romantic-poems-02Many women yearn for the simpler, romantic days when Love Letters were the best form of communicating feelings to another. As a young girl I remember writing love letters to the little boys in my class I had crushes on in my diary. The love letter is a universal and wonderful way to let your significant other you really care. In a world of text messaging, email, and social networking, the letter is not a prominent use of communication.

Getting a pen and paper out to write to someone is becoming an archaic and foreign activity. Bring this activity back by writing your significant other a letter containing your devotion. These romantic ideas will surely not go unnoticed with your partner. If you would rather not stick with the cliché, try these ideas that will put a fun twist on your letter.

Creative Ways to Write a Love Letter

Audio Love Letter

Audio-love-letterPieces of paper are easy to lose in the mail, pockets of pants, purses, and anywhere else. You don’t want to risk your lover losing your letter that you so thoughtfully wrote out. If this is your worry, try compiling an audio version of your letter. If you are nervous about what to say, write your love messages before you begin recording and read it off instead. After you are done recording, put the tape in a decorative gift box and surprise your partner with it. Not only will you be able to tell them how much you love them, but they will be able to hear it too!

Message in a Bottle, Love letter in a Bottle

Message-in-a-bottleThis idea is perfect for couples in a long-distance relationship. Being away from that special person can be difficult. Lessen the distance between you and your partner by sending them a message in bottle. If you don’t want to spend the money on a glass bottle, use a washed out water or soda bottle. Both will fulfill the purpose. On a sheet of paper write out your feelings, roll them up, and stick them in the bottle! Package it carefully if your message is in a glass bottle and send it off to your loved one. image:

Secret Admirer

If you aren’t involved in romantic relationship just yet but are itching to send a love letter, try this idea on someone you have your eye on. Type your love letter out on a computer or typewriter to disguise you handwriting. Make sure that you include hints about who you are. This will make it easier to disclose your feelings to someone without the pressure of them being there. Your love messages can also be in a form of love quotes.. Have a friend hand-deliver the note or leave it on their doorstep with chocolate or flowers.

Scavenger Hunt

Who says your letter has to be contained on one piece of paper? Send your lover on a hunt through the house for the final letter and lead up to it with a bunch of smaller letters. Include clues on where the next letter is hidden leading up to the final one. You can start with a placing the first one on their favorite chair, their toothbrush, or computer desk and send them running around the house in anticipation. After the final clue, leave the letter in a special place with a romantic gift.

Name it

This is perfect for either a guy or girl. Buy as many flowers as your lover has in their name. Although girls usually are the ones who love flowers, guys definitely appreciate the romantic gesture of flowers as well. Start by writing notes that correspond to the letters in your partner’s name. For example, “M= my love. You will never be without it.” Tie each note to the stem of each flower. This can be a perfect anniversary gift or Valentine’s Day gift.

Say it Big

If your love cannot be contained in a small envelope, try a bigger one! Write a normal love letter and bring it to your local office supply store. Have them blow it up into a larger version. You will probably have to make your own envelope to put it in. Try doing this out of a large sheet of butcher paper and closing it with tape. If you want to go all the way, take an image of a stamp with you when you go get your letter enlarged. Have them enlarge this image too. Glue it on the front of your envelope where a normal stamp goes and address the envelope to them.

Love letters should not just be for perfect occasions. If your partner is feeling down or if you feel like you want to proclaim your love, then a love letter is the perfect option. This can also be a good way to start to make him fall for you. You never know when your partner will want to be reminded of your love for them. Looking back at your letter will allow them to feel loved by you continually.