I woke up this morning, feeling dizzy and sleepy. Yet, I grab my coffee and crackers. Eat them with fake enthusiasm, trying to make my day as good as possible. As soon as the caffeine strikes, I feel so much alive. And then I turn on my computer to see if boss is online.

boss-vs-meThen I saw the button beside boss’s user ID, it’s black! It means he’s not online. My mind says “Yes, I don’t have to start explaining to him this time and do my morning chores for a while”. But then again, I saw an email for the work schedule today. They were instructions what needs to be accomplished today. There were 3 tasks. The first one made me so confused. Well, it’s only proper to ask for clearer instructions so that I can avoid any unnecessary mistakes. So, I did my things first and get back online for good, I mean good for today (8 hours).

Still, the first task confuses me so I left it behind for a while and asks Boss for clarification. But boss was still not online so I proceed with my other task…

Then, I was in the middle of my work when Boss chatted me… he was asking about how’s things going. So I asked him again for clarification. I think he got upset when I asked that. Is it bad to ask for clarification? All he needs to do is to answer yes or no. Is it really that hard? I was upset that instead of appreciating my thought not to commit unnecessary mistakes, he took it against me.

But then I have another problem here, I forgot the password of my account. What to do? i hope Boss won’t take it against me Hahahaha

Hayyyzzzz, life! So today I guess is about Boss VS ME.