new-years-resolutionsAs old as the tradition of medianoche or midnight dinner during New Year, is the annual tradition of making new year’s resolution. people send New year resolution as New Year messages . At least once in our lives we have decided to make one. We can remember very well that at that time we conceive our new year’s resolution, we are dead serious about it and with stubborn determination we have decided to cling to it. We even imagined ourselves doing as we planned throughout the year ahead.

However, it is a familiar scenario for most of us to eventually lose our firm resolve to keep new year’s resolution  and we end up forgetting them completely. Funny because we’ll only remember what we neglected doing when the year is about to while were drafting our new year’s resolution for the next year. This goes on and on year after year. But instead of getting frustrated about this cycle, why don’t we reflect, sometimes we are being so funny and hard on ourselves, like these people who made these funny New Year’s resolution:

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

#1. I will deactivate my twitter and facebook account for the whole year.

In the advent of the modern technology, it seems like the cyber world and the real world becomes inseparable from each other. Every day, we always use the facilities of the social networking sites such as facebook and twitter, where we can see what people are doing and vice versa, we can shout to the whole world, we’re eating pizza at the moment. We can also use these services to express our holiday greetings and send wishes like New Year messages  to loved ones and friends. As the song say: Living without you, takes a lot of getting used to”, we have the same feeling for our account in these social networking sites. It is certainly a hard habit to break. Thus it is so funny to hear that person say this resolution, like when he say it, we definitely know it was just a joke.

At the back of his mind he says: “However, they say that generosity is a good virtue thus, I promise to upload and share to friends our group picture during our travel in the coming year.”

#2. I will quit smoking.

Imagine one saying this has been a chain smoker for 20 years, not having been diagnosed for anything, he says he just wanted to live healthily starting the next year. Then by next year, one of the health segments of the news report would say that second hand smoke is more dangerous to one’s health than smoking cigarette itself. Then he would happily, he would tell himself: “I choose the healthier option.”

#3. I will never buy expensive bags again.

Says the shopaholic friend. She was serious and headstrong about this resolve. However, on the first week of January , she will tell herself, “I can’t continue living this way. How could I ever help the national economy when I refrain from shopping? I’m too patriotic to do this.”

#4. I will never love again.

Says your heartbroken friend one night. He was drinking he’s heart out, trying to drown the pain and sadness in his heart. He swears he’ll never love again until he bumped into a beautiful stranger. He’s going to say those words again.

# 5. I will lose 50 pounds in one month.

You say this and have already imagined yourself running the treadmill. “One hour of exercise everyday is never a great deal right?”, you say as you try to strengthen your resolve to do it religiously. However, you haven’t seen that part of the future when you feel like resting rather than running.

#6. I will exercise daily and never will I eat junk food again.

Same as #5.

#7. I would completely abstain from coffee and chocolate.

You like bingeing over chocolates and coffee especially when depressed or stressed out and you’ve been working (and planning to continue working at least the entire year) in a highly stressful environment.

#8. Never will I allow myself to get drunk during parties.

This man isn’t a moderate drinker and his sense of moderate is not too accurate. One day he’s sober, he tells you this as his New Year’s resolution . Just tell yourself, this was just momentary period of sanity. It’s quite different when temptations around.

#9. I will never look at beautiful women again.

During a quarrel your, boyfriend promised you this, as a sign of repentance. Believe at your own risk.

#10. I will not spend a cent on unnecessary things.

You told yourself with so much regret as you look back on how many money has been spent on worthless and unnecessary items. You will be able to live up to this resolution this year, because, the word ‘unnecessary’ can be too much subjective.

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