Retirement is one of the most important milestones in one’s life. Coming to this point in life, a celebration is indeed called for. However, not all are ready for this point. Although there are so many benefits and advantages of getting retired, the thought of stopping from working the usual 9 to 5 routine is quite a big change. So, celebrating this day with friends, co-workers and family will make the event extra special for the retiree.

Retirement party is somehow important for anyone who’s planning on retiring. Not that it’s only a celebration but it commemorates how hard the retiree worked for how many years. It is the time where people or co-workers can express more of their gratitude and gratefulness towards that person. It is the time where the retiree gets the love and appreciation more and more. It is simply special especially to the co-workers because retiring only means that your colleague will face his/her retirement days and you’ll not be working under one roof anymore. But that’s not really sad, because the retiree can have all the time to relax and spend visiting the places he/she likes.

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Make his/her retirement more memorable by organizing a party. A simple party will do as long as the thoughts and love are on the labor and that the retiree can feel your appreciation and love for him/her.


Set up the budget for the retirement party. Determining the budget for the party will guarantee that you can keep track of the finances under supervision. You will also have to take note of the gift you will give to the retiree. You and your co-workers can contribute for it to make it happen. You can also be wise on spending the money by looking for affordable venue or if you can find a free venue courtesy by your other colleagues, the better you can plan for it because you can save the budget. Take note of the visitors and guests for the party, you have to consider the financial availability to limit the guests for the party. You just have to remember the closest people to the retiree.

The More, The Merrier

Gather co-workers to make suggestions and ideas for the party. If you are planning a retirement party for your father/mother, you can approach his/her co-workers and ask for an insight about the ideas for the party. Always make sure that the retiree can enjoy the party. Do not guess that he will, because he might not. You should plan the party without any apprehension or uncertainty.

Retirement Party Venue

Choose a location for the party. Whether you pick a function hall or a restaurant for a venue, always make sure that the place is favorable for the event. Make sure that it can accommodate all the guests and all the activities that you are planning to do. For an instance, you want to have a dancing portion and game activities, make sure the place is big enough to accommodate all these.

Retirement Party Theme

retirement-partyPick a party theme. Picking a party theme should not only focus on a party, it should also reflect the retiree’s personality or interest.

To start off with planning a retirement party, you should think of the theme you want for the retiree. There are so many party theme ideas to choose from. Of course, this depends on how the retiree wants to celebrate his retirement. Being with him for so long, you should be able to know his likes and interests. But one thing I can suggest is that make the party as simple as possible.

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It could be a party that reflects how he/she is on everyone. If the retiree is planning to travel, you can use it as a theme for the event. If his/her destination is on Europe, make a European style party. The theme can be included in the party activities or decoration. You can also tell the guests to wear something that has to do with the theme. In some cases, if the retiree is a Star Wars fan, you can organize a party that reflects the movie. The guests will dress like a Jedi or any character from the movie. The retiree might want to dress like Darth Vader. Doing these things can make the retiree more engage to the event.

A party for retirement doesn’t have to be too extravagant, but be filled with loved ones and friends. Amongst the popular theme for retirement parties are cocktail parties, party with work environment decorations, surprise party and many more.

Retirement Party Decorations


This has something to do with your chosen theme. Let’s say for example, if you are preparing a surprise party, balloons, confetti poppers, centerpieces, giveaways, and banners with happy retirement wishes for the retiree, streamers and party hats would be the common decorations to use. Don’t forget the “award” decorations to be awarded to the retiree. This can be a crown, sash or a trophy with messages like “best employee 2013” or anything.

Party Invitation

Write a list for the invitation. Make a list of the people invited to the retirement party; include all those people who are close to the retiree. His/her spouse, his/her children and closest member of the family. You can also get help from someone who’s close to the retiree to get additional ideas on how to make the party more successful and pleasant.

The expected guests for retirement parties are usually friends, family and co-workers. Still, a party invitation is significant especially if this is a surprise party. This will give a chance to the guest to know when, where and how the celebration will be held. Don’t forget to include the theme of the party, the venue and the time.

Retirement Party Invitation Samples


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Retirement Gift Ideas

A retirement party is not complete without a gift . However, this needs not to be expensive and fancy. A nice keepsake give for the retiree is enough to express your thoughts and warm wishes for his retirement.

Secure a nice retirement present for the retiree. Pick something that is suitable and match the personality of the retiree. Once again, you can get the party theme idea for the gift you are planning to buy. If the retiree is planning to travel, get him/her a new luggage with a custom name engraved on it. You may also include a photo album that contains photos from before, during the retiree’s working days. Include messages to the retiree from his/her co-worker. Some of the retirement gift ideas that you may want to consider are:

  • Books (his favorite)
  • Slideshow of his/her pictures
  • Video greetings
  • Scrapbook
  • Tickets (theater, concert, etc)
  • Coffee mugs
  • Alarm clock
  • Fishing Rod (if he/she likes fishing)

Photos and Memories

Find an official photographer for the party. It will be a plus to have someone to take pictures of the event. If the budget can still stretch for this and the retiree’s status requires pictures; get a professional photographer for the event to capture moments and activities. A video for the event will also help to make the party more memorable.

Retirement Party Games and Retirement Party Activities

Keep in mind that you have to entertain the retiree and make the party memorable for him/her. The games should be well-modulated to avoid failed circumstances. The party should focus to the retiree and that he/she will be able to have a good time all throughout the retirement event.

Ideas for the games and activities include:

  • Quiz Game. You can ask different questions to the participants that have to do with the retiree. It could be a question about his favorite food, hobby, sport or favorite work at the office.
  • Make a game that the retiree can be able to participate; like Trip to Jerusalem and the like.
  • Get his/her co-worker on the stage so that they can tell their individual messages for the retiree. It should be short but meaningful. Speech that can make the retiree move to tears. It is not necessary but it makes him/her feel special by the speech.
  • If you are able to gather videos of the retiree from his/her working career, it will be a great instrument to make a video slideshow for him/her. Highlighting the fun moments at work and the parties you had with him/her.
  • Take the retiree on a song number or dance number. Make him/her move to enjoy the party.

Retirement Speech

This is considered as one of the most important features of a retirement party. This is the time when the retiree’s co-worker or friends express their retirement messages for the retiree. It doesn’t have to be long, a few words is enough, as long as they came from your heart. The party host, who’s expected to be close to the retiree, can state some humorous anecdote about the career of the retiree. You can tell how the retiree has been good, bad, naughty or nice in your workplace.

When this is done properly, the party might be filled with laugh and cry but this is something that the retiree would surely cherish. Include his/her family to make a speech, it will mean a lot to the retiree to have his/her family say something about his/her retirement.

More Tips for a Retirement Party

  • Create a semi-formal and fun party. Make an effort not to create a meticulous party. It can cause the fun to be eliminated from the party. Take note of the program’s activities, announcements or speeches at the very beginning of the party so that the guests can enjoy and relax themselves for the rest of the party. Tell the person who has a speech part for the event to make his/her message brief. Getting a fun and enjoyable emcee for the party will be an added plus for the success of the party. Emcee should be able to relate to the guests and to the retiree, it will be a great help so the emcee can say something humorous and enjoyable for the guests. Meaning, the emcee you plan on getting is related to the retiree or a close co-worker and friend. The emcee will be the one to organize the flow of the party, to keep the fun going and to keep the party well-celebrated.
  • Make a toast for the retiree. Request the retiree’s employer to make a short toast that is paired with a gratefulness for the job well done by the retiree and regret for the retiree to be leaving the work or company. The toast should be peaceful but full of respect, love and pessimism.
  • Add a unique idea for the party. The entertainment of the party should also reflect on the retiree and make sure he/she’ll not get bored by the activities. Maybe you can make his/her co-workers sing a song together, do a comedic act or a slideshow that shows photos all throughout the working time of the retiree.