New Year  marks the opportunity for a fresh start for all of us. It is where we welcome a new life ahead and celebrate it with a joyous celebration with our loved ones. This is also a time when people seem to be so festive and in a merry disposition. Offices and establishments are holding parties and events as part of the celebration of the fresh year. Bursting firecrackers, dancing, drinking, partying and greeting each other a Happy New Year wishes  – those are the traditions during New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Party

A New Year’s party is usually called for to start up the New Year’s celebrations. And what kind of party will it be if it doesn’t have its fair share of fun party games? Party games shake up the celebrations because they add fun and enthusiasm to the crowd. Parties shouldn’t just be all about dancing and drinking. Parties can bring a balance to the fun in the celebrations.

New Year Party Games

Of course, a party will never be complete without something to have fun with – games! Here are some games you can consider for the New Year’s festivities that you and your guests will enjoy:

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare has always been a social gathering favorite. It’s a game that keeps you on your toes, and as the name has it, it’s a daring game. But never forget that this game should be done for fun and good spirit—nothing too offensive. To play this game, get two bowls and place truths in one and dares in the other. Round up your party guests on the floor and have them sit down, circling up with a bottle in the middle. After everyone has settled, spin the bottle and whoever gets the bottle to land on him or her will have to choose truth or get a dare. If truth, they have to pick a truth from the truth bowl and if the latter, they have to pick from the dare bowl. Whatever is on the paper, they have to do, whether its to tell the truth about whatever is written on the paper or do the dare demanded of them.

Musical Chair

This is a beloved game, no matter what age you are in. In order to play this game, arrange chairs in a line and make sure that the number of the chairs you use for the game is lesser than the players by one. Assign someone who will not be laying the game to be the music master. He/she will be controlling the music. When the music master starts to play the music, the players should circle the chairs. Once the music master cuts the music, players have to run and grab a seat. Whoever is not able to grab chair is eliminate from the game. Every time a player is eliminated, one chair is removed. Take note to never forget to remove one chair every time! The last man standing with a chair will be declared the winner.

Paper Costumes

This is a fun and creative game. Group your guests into six and give each group a couple of newspaper, sticky tape, strings for tying, pins and a pair of scissors. Each group should assign their “model”. After assigning one, each group will be given 10 minutes to make a costume entirely from the materials given to them. Whichever group dresses up the model in the best and creative way possible will win the game.

Guess the Name

If your party is filled with close friends, this game will definitely be fun. The host should prepare questions related to the guests and people will guess whoever is the guest being described. For example, the question can be “Who is the guest who bought a new car last year?” After this is asked, guests will have to name this person being described. To make it more fun, divide your guests in groups and whichever group gets to guess the most number of names correctly wins the game.

Dance Showdown

This game is very simple and easy to play. But even with its simplicity, it can be quite fun and extremely enjoyable to play. To facilitate the game, group your guests and tell them to create an impromptu dance routine. This can also be done in singles rather than groups. Whoever gets the loudest applause, wins the competition.

New Year is already a joyous occasion with the fireworks and cheers of welcoming the new life ahead, but you can make the celebrations more festive and fun by lightening up the party with games.Send New year Wishes  to your friends and relatives. This will make your guests more enthusiastic about the party and also make them close to each other. Welcome the New Year with a laughter, joy, and good company!

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