new-yearNew year  is the biggest festival celebrated in the world. It is celebrated by almost all over the world with fireworks and party.New Year is a time to bid farewell for the passing year and embrace the upcoming year. It is time to welcome what the future brings. Since it signifies new beginning and fresh start, it only calls for a celebration. Celebrate this day with family and people dear to our hearts.  Regardless of the distance of your family with each other, there are a lot of ways to reconnect and bond with each other and share the spirit of togetherness on this special event.

As the new year approach it is normal to send gifts and new year cards with wonderful new year wishes  to relatives and friends.Postal departments in all over the world work overtime to meet the demands of the new year. You get lot of new year messages  and greetings on internet nowadays to write it on your cards. Here We are discussing some idea about new year gifts which will help you to select suitable gifts for your friends and relatives
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Ideas for New Year Gifts

Take advantage of this holiday to bond with your loved ones and renew ties with them. It’s time to show your appreciation, care and love. You will be able to do this be sharing a special New Year gift to them. If you are in doubt on what to give to your family this New Year, here are some gift ideas that may help you. I hope that these New Year gift ideas will help you in choosing the best present for your recipient this New Year’s Day.

12 Round Fruit Basket

Round-Fruit-Basket One of the most common superstitious beliefs on New Year is that everything should be round. Hence, people are gathering wearing clothes with polka dots and collecting at least 12 round fruits as they welcome the upcoming year. They believe that this will bring good luck. So, a basket filled with 12 round fruits can be a great gift ideas especially those who are fanatic in this kind of superstition.
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Wall or Desk Clock

Acrylic-Desk-ClockWant to give something practical? Then, you may want to give your recipient a gift that he/she can use for his/her daily lifestyle. One of the most common is the clock. Aside from its utility usage, clock may also serve as decoration that can add beauty to any room. All you have to do is to choose the perfect shape, design and color for the clock. And since New Year countdown is prominent on this kind of event, you may choose alarm, countdown or digital clocks.

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Ornamental / Indoor Plants

If your recipient is a “green” person, a plant can be a good New Year gift idea. Green color symbolizes new beginning and hope. Aside from its charm and good luck, ornamental plants can be a beautiful decoration for offices and home, creating a calming atmosphere. Bonsai plants, roses, ferns, cactus, eucalyptus plants are some of the plants you can choose to give to your dear ones.

Personalized Calendar

This is perhaps one of the most common New Year gifts. But admit it; this is something that everyone would like to have on the first day of New Year. It is some sort of a requirement for the beginning of the year. However, for gifting, you should add some personal touch to it, making it more personalized and extra special. You can print your own calendar from website that offers printable calendars. You can also have a photo calendar wherein you can attach your photo to the calendar.

Bouquet of Flowers

Play it safe by giving your dear ones a bouquet of flowers on New Year’s Day. Your recipient would surely love the thought enclosed to every petals of the flowers you gave to her/him.


This is one of the timeless gifts you could ever get for your recipient. Whether it is a man or a woman, no one can ever resist jewelry items. Just make sure that this is something he/she can use. There are different jewelry items that you can buy like necklace, pendant, bracelet, etc.

Handmade New Year Cards

Although cards are simple gift, they can be thoughtful and sentimental especially if you personally created them. How to personalize a card? You can either create your own from scratch or print out a New Year card off of a website. Then, add some personal touch to it i.e. attaching photos of your family, adding ribbons and writing your own personal New Year messages .


Bursting firecrackers is one of the oldest New Year traditions. Now, if you want something more practical to give to your recipient, firecrackers can be your best bet. Just make sure that the firecrackers you’re going to buy have safety seals to keep your recipient safe when he/she uses it on New Year’s Eve.

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