Christmas-gift-basketChristmas  is the biggest festival in the world. Millions of people celebrate the birthday ofJesus Christ  as Christmas and conduct parties, prayers and special functions. Shopping and trade will be getting ready to Christmas as they expect big sales during Christmas season. People send Christmas gifts and Christmas cards to their relatives and friends. People invite their relatives to their home to spend Christmas time together to make the season a memorable one. It is normal to look for best Christmas invitation wording  for your Christmas invitations.

If you’re not sure what is the one item you want to get for someone, why not try getting him or her a bunch of little items you know they’d love and make it as one gift?

Christmas hampers  are just like gift baskets, except smaller and more personalized. You can customize them according to the likes of the person you are giving it to and also gives you a chance to add a personal touch to the gift. Here are some ideas you can refer to for different kinds of friends:

homemade christmas hamper ideas

For the friend who loves make-up:

Try to find a glamorous vanity kit/pouch and fill it with cosmetics. You can choose to fill it with different make-up brushes, eye shadows in different shades, as well as lip sticks, make-up remover, vanity mirror and the like. A make-up lover friend of yours will surely go head over heels for this vanity kit gift!


For the friend who loves teas:

If your friend loves teas, try to find a cute wooden box where you can put in beautiful glazed ceramic teapot and teacups, different kinds of teas, sugar cubes, honey sticks, and maybe even a tea strainer. Your friend who will receive this will surely have a tea-rrific time!


For the friend who bakes:

If you have a friend who loves to bake, whip up a baking hamper. Try getting a high quality baking pan and fill it with different baking materials like cupcake cases with quirky patterns, cute measuring spoons or cups, a fun apron, a recipe book, cake decorating materials and the like. Make the hamper colorful and wrap it all up in colorful cellophane or wrapping paper to make it look more fun! Tie around a pretty ribbon for the finishing touch of your hamper.

For the friend who loves pets:

It is not uncommon to have friends who are obsessed with their pets. If you have one, try giving them a pet-themed hamper this Christmas! Give their best buddies some pampering by preparing different items such as high quality shampoo, a sturdy but quirky leash, a nametag, hairbrush, toys, or treats.  You can check out pet stores for whatever you think their pet might like. Surely, this pet pamper kit will not only be enjoyed by the pet, but also the owner as well.

Christmas Hampers can also be prepared in a general way. Here are some ideas for hampers that you can give to anyone:

Christmas Treats Hamper

Collect different Christmas treats into one fancy box to create a wonderful collection of goodies. You can add in Christmas pudding, fruitcake, gingerbread cookies, candy canes, mixed nuts and the like. Think Christmas when deciding on which treat to add in! 

christmas food hamper ideas

Gourmet Hamper: Another idea is to give items that the receiver can use for a small spread. Get different types of cheese and nuts and then thrown in a bottle of delicious wine. The receiver will definitely appreciate the classiness, not to mention the tastiness, of your gift!


Sweets Hamper

Tickle the sweet tooth of the person you’re giving the hamper gift to by putting together delicious sweet treats such as sugared almonds, chutney, chocolates, candies, and other goodies you think the receiver would appreciate. Anyone will definitely love getting sweets and appreciate the sweet gesture!

You can choose to give as many or as few items as you want in your hamper. Just make sure to make it a heartfelt gift, and the receiver will appreciate it no matter what! Your personal touch to your gift will surely make their Christmas a holiday to remember.