birthday-cakeA birthday cake is the main highlight of any kid’s birthday celebration party. It is therefore essential to make sure you do not let your kid down with a bad cake. With a bit of creativity, you can come up with a terrific cake theme and design. Kids are fascinated by a variety of topics; one can take inspiration from those topics and incorporate them into the cake theme. This adds a touch of personalized excitement to the child’s special day.

The choice of the theme of the kid’s birthday cake should also reflect a child’s tastes and preferences. Depending on the theme of the party, the personality and likes of the child celebrant, there should have appropriate birthday cake for his/her birthday. Here are some cake theme ideas that may help you come up with the best choice.

Birthday Cake Theme Ideas for Kids

Cartoon Character Birthday Cakes


Almost all kids love watching cartoons. With time, they develop a preference of one cartoon character over another. This makes cakes with cartoon character decorations one of the most common and mostly preferred cake themes. These cakes can be baked and designed to look like the Telly Tubbies or Mickey Mouse or Tom and Jerry.

The cartoon characters are incorporated in the decoration part of the cake. The cartoon characters that are used in the decoration form part of the cake. In one cake, you can decide to have two or more cartoon characters. This makes it all more exciting for the kid as well as making the cake more attractive. However, it should be noted that the more the cartoon characters, the more delicate and fragile the cake might be.

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A colorful bunny cake that is well decorated would make the perfect cute birthday cake for a kid. Make sure to ask the baker to ensure that the cake has all aspects of a bunny. Decorating using variety of colors adds the attractiveness of the cake. Since kids love things they can associate with, and that look funny to them, you can be sure that this cake will pull it off.

Shape Cakes


It is another fantastic cake theme choice for a child’s birthday. It is usually made of small layers of cakes with different shapes and colors. The small different cakes can then be arranged to make one aggregate cake. It is important not to forget to add an icing to the cake. Its sweet nature is one of the key reasons for kids love for cakes.

There are so many shapes that can be made to create a wonderful cake theme. However, it is a good idea to include shapes conversant with kids so that they can easily relate to them. One can include circles, triangles or squares. Ensure that the cake is then decorated in colorful and bright colors. This is because kids are highly attracted to bright and colorful things.

Smiley Face

A smiley face cake can be done in a number of ways. One, a cake with distinct features of a smiley face can be baked. Alternatively, a cake with a different shape can be baked and then decorated using cake icings to resemble a smiley face.  You can also include some happy birthday wishes in your decoration. This decoration can be done in a variety of colors in order to make it more attractive.

Personalized Face


This is a theme sure to take your kid to cloud nine. A real image of the kid is taken and is incorporated into the cake. The shape and design of the cake may be of a different. The image resembling that of the kid is then input during the decoration. This is a concept you can be sure of not going wrong if adopted. Kids will love the kid and will remain in their memory for a long time to follow.



Kids are known to love animals. They never cease to get fascinated with animals. There are plenty of animals to choose from. However, the choice settled on is hinged on the kind of animals that the birthday kid loves. Animal themed cakes are famous and relatively easy to make. Decorating them is also quite easy as well as a fast process. This is because the level of detailing is not quite as much as with a majority of other cake themes.


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