t be given by a clown.

My weakness were hidden by boast
For which I am wickedly proud most.
But now Ramadan is at most.
Humility I will now burst,
Patience will be as long as coast,
Honesty will be meaningful than oath,
And peace will be floating like boats.

Indeed goodness will cover the world
Kindness on both actions and words
Clean goals will be pointed than swords
Answering evilness I can’t afford.

With the worships faith will strengthen,
harder than a diamond that can’t be broken.
Through truthful reflection,
I now gave up my satisfaction
to start my spiritual restoration.

I know this is my destination,
which is to notify every nation
That Ramadan is not only a tradition,
But this is certainly a great action
for us to complete our belief and religion.


From An Exempted Traveler

I ‘m indeed grateful for exemption,
For ill be traveling across nation,
Ramadan’s one of my awaited celebration
To prove Allah my faith doesn’t have condition.

My exemption doesn’t mean Ill give into temptation.
For I may meet people from other region,
They might tell me to have my satisfaction
And that which really feels like perfection.
But ill see to it as a caution
Not to give myself as a donation
into their baits of wrongful accreditation.

I may not start my acts on the days of celebration
But ill cover it up for I have days for reservation.
For those times I’ll do my obligation
as a fulfillment to my religion.

But while I’m traveling from region to nation,
I’ll be showing them my good action,
As well as words will come in great proportion.
Through this I can feel Ramadan is at notion
I may have my exemption
But the will to have my obligation
Still depends on my hearts decision.

Beauty in Goodness

As I close my eyes,
I’m feeling as cold as ice,
I seemed flying like a fly,
I feel like floating above the sky.

As I start setting up my mind
My sins now I finally find
Now my guilt I couldn’t hide
No matter how hard I tried.

A tear runs down my face
I feel like stumbling upon my place.
Forgive is all I need this time
Not even a gin combined with lime.

Shame has been covering myself,
I’ve wanted to hide in a shelf.
But as I hear the words from Qur’an
Self-pity seems to run,
Those words defeated my fear,
Now I really feel I’m dear.
It seems like everyone wanted me here
and that they does really care.

In this month of Ramadan I’m thankful
Of course to Allah I’m grateful
If without these I’m still sinful
And my soul would still be sorrowful
but now I really feels wonderful
Oh, living in goodness how beautiful.

Copyright: Rodel Pasana


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