How-to-dressDressing up ourself is one thing we do everyday, even if it’s for office, college, work, or anything. Everyone has different tastes in it. But dressing up according to your body is very vital. Never dress up by going out of your comfort zone. You got to walk properly with your dressing. Blindly following the fashion and trends would be a big blunder and would make you a fool and a hilarious thing for the other people.


First impression is the last impression. People want to dress up smartly to make the best first impression. As they say that, you should dress up for the occasion. But dressing up smartly is very important in any occasion, no matter what. Dressing up smartly is not any show off, but it’s an easy way to have self confidence. People like to be noticed anywhere they go, and making a smart impression definitely helps.

You don’t have to be fashionable to dress smart. It’s more of a ‘anyone can dress up smartly’ thing. But fashion sense of a particular person still plays a party in dressing smart though. You should be neat and clean in the first place. You don’t have to run a survey on if people like neat and clean person, it’s obviously natural that being neat and clean is a step closer to look smart.

When it comes to giving importance to the ‘mental part’, behaviour plays a huge vital role in dressing up smart.

  1. You should not be rude to anyone, being light hearted helps.
  2.  Always wear a smile. No matter in what condition you are, how sad you are feeling, but smiling helps a lot in the recovering part. Smiling in difficult times means you can take anything on.
  3. Then comes, giving respect to others. No matter how big a person you have become, you should respect others for what they are.
  4. Be sophisticated and sober.
  5. Socialise with people, but without insulting them.
  6. Keep your ego out of your mind.
  7. Be optimistic, let the negative thoughts in your mind go. Take a hold of your life.
  8. First, listen to others without interrupting them even if you know what they are gonna say. That’s the sign of not being anxious. Give time, wait, and have your say politely.
  9. Now it’s getting a little cliche. But you should have basic habits. Basic habits of bathing everyday, taking care of your hair and skin, tooth brushing, etc.

Mental do’s are not only important for dressing up smartly but also it’s important to have a healthy life.

Now moving on to the physical appearance. Well, it’s probably the most important part to dress smartly. People see how you are dressed before they come talk to you.

You should unleash the power of dressing. Only then you’ll realise what wonders can dressing up smartly do. Even if it’s just an office wear or casual wear or party wear, dressing up smartly resides in everyone of them. Physical appearance is as important as the mental appearance is.

So, moving on to the physical appearances, below are some points you might want to look at.

  1. Choose sober dress colour to wear. Wearing red, green, yellow pants is not the attribute of smart people. Being funny is different than being smart.
  2. Dress up for the occasion. Wearing jeans and tee in an interview won’t make any good impact.
  3. Use belts. Brown, black leather belts are just the best way to look formal. No formal wear is complete without belts. Brown, black are the ideal colour. Sleek belts are more preferred.
  4. Ties. Wearing good matching ties would make the whole attire classy.
  5. Use of accessories. Don’t over use of accessories. A watch and belt is more than enough for you to have a smart look.
  6. Colour of shoes. No matter what type of shoes you wear a glowing coloured pair of shoe. The colour should be pleasing to eyes of the viewer. Shinning colour is not at all preferred.
  7. Now the final nail in the coffin is, smelling good. It all would be ruined if you don’t smell good. Wear a perfume, a deodorant. But make sure you don’t over do it. Just two puffs of the perfume would do nicely.


What we wear on formal occasion is called formal dress. The colour of formal dress are mainly black, white and blue. The main reason of this is that it’s not a casual wear, we can wear green, red, etc in causal wear. You can wear tuxedo and suit in formal dress. Black tie is very common for an attire like tuxedo. You can wear low waist coast, an evening jacket, black bow tie, black leather shoes, etc.


Apparently what we don’t wear on formal occasions is casual dress. When we are at home or we are hanging it with friends, we wear casual dress. Casual dress describes your personal expression. Casual dress is always comfortable. You don’t have to worry about it, because it’s causal. You can wear blue jeans, T shirt, corduroy jacket, polo T shirt with aviators would look classic casual.


When you’re going semi-formal, you’re going in between formal and informal. Dressing not fully formal and dressing not fully informal it’s dressing semi-formal. You can wear a suit, but avoid tuxedo. You can try stripped tie and checks shirt. You can wear loafers or lace up shoes for your legs. Do whatever but do not overdress.


Be neat. Wear a suit. Long sleeve shirt with matching colour. Matching tie. Belt and professional shoes. No any funky hairstyle Trimmed nails. Less accessories. Atlast, a good portfolio. And then you’re ready to go for it.


There are many kinds of dresses for women. Tops, jeans, gown, Short gown, long gown, skirt, short skirt, long skirt, pyjamas, etc. Compared to men, women have a lot of choices and variety. This is the main reason why women will have more clothes in their wardrobe.

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