There are many people who have gone to the store on Christmas day  to buy Christmas tree decorations only to find that they are either finished or the ones that are available are not the best. This makes you wonder when the right time to buy these decorations is. The best time to buy the Christmas tree  decorations depends on the following ideas.

Christmas Tree Decorations



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Christmas Tree Decorations

Points to consider when choosing the best christmas tree decorations

1. The size of the tree.

The size of the tree is important as it will determine the decorations you purchase. Huge trees need much larger and many decorations. This will level the tree out and make it look splendid. For smaller trees, you will need smaller and few decorations.




2.Location of the tree.

The place where the tree will be placed is also very important. This is because it will determine the strategic positioning of the decorations. If the tree is placed in a way that it can be viewed from all sides, then the decorations should be well distributed. But if part of the tree is hidden, then that part can do without decorations.




  • Price or cash required. You should know what you can afford and what you can’t. It doesn’t mean that those that do not have much money will not have the best Christmas tree decorations. If this is your case, you can even make your own decorations that will stand out as being unique. You do not have to be very artistic to do this. There are very many guidelines that will help you get the decorations that you desire.

All in all, in as much as picking the right tree for your home is important, picking the right decorations for that Christmas tree is also very important. Also ensure that you put your decorations in a kit to be used in the coming year.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

One thing that shows that a home is ready for Christmas is a Christmas tree. Whether big or small, the tree symbolizes the fact that Christmas is here. Since time immemorial, people have cut the Christmas tree days before Christmas day and decorated it to the best of their capabilities. The challenge however comes when it is time to take care of these decorations. Since some decoration spoil easily, they are used for just one occasion and thrown away. This means you have extra expenses every other Christmas holiday. You can however solve this small problem by having your own Christmas tree decorating ideas. Since they are hand- made, they are not costly and you will most probably use them over very may years.

One of the must have decorations is the Christmas star. This is very easy to make using paper. It is also fun to make and so you can include your children in making a couple of them.


  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Toothpick


  1. You start by making a circle on part of the paper.
  2. Then draw eight lines inside the circle running from the center to touch a part of the margin of the circle. The lines should be parallel to each other and the spaces between them should be similar in size.
  3. You should then cut smaller pieces of the paper and place them on top of each section in the circle. They should be slightly smaller in size.
  4.  Pin the toothpick to the middle of the circle and you can use the ribbon to tie it from behind.
  5. Cut the sections of the circle that you had drawn with a scissors.
  6. Use a pen to roll the papers till they curl.
  7. You can then style the curls as you wish in order to make your customized Christmas star.

Another decorating idea that you may want to use your old christmas cards and hang them on your christmas tree. It would be better if you will include your personal Christmas Greetings  for your family that they can read everytime they look at the tree.

Decorating Christmas tree

 Christmas-tree-decorations-ideaOnce you get a Christmas tree, whether from the shop or you cut it down from your backyard, one thing is necessary, trimming. There is no Christmas tree that does not need to be trimmed. The level of trimming might differ depending on how well the tree was taken care of but all trees will need some kind of trimming. This is why it is very important that during Christmas time you have your Christmas tree decorating  kit nearby. This kit should have all the necessary decorations and the trimming equipment.

You do not need to be a professional designer to make your tree beautiful. And it is much better to decorate it on your own as you know how well your family will take it. Here are the basic instructions on how to trim the tree.


  • Start by ensuring that the trimming kit has all the tools you need.
  • You should neatly trim all the branches, even the ones that look perfect. This will give them a good shape and the branches will also be on the same level.
  • For the branches that have dried up, cut them off completely so that the entire tree is green. You should put the tree in a pool of salty water so that it lasts longer.
  • As you start decorating, always start from the bottom going up. This is very important since the bottom has a wider surface and so most of the decorations go there.
  • It is also tradition that the star is placed last after the tree has been decorated.
  • When putting the Christmas lights, ensure that you wrap it around the tree first before plugging it in.
  •  Ensure that the tree is not very far from the socket so that you do not have a hard time connecting it to the socket.
  • After all the decorations are set, close your Christmas tree decoration kit and enjoy a beautiful tree that you made.

Modern Christmas Tree Decorations

Add modern Christmas tree decorations to spice up your home

After putting the Christmas tree decorations, you might notice that your style is the same as the previous year. It might be beautiful but monotony gets boring in the long run. If you do not want your family to get bored with your Christmas decorations, you can add some modern Christmas tree decorations. Tradition is very important during Christmas considering that Christmas itself is a tradition. However adding a few new and modern things to your Christmas tree decorations will not in any way spoil the holiday season for you and your family. Here are a few things you can use to spice up your tree this Christmas season.


Christmas wall paper. We are all used to the colorful Christmas papers that go round the Christmas tree. But they have become old and you can replace them with the children’s favorite wall papers. You can also use the new HD Christmas wall papers with or without Christmas messages . Some of these papers are huge and so you can cut them up into smaller pieces and add them to the tree.

Be very careful however not to overdo it as the tree will look hideous if you put to many decorations on it.

Words Largest Floating Christmas Tree


You can also use scarves to decorate your Christmas tree this season. Get the soft fur like scarves and hang them by their ends loosely on the tree. You can use different colors to get the desired effect.

You can also make star cuttings from your family pictures and arrange them on a tree. Each star cutting should have the picture of a family member.

There are a lot of things that you can do with regards to making modern Christmas tree decorations. The most effective, as you will realize, are things that you use in the house. This is because they have memories and you will be making more memories by using them on Christmas.

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