mens-hairstylesThis year, the trendy hairstyles for men are the short and the messy ones. I’ve seen a lot of male celebrities, both locals and Hollywood, wearing these kinds of men’s hairstyles. I am not a very fashionable person and I prefer clean and simple hairstyles. Well, working in an office, that is what the situation calls for. But honestly, I’d like to try some of these trendy hairstyles at least once in a while.

Different hairstyles can give different impact to our appearance. While some hairstyles for men may give you the chic, cool or funky look, some may help you achieve the boy-next-door or professional appearance. Another thing is hairstyle trends change from time to time. The trend for one-sided hairstyles may be outdated this year, but may revive for the next year, with a bit of twists. So, it is also important that you know the latest hairstyles that are “in” for the current year. Take a look at these trendy and new men’s hairstyles that you may want to wear and achieve for your crown of glory.

New Hairstyles for Men

Like I said earlier, messy hairstyles are the trendy updo this year. Most male celebrities, especially Asians, wear this kind of hairstyle. Scroll below to see the new men’s hairstyles.


I like this messy yet fashionable men’s hairstyle. It can give you the fresh and clean look despite of the messy hair strands. My brother’s previous hairstyle was like this one and I can say that it fits well. But I think males with long faces shouldn’t wear something like this. It will look better for men with almost round faces.


What about achieving the ultra-male appearance? This one is perfect for you. This one is perfect for those who have short hair but don’t want to make it appear like it has been licked by a cow. Some gel here and there, styling some waves there and here would do the wonder.


Messy hairstyles for men are not just for those who have short hairs. Men with medium length to long hair can also wear this hairdo. See the picture above. See how he managed to appear so cool with that messy hair strands.


How about some funky look? Aside from messy hairstyle, another stylish and fashionable men’s hairstyle to choose is the mohawk. See the above picture. That mohawk hairstyle suits well even for those who have short hair.

Short Hairstyles for Men

Of course, most of you may have hairstyle preferences depending on the length of your hair. Well, sometimes you really have to consider your hair length to achieve the best hairstyle for you. Now, we will start featuring some of the best and latest men’s hairstyles for short hair.


This is perhaps one of the most common short hairstyles for men nowadays. Brushing the hair upward and styling it with gel or mouse to create spikes on the top is the way to achieve this look. The guy with this hairstyle looks fresh and cool.


How about for short, black hair? Here’s another good example of a boy-next-door hairstyle for short hair. Some brush ups, leaving the forehead with no hair strands, gave the guy the clean and chic look.


Here’s another stylish men’s hairstyle to try for your short hair. This photo features a faux mohawk hairstyle for short hairs.

Long Hairstyles for Men

The first thing most of us will think when it comes to long hair is that a guy is probably a hermit. Actually, more and more celebrities are growing their hair long to achieve different appearance. Some of them intend to grow their hair to meet the requirements of their current project, while some may just don’t have time to cut. Nonetheless, one can still achieve the stylish look using their long hair. Take a look at these men’s long hairstyle pictures.


This guy looks extremely sexy with his curly, shoulder-length hair. The guy managed to make it stylish by giving its hair some waves and curls. This hairstyle is suitable for those who have thick, wavy, long hair.


But those who have not-so-thick, long hair can still have a trendy and fashionable hairstyle without any effort. Just make sure that your hair is not- one-length hair just like the photo suggests.


Who says only women can wear extremely long hair? Men can wear them too! See this model wearing a curly and extremely long hairstyle. He doesn’t look like a woman to me. Instead, he looks sexy and dashing.

Image Source: Menhairstylesideas

Cool Hairstyles for Men

For male teens, being cool is important. Of course, they don’t want to be left behind in the latest fashion, just like most teen girls. So here are some of the popular cool men’s hairstyles that you may want to try.



Best Hairstyles for Men

I’m not saying that these hairstyles for men are the best and perfect for you coz not all men have the same fascial features. But in my own opinion, these guys really look so handsome and dashing with the hairstyles they are wearing.



Curly Hairstyles for Men

Did you know that curly can also spell as S-E-X-Y? See these pictures and see for yourself. Two words to describe them: Sexy and Dashing.



Hairstyles for Balding Men

I don’t know if it’s just me or maybe it’s really me but everytime I encounter the word “gracefully balding”, the first person to come in my mind is Jason Statham. I first saw him in the movie “Transporter” and I must say that despite the balding, he still looks as handsome as ever.



Image Source: Hairstyle88

Medium Hairstyles for Men

If there are hairstyles for short and long hairs, there are also good and stylish hairdo for medium-length hair. Take a look at these samples.



Image: Hairstylestoday

Asian Hairstyles for Men

Asian male celebrities go for medium-length to long hair and style with with layer haircut. They often prefer “fly-away” hairstyle – the hairstyle that can make you look like you’ve been in front of the electric fan for an hour or two.


Image: Wildvizionz


Image: Koreanindo

Korean Hairstyles for Men

One thing that I notice in most Korean actor’s hairstyles is that they often put highlights on their hair and has layer cut style.


Here’s one of my favorite korean actor, Kim Bum. I first saw him in a TV sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick”. That hairstyle made him look so cute and fresh, a boy-next-door type.


This actor, Lee Min Ho, is probably the most popular Korean actor nowadays. Many fans are trying to imitate this kind of hairstyle. Well, it suits him very well.

Hairstyles for Black Men

Since Black men have extra curly and extra thick hair, they often go for hairstyle that will trim down these features. Some may cut their hair into skin-head, some are ultra-short hair and some are braided into those intricate and small braid. The perfect example is the star of Men in Black – Will Smith.


Image: Teenblab


Image: Forlifeandstyle

Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair


Image: Fashstylo


Image: Wildvizionz

Mohawk Hairstyles for Men


Image: Excellentstyle


Image: Welovestyles

Wavy Hairstyles for Men

The 22nd Annual Infinity Awards, Presented by The International Center of Photography


Image: Londonfashion

Indian Hairstyles for Men


Image: Stylebistro


Image: Urbangent

Messy Hairstyles for Men


Image: Menshairstyletrends


Professional Hairstyles for Men


For professionals, businessmen and office workers, clean and well-groomed hairstyle is the best to wear. One good example is the above picture.

Image: Yourhairstyleideas

Classic Hairstyles for Men


One of the most popular classic men’s hairstyle is the one-sided hairdos. I’ve seen many of classic movies featured actors with this kind of hairstyle.

Image: Themenhairstyle

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