Pumpkin carving is probably one of the most popular activities on Halloween. We carve those pumpkins to create faces, patterns and designs. While some find it fun to do, there are some people, like me, who find this burdensome. Yeah, I really don’t have any talent in carving those pumpkins. Although I find them cool and I’d love to have one on my yard or porch on Halloween, it’s just too bad that I don’t have the skill to carve those holes (even with patterns) The solution? I’ll just got for no-carve pumpkins! Yes, you don’t have to drill or carve, just decorate. Here are some of the coolest no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas I’ve found.

1. Mummy Pumpkins


This is my first choice, which I might do this Halloween. It’s easy. It’s cute. It’s doable. Just need those white fabric, googly eyes and a marker pen and you’ll have this mummy pumpkin!

Image Source: Mothersniche.com


2. Boo-ttony Pumpkin


For those who have tons of buttons, you found some use for them now. You can turn your pumpkin into this cute boo-tunny Pumpkin. Just stick the buttons and create the word “BOO” with them. Accentuate it with a dotted ribbon.

Image Source: BHG.com

3. Day of the Dead Pumpkins


A sugar skull pumpkins? Cool!

Image Source: Bloglovin.com

4. Grumpy Witch Pumpkin


And you can have this grumpy witch on your yard too. Just etch eyes and a mouth, match with black witch hat and you’re done!

Image Source: HGTV.com

5. Lines and Patterns


If you have washi tape with different patterns and colors just lying around, then this design is for you. Washi tapes have good uses. Wrap your pumpkins with washi tape and presto!

Image Source: Realsimple.com

6. Washi Tape Pumpkins


But for those who want to keep their design easy and simple, here’s another pumpkin decorating ideas using washi tape. They use dotted and zigzag-lines washi tapes.

Image Source: Lilluna.com

7. Donut Pumpkins


And you can also have a donut pumpkin! Paint half of the pumpkin with pink and splatter tiny colors on them.

Image Source: The DIYplaybook.com

8. Gold Glitter Pumpkins


Here’s another easy pumpkin decorating ideas! Paint your pumpkin white and put gold trimmings on them. It’s easy and unique.

Image Source: Homeyohmy.com

9. Lacey Pumpkin


You want to keep it easy and simple? You have extra lace in your cabinet? Grab it and wrap your pumpkin with it to have this lacey pumpkin!

Image Source: Youstirme.com



You can also play with paint. You can use masking tape to put patterns around your pumpkin and paint certain part to create design.

Image Source: Happymundane.com

11. Sweater Pumpkins


Winter is just around the corner, your pumpkin maybe chillin? Put some sweater on it. Knitted ones are the best.

Image Source: Confessionofplateaddict.blogspot.com

12. Different Faces


Pumpkin 1: Is that you?
Pumpkin 2: No, that’s not me.
Pumpkin 3: Woot! Woot! Probably me! LOL.

Image Source: Allyou.com

13. Junk Pumpkins


You can also decorate your pumpkin using old, recyclable materials from your cabinet – they can be door hinges, old keys and knots.

Image Source: BHG.com

14. Pumpkin Babies


Awww, this is so cute! Well, all babies are! And your pumpkin can be a baby too. Just get a pacifier, cut its nipple and stick its base to pumpkin. Don’t forget to draw this cute, sleepy eyes on them.

Image Source: Parents.com

15. Frozen Pumpkins


Do you still have hangover from Frozen mania? This no-carve pumpkin decorating idea can be your best choice. Paint your pumpkin with sky blue or turquoise, sprinkle it with silver glitters and attach some snow and diamond designs on them.

Image Source: Apumpkinandaprincess.com

16. The Three Musketeers


Pumpkins in disguise? These cute little bandits are easy to make. Creating mask for these cuties can be a perfect bonding for you and your kids this Halloween.

Image Source: Allyou.com

17. The Pirates


You can also have a bunch of pirate and fat cat on your yard this Halloween. You need some paper cut-outs for the pirate hat, and facial parts.

Image Source: Makelyhome.com

18. Kaleidoscope Pumpkins


Here’s another fun art project that you can try this Halloween! It’s easy that all of you who don’t have talent in carving can try this. Grab all the colors you want, melt it and let it drip.

Image Source: Craftymorning.com

19. Monogram Pumpkin


How I love this! It’s simple yet elegant. Love that creepy crawler on the top.

Image Source: Sisusa.blogspot.com

20. Bits and Sweets


For sweet-toothed who have tons of sweets and bits, here’s a perfect design for you. Attach those candies and create a floral pattern and voila! You have this sweet pumpkin!

Image Source: RealSimple.com

21. Cross Stitch Monogram


This is for embroidery-lovers! You can stitch a monogram on your pumpkin.

Image Source: Countryliving.com

22. Copper Herringbone Pumpkins


You want your pumpkins to be simple but unique? this one is a must-try. You just need a marker pen – and don’t forget to paint your little pumpkins white.

Image Source: LovelyIndeed.com

23. Bat Pumpkins


Aww this is cute, and easy and a perfect craft for kids this Halloween.

Image Source: Pinterest

24. Seasonal Shades


I personally like this one. I love all those shades of autumn.

Image Source: Goodhousekeeping.com

25. Sharpie Owl


This is one of the coolest no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas I have found! Those owl doodles make me giggle!

Image Source: Lilblueboo.com

26. Studded Pumpkins



You can pretty much do anything with pumpkins. Just make sure you paint it with any color you want to create a solid canvas. Attach beads and crystals and voila! Visit lilyshop.com for more details

27. Thumbtacks Pumpkins


Now, those thumb tacks you’re keeping on your toolbox have good use! You can turn your pumpkin into gold-plated pumpkin by covering it with thumb tacks!

Image Source: Madiganmade.com

28. Neon Paint Dipped Pumpkins


I love it colorful,  I love it bright! Use neon paint!

Image Source: Anightowlblog.com

29. Wise Owl Stacked Pumpkins


Design your own owl pumpkin by stacking two white-painted pumpkins. Accentuate it with twigs, buttons, leaves and ribbons.

Image Source: Countryliving.com

30. Vampire Pumpkins


A vampire pumpkin? Why not?

Image Source: Allyou.com

31. Chalkboard Pumpkins


Express your greetings with these chalkboard pumpkins!

Image Source: Blog.fairgoods.com

32. Keepsake Pumpkins


Turn your pumpkins into ball of memento.

Image Source: Countryliving.com

33. Dotted Pumpkins


This one looks delish and colorful.

Image Source: Abeautifulmess.typepad.com

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