christmas-giftChristmas is just around the corner. 14 days to go and it will be my favorite holiday. Yes, I love Christmas . This is the time that I can get away from work, even for just a few days, and enjoy the bonding moments with family. This is also a time for good foods that usually come as free. Ha ha ha.

And one of the best things I really like about Christmas is gifts, lots of gift. But guys don’t get me wrong. It’s not just ALL about Christmas gifts . I also love feeling the ambiance of sharing and loving in the air. But anyway, every Christmas, I am the one who usually give gifts to my family. Days before December 25, I am shopping for clothes and some stuffs for my mom, dad, brothers, sister and nieces. It gives me a nice feeling especially when they like what I gave to them, but I wish to receive some gifts once in a while as well.

And so, here I am going to list down my Christmas wishlist. This is for those who are planning to give me gift this holiday.

1. Brand New Cellphone. I still have a nice phone, a Nokia 500. But I won’t mind getting a new one this Christmas. I am tech-savvy and I love gadgets so I would love to have new one.

2. Pants. I am kinda getting short with pants. I only have a few pair of pants so an additional would be appreciated.

3. Shoes. I have 2 pairs of shoes at this moment. 1 of these pairs is close to being torn up. So a replace shoe will be very great this Christmas

4. New Keyboard. I spend almost 11 hours in front of my computer  writing and browsing stuff. My keyboard is getting old and starting to sound like an old typewriter. So I will really love to have new one.

5. Headset. Just like my keyboard, my headset is old and the earpiece is getting tattered. So getting a new headset would be nice for this holiday.

6. Perfume. I love perfume. That’s it!

7. Chocolates. I am sweet-toothed so getting something that will indulge my craving for chocolates will be awesome!

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