pumpkin-carving-ideasThis Halloween season, one of the most brilliant decorations you can think of just may come from pumpkin carving ideas. It’s not every day that the Halloween season will come knocking at your door for treats. We know that kids dislike the taste of pumpkins, but the Halloween season is the perfect excuse for the year to use pumpkins as decorations instead of food. Kids will surely like the idea of avenging their abused taste buds. Who would’ve thought that pumpkins may be a venue to etch artworks of different sorts? Image Source

Back then, we only know the classic carving designs for pumpkins – two eyes and a crooked mouth that forms a wicked smile. Today, there are different ideas on how to creatively design a pumpkin. Gone are the days when the design we put on a pumpkin is limited to an unfortunate grin. There are kinds that vary – from simple to unique. And because Halloween is just around the corner, you should be equipped with the necessary knowledge on modern day pumpkin carving. This has just stepped a level higher. For more information, check out these pumpkin carving ideas. I have seen more pumpkin carving pictures at



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Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin carving is probably one of the most popular elements of Halloween. During this season, you will see tons of pumpkin carving designs. Some of them are limited to holes of just eyes, nose and mouth. But there are some artists out there who knows how to carve pumpkin the coolest way. Here are some amazing and cool pumpkin carving designs I’ve found. This image may be good for pumpkin carving ideas 2016cool-pumpkin-carving-designs Having a bad day girl? Oh wait, it’s not a girl, it’s a grumpy pumpkin carving. It’s amazing how the artist can create this kind of touch. Some people call this 3D pumpkin carving. If you’re looking for the pattern for this, I will tell you, definitely none. cool-pumpkin-carving-ideas How silly can you get, pumpkin? Sticking your tongue like that doesn’t make you look cute, you look so silly. But the carver of this pumpkin isn’t silly at all. I am awed at how he was able to create and arrange the pumpkin into that post. What a great idea for pumpkin carving.

2014 pumpkin carving ideas

Halloween-pumpkin-carving Awwww you are soooo cute! But the pumpkin said “ouch, you’re hurting me!”. I bet the pumpkin will say that if it can speak. Fortunately it can’t or it will give you some creeps if it will. Such great details for pumpkin carving design.

Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Of course, when we say “easy,” we mean to provide you with simple and doable carvings that will make your Halloween celebration a breeze on a park. To achieve this carving, you have to shape the face of a clown. It is advisable that the shapes are in a balloon round. Leave some space in the between the eyes and mouth. Put a clown’s nose on this; then, put some bubble-gum coloured headdress on top of the pumpkin.

Image Source

Easy you say? Then the above pumpkin carving pattern may be your choice. This is perfect for those who want simple designs and patterns. No need to hassle yourself just to come up with the best design, simple designs will do, mouse and cats for example.

Image Source

And just like the traditional Jack-o-Lantern designs, this easy to make halloween pumpkin just need some carving tools and you’re ready to do. Triangular eyes and nose plus crooked teeth, this pumpkin carving is easily achieved.

Image Source

How about some simple ideas for pumpkin carving but with character. With just a few tweaks here and there, you can create simple yet cool pumpkin carving design. Above picture is the best example of that. See how the carver strategically carved the eyes, made the pumpkin up to something.


Make your pumpkins look like Jack the Ripper in Nightmare before Christmas with this pumpkin carving idea. This is quite cool since some few circular holes and mouth as if stitched can be easily done.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Without Carving

Some of you may agree when I say, why carve is you can just decorate your pumpkins the way you like it and use them as Halloween decorations? Yes! You really don’t have to have an extra talent just to decorate a pumpkin. Just grab some decorating stuff, get your crafting tools ready and prepare for pumpkin decorations. halloween-pumpkin-carving-ideas-2 Ain’t it grand if everything that you see around you can be licked and chewed? For a delicious example, you can cake decorate the pumpkin this Halloween. This will be tons easier that carving painted-pumpkin-designs The next resort we have if you don’t want to carve your pumpkin is to paint it using textile or latex paint. Of course, this will be useless with a glowing light inside the pumpkin, so you’ll have to put the spot light candle in front of the pumpkin instead. But think about it, painting the pumpkin will allow you to be more flexible and versatile. Image: CountryLiving pumpkin-carving-ideas-01 If you don’t want to display your sleek hand gliding talent in painting or carving, then try buttoning. You may find some unused unsorted but assorted buttons in all shapes and sizes at home. You may want to try using them to decorate the pumpkin. It may sound a little off, but this remains to be seen until you have tried it. halloween-pumpkin-carving-ideas-3 Different faces, different colors, stacked into one pumpkin face totem. How nice was that! I totally love their facial expressions, so cute and amazing!

Owl Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Owl design versions are very versatile. They can go well with birthday parties, baby showers, weddings and of course, Halloween. How to achieve this carving? The pumpkin will be the owl’s head, so you can customize it to your taste. The body will be some additional filler according to your desire. nocarve-pumkin Grab your scissors, paper and two pumpkins of different size and start creating an owl, no-carve pumpkin design. You just have to stack two pumpkins, smaller one in the top, and decorate it with paper cut-outs to create wings and eyes of the ow. owl-pumpkin-carving Meet the giggly and awesome owl pumpkin carving! This is not actually hard to make. You just have to know where to carve those small spike looking holes. pumpkin-carving-2 How about creating an owl observer, rather, observers. This will totally rock your porch! You can have instant outdoor Halloween decorations and at the same time pumpkin carving that will light up the dark night outside.

Funny Pumpkin Carving Ideas

While browsing the web for different designs and patterns for pumpkin carving, I came across to the ones that totally made me laugh out loud. Yes, those naughty and silly carvers out there are creative enough to come up with something funny and really hilarious ideas.


Like this, the above photo, the carver came up with the idea of a pumpkin giving birth to, what else, pumpkin! The expression totally made me laugh, pretty hilarious!

Image: Up2Wow


Shape the pumpkin to make it look like a pair of buttocks; then, draw some imprints of your hands on the sides to make it look like you’re grabbing a pumpkin booty. If you think you can do this design, then go for it because this is one of the funniest ideas yet. The steps are easy to follow.

Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Artists come with endless creativity and skills. You can prove that with these cool and creative pumpkin carving designs that totally turn me into starstruck. I just can’t believe it that these pumpkins were turned into something so realistic by just removing some part of it here and there.


Image Source


If you are finding it hard to get your creative juices shaking, then here’s a stencil tip to make your pumpkin look more unique. Try to mix and mis-match the facial expressions. The wackier, the better.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas Pictures

cool-pumpkin-carving-designs-01 burger-pumpkin

Slice the upper portion and the bottom portion of the pumpkin. They will become the “buns” of the burger. Then, add some of the more famous ingredients of a super burger: tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, onions, a burger patty (can be real or not) – and there you have it. cool_pumpkin-carving-ideas

Vomiting Pumpkin Carving Pictures

These pumpkin carving may have probably drunk a lot last night, or are they just feeling ill? Nevertheless, these vomiting pumpkins will surely make an awesome decoration for your home on Halloween. Imagine the reaction of those guests who will use the rest room and the thing they will see is the vomiting pumpkin. vomiting-pumpkin-carving

If you plan to use pumpkin carving as decoration in your home, you may place it strategically to where you want. One best place to put your vomiting pumpkin is in the toilet bowl, just as shown in the image above.


Simply, carve a sickened facial expression on your pumpkin, emphasizing the shape of a gagging mouth. Scrape the contents of the pumpkin and put them at the opening of the mouth to make it look like the pumpkin’s vomit.

Image: stcharlesmd

Cute Pumpkin Carving Ideas

If you want cute pumpkins, you can come up with the ideas that will turn into a baby, no I mean cute. You can use some fake eyes, carved pumpkins and buttons to decorate your pumpkins and make it look cute.


These googly eyes are so cute, well at least for me, they look cute. Plus their arrangement make them even more silly. A few pumpkins stacked strategically and arranging their eyes as if they are thinking about something naughty. Hmmm, they’re probably planning something and they are talking through their eyes.


Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Unique you say? There you have it! If you really want to be unique then you should try something that is not commonly used. Pumpkin carving is not limited to creating faces in pumpkin. Other designs can be used. Flower is one of the examples.


Here’s one of the most amazing floral carving ideas for pumpkin that I’ve seen. The carvings are well-detailed and very intricate. One mistake and you will ruin the whole design.


Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Kids

The first groups of people who should enjoy pumpkin carving activity are the kids and children. So, by this moment, you should have found the best pumpkin carving patterns that your kids can make.


This is one of the most available trends for kids on the internet. Your kids may find this amusing to carve on the pumpkin. The design does not require too much frills. It is simple and child-friendly.


This is a very easy design to make. The first thing to do is slice the bottom of the pumpkin in order to create a whole that is wide enough to cover the candle’s glow.


Then, you can start assisting your kid into making shaped holes such as moon, stars, circles, squares, etc. around the pumpkin. Of course, you should assist your child in doing so. You can assist in tracing, but leave the cutting up to you.

Zombie Pumpkin Carving Designs

Another Halloween star that is scarier than a zombie – what can it be? A pumpkin, of course. To get this concept, shred a zombie mask in such a way that it can be recognizable. Then, carve the pumpkin into a monster look with jagged teeth that is made for shredding zombie skin. Put a couple of the shreds on the pumpkin’s “jagged teeth” and some of the rest around the pumpkin or just in front of it to make it look like it has just eaten a zombie.


Image Source
image :flickr.com/photos/marcevan/
image :flickr.com/photos/marcevan/

You can simply do this by emphasizing the details on the zombie’s face such as protruding eyes and etching veins and temple. The audience will immediately get the idea that you want to deliver. Light a candle inside the pumpkin by slicing the bottom where the candle can be put to glow. This will create more emphasis on the details.

Scary Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Crookedly wicked is the description for what we call as plain creepy. Use sharp-edged shapes for the details; then, add a small bowler hat on top of the pumpkin. Other creepy creatures can also be used as your pumpkin carving designs.

creepy-halloween-pumpkins gory-pumpkin-carving scary-pumpkin-carving Image: Flickr

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Get your home ready for the halloween and set up your pumpkin carvings according to the event. There are so many halloween pumpkin ideas that you can find online and I’m here to give you some few examples.


The vampire pumpkin. You just need prosthetic fangs and red beads. Attach them into your pumpkin with readily carved holes where you can put your decoration.


Obviously, this means letting your pumpkin deliver the Halloween message for the guest. The message could be a scary quote from a horror movie. It could be a spoof or simply a message saying: “Happy Halloween” or “Trick or Treat”

pumpkin-carving-01 spooky-pumpkin-carving

Simple Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Above pumpkin designs are still complicated for you? Then these ones are probably the simplest ones that you may try. cute-pumpkin-carving

Kids are familiar with this cartoon, and so is everybody. No doubt, this will look cute. The good thing about this carving is that Phineas has a relatively easy-draw that will allow a person to easily trace his sketch even on a pumpkin.


If you have toddlers at home, this just may be an appropriate pumpkin carving. You may find it helpful to look for a sketch on the internet to trace this on the pumpkin later on.

Kids Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Can’t get enough of pumpkin carvings for children? Here are some more that will give you further ideas what to carve on your favorite pumpkin.


What every fair character you choose – Tinkerbell, Winky, etc. – you may find it nice to look at a glowing pumpkin with a carving or a fairy trying to touch the light. You may have to first carve the design, then put a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin that will be wide enough to accommodate the full glow of a small candle inside it.

Image: Flickr

halloween-pumpkin-carving-ideas-1 cute-halloween-pumpkin

Pumpkin Face Carving Ideas


There are plenty of mouth structures and ideas on pumpkin carvings. And the nose – pumpkin carvings do not have noses so skip that. The eye stencil is sometimes hard to think about – will it be nice to have it square, crooked or star-shaped? Here’s a stencil that might make your carving more exciting: googly eyes.


You keep on trying to carve a face that will fit the season, but you end up having low-impact carvings. Try this stencil for a change. You may want to practice on this one before customizing more on your own.


This is another simple design. The trick is with the vampire teeth that you can make on your own or buy in a local store. Simply, carve a vampire face on the pumpkin. Make sure that the mouth is wide enough for the vampire teeth, which you can insert or stick on the opening of the “mouth.”

Image: MarthaStewart

Cool Ideas for Pumpkin Carving

creative-halloween-pumpkin creative-pumpkin-carving cool-halloween-pumpkins

This could work if you have small-sized pumpkins, but even medium-sized can work for this. You can simply carve different facial expressions on each pumpkin, then stack them together.

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