christms-holidaysWhen I was a child always the greeting cards with images of great places fascinated me. When I get a card with an image I used to go to library and take book about that place and used to read. Recently the time has changed. we get any information on internet  and wikipedia. I have closely followed the election Barack Obama on 2008 and 2012. Listed his and bill Clinton’s convention speech. Read lot about Qaddafi, Bashar al Assad, and egypt. So when I get Christmas greetings  with a great image on it I will read about the place.

Last year I have got some cards with images of great tourist place. So I did some research about great Christmas Holdiay  places. If you and your family are thinking of celebrating Christmas somewhere else than at home or with other relatives, then you must trying to decided whether to go for a summery Christmas or the traditional winter wonderland one.

Some people just love taking a break from the nippy air and snow and opt for warmer climates. If that is what you are after, you should check some of the most popular warmer Christmas destinations:

1. Kaikoura, New Zealand

Kaikoura If you want to feel the heat of the New Zealand Christmas, spending your holidays at Kaikoura, New Zealand, should to do the trick. Christmas is really the height of summer season there and locals celebrate the holiday outdoors doing backyard barbeques. Some people take the time out from celebrations and choose to go hiking up into the Kaikoura mountain range in the rain forest. There are some that opt to commune with the sperm whales, dusky dolphins, pilot whales and fur seals that linger in the marine environment of the Kaikoura Bay.

2. Brazil

Brazil-Tours South America has been a popular destination during the Christmas season off late, and this is probably the reason why this region has successfully weathered the recent global recession better than other parts of the globe. Brazil is the most popular Christmas destination in South America and it is simply abundant with off-the-beaten-track places that offer local and foreign tourists a genuine escape from the mundane life. Brazil is also full of friendly and hospitable locals as well as magnificent beaches, crystal blue waters and jungles that are full of exotic birds and other animals. Visiting Brazil for Christmas is simply something that will make your holiday unforgettable.
If you are dreaming of the traditional white Christmas, you know the one that you used to know? Complete with treetops that glisten and children listening to hear the sleigh bells in the snow, then you should think about these cities instead:

3. Prague, Czech Republic

prague-czech-republic Prague in the Czech Republic offers the famous Old Town, which is simply a fabulous place to visit at any time of year. Christmas time though successfully transforms this place into a magical and heavenly performance of colors, scents and lights. The city’s Central Square, or locally known as Staroměstské náměstí transforms into a lively theater for wooden toys, hand-made puppets, children wearing traditional costumes and dancing, and eager visitors that somehow also become part of the shows. For a better Prague Christmas experience, you should never go home without taking a shot of Becherovka, the spicy traditional liquor and a bite of cinnamon sugar pastry called Trdelník.

4. Vienna, Austria

Vienna-AustriaVienna in Austria is a city that effectively combines elegant sophistication with cozy warmth during Christmas time. The city is known for its high reputation as a city that offers one of the best Christmas markets all over Europe. This is the place where your eyes will feast with beautifully and intricately decorated wooden stalls that line the market squares, selling equally beautiful hand crafted gifts. Also expect cheer-inducing Glühwein, some good apfel strudel, and a whole lot of sing-along exciting experiences.

5. Rovaniemi, Finland

santa-claus-village-finland Rovaniemi in Finland is one place that has all the makings of a truly wonderful and magical Christmas travel destination. It offer tons of snow, and there are Christmas trees everywhere that are heavily decorated with sparkling lights. This place also boasts people doing the traditional Christmas caroling and there you could also be lucky enough to spot some reindeers walking outside your window. This city simply represents your childhood idea of white Christmas.

6. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges-Belgium Bruges in Belgium is a sightseeing haven, and if you are going to spend your Christmas holiday here, you will get the chance to wander through the magical medieval town, the undeniable crown jewel of Belgium that offers picturesque canals, historic buildings, charming bridges and fascinating winding streets. If you want to complete the treat, go for the best Belgian treat, the chocolate kind of treat. Also for a really unforgettable Belgium experience, do not forget to witness all the special events that take place during the Christmas season like the Festival of Snow and Ice Sculpture.

7. Quebec City

Quebec-City Quebec City, undoubtedly, is one of the favorite historic holiday destinations for Christmas travelers. Its romantic appeal alone will entice anyone to walk through the narrow cobblestoned streets while getting mesmerized with the magnificent snow dusted stone architecture of the walled city lined with sparkling firs. Christmas in Quebec means snowfalls, home cooked meals and a whole lot of merrymaking all over.
So, whether you are opting to go traditionally cold or uniquely warm this Christmas season, there is surely a good place for you and your family to go to. The one thing that you need to keep in mind when selecting the vacation spot is whether you would enjoy the holiday to the fullest at that location or not. Christmas only comes once a year and since it is the best time to be with family, always try to make the most of it, wherever you want to spend it.