Since it is hard to own or install a central air unit, most people prefer using the best portable air conditioner in their homes, offices or apartments. Unlike in central air units, it is easy to relocate portable air units from one room to another for convenience purposes. This is facilitated by the casters located at the bottom of most of these portable air conditioners.

Most people are interested at knowing how these air conditioners work. Some of these portable air conditioners have single exhaust hose that facilitates the movement of air from the rooms to the machine’s conditioners. Condensed air is then removed from the machine to the room and vice versa. This cycle continues until the room is cool enough to the user’s satisfaction. Some people allow their air conditioners to run all day while others will shut the machine once the room is cool.

While some portable air conditioners have a single horse system for air routing in the room, others have a double horse system. The double hose air conditioners have a condenser coil and an exhaust, which work together to bring air in and out to the room. A comparison of the single hose and the double hose air conditioners shows that the double hose systems are more efficient in cooling than the single hose system. Some portable air conditioners can be placed at the window if the user adds some kits like the venting hose to the package.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Air Conditioners

For those who would like to know the disadvantages of these portable air conditioners is that they are noisy. However, compared to the advantage of heat reduction, one can easily do away with the noise.

Maintenance of Portable Air Conditioners

For maintenance purposes, the user has to take note of the water in the drain tank, which is created when the conditioner is running. While some designs will utilize this water in cooling the machine, others do not. Such portable air conditioners need the user to drain the water themselves at least several times a day to allow the machine to keep working at its best.

Honeywell MN12CES

Honeywell-MN12CESThe Honeywell MN12CES is one of the highly rated portable air conditioners in the market. This air conditioner has the capability of cooling an area of up to 450 square feet. The machine air conditioner has in built dehumidifier meaning that the user does not have to empty the water tank every now and then. The Honeywell MN12CES is capable of removing 70 pints in 24 hours.

For those looking for air conditioners that can be fitted in the window, this is one very good machine. This portable air conditioner also has a programmable timer that helps in energy saving for up to 24 hrs. It is also possible to adjust temperatures to the desired temperatures ranging from 61 degrees to 91 degrees Fahrenheit. For those who have a problem with noise, the noise in Honeywell MN12CES can be adjusted to a 53 dBA level.

Whynter Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter-14000-BTU-Dual-Hose-Portable-Air-ConditionerThis air conditioner is also highly rated by the customers since it is a dual hose system. The machine is capable of giving its users about 1200 BTU cooling power. This means that the machine can cool a large room in a quicker way than most portable air conditioners. The machine also has an auto drain system that helps in draining water mechanically instead of allowing the user to drain water manually.

Not only does the machine use the moisture created during the cooling system, but also, it has the capability of recycling the water. The air conditioner has a remote control and a digital control attached, and comes with different modes. These include fans, air conditioners and dehumidifiers. The air conditioner has a capability of dehumidifying more than 90 pints of moisture within a 24 hour span.

The user can also regulate the speed of the air conditioner since the air conditioner has about three fan speeds, which the user can choose. It is also environmental friendly since the air conditioner has carbon air filters and a washable filter. In addition to all these there are casters at the bottom of the air conditioner, which help the user in moving the machine from one room to another.

Apart from air conditioning most users look for machines that will add to their room’s beauty. Because of this, the white and clean color on this air conditioner works to increases the atheistic value of the user’s homes and offices. On top of this, the air conditioner is modern looking in case the user is concerned about this as well.

NewAir Heat Pump Portable Air Conditioner

NewAir-Heat-Pump-Portable-Air-ConditionerAmong the highly rated portable conditioners is also the NewAir Heat Pump air conditioner. Just like the ones listed above, this air conditioner is also capable of cooling a large room since its BTU unit is at 12,000. One of its greatest advantages is that it is quiet since as seen earlier, most find it hard to go for noisy air conditioners. This makes this model to be very popular with users who need concentration in their homes and offices.

On top of this advantage, this type of air conditioner can also be fitted on the window since it has kits for this purpose. It is also possible to use it as a fan, a heater and a dehumidifier. Its evaporating system is auto meaning that the user does not have to check for water levels on daily basis. The NewAir Heat Pump Portable Air Conditioner uses moisture from the atmosphere to cool its condenser coils. It also comes with a remote and an adjustable timer that has sleep mode settings. The instructions for use are also very simple for those who may have problems in using the machine.

Frigidaire Portable Air Conditioner

Frigidaire-Portable-Air-ConditionerUnlike the portable air conditioners listed above, the Frigidaire Portable Air Conditioner is capable of cooling a larger room since it has a 5,000 BTU unit cooling ability. This air conditioner has a number of fan speeds for the user to choose from and for directing the air waves to the direction of choice. On top of this, the air conditioner has an ionizer which helps in removing air impurities that may be present. It also has the capability of removing bad odor and bacteria that may affect those in the room.

Because of this, the air conditioner works well for those with allergies and breathing problems. The electronic controls of this air conditioner are also user friendly and a range of cooling speeds on top of this. The machine also has a timer incase users want to learn it before they get to their rooms and their offices. Those who have used the machine testify on its ability to maintain the room temperature at the required level.

Sunpentown SF-609 Evaporative Air Cooler

Sunpentown-SF-609-Evaporative-Air-CoolerThe Sunpentown SF-609 Evaporative Air Cooler is unlike most air coolers in this list since it has oscillating louvers that help in distributing air more evenly than other air conditioners. Apart from this advantage the air conditioner is good for those under a tight budget since it is not as expensive as most air conditioners.

When the machine is not cooling, the user can opt to use its fan, making it even more user-friendly. The air conditioner also has an air purifier that helps purifying the air from the room before releasing it back to the room. Because of this, this air conditioner is also friendly to people with allergies and breathing problems. It also has humidifying features on top o the ionic features and other user friendly settings that aid new or old users.

The water that is released through the wick evaporates making air from the cooler to be cooler than that which is in the room. The disadvantage with this machine is that it does not work well in humid areas since it uses water for cooling. On top of this, the user has to replace the water in the tank manually instead of electronically. This makes the machine preferable to people in desert areas than humid areas since it increases the rooms humidity. The

Soleus Air KY-80 Portable Air Conditioner

Soleus Air KY-80 Portable Air Conditioner has a cooling capacity of 8,000 BTU units. It also has three fan speeds and 24 hour timer. On top of this it has a single hose exhaust system that helps in quick cooling of a room. The machine also has an evaporative mode of moisture removal which helps in removing water from the tank.

The machine’s air filter is also washable and removable making it possible to reduce dust and other particles that may enter the air moving out of the cooling system. In case of power losses, the machine has a power protection with a restart system that is automatic and consistent. Because of this, the machine ensures that the users do not worry about power losses and among other things like usability since it is user friendly.