wedding-favorJust like other parties, favors are also given out after a wedding. Wedding favors are merely a gift or souvenir from the newlywed couple as a way of saying thank you to each of their guests as they share that memorable and special moment with them. Wedding favors can come in different shapes and sizes. It can be expensive or low-budget.

For those who have got time, homemade favors are made, this way, each gift will be more meaningful and personalized. Making your homemade wedding favors is easy, as there are a lot of different ideas you can choose from. Creativity is the KEY. Your imagination is the limit. So browse and have some ideas for wedding favors. Let your creative juices flow.

Choosing the Best Wedding Favors

Whether your wedding favors were ordered or homemade, there are aspects you have to include.

  • Functionality. First thing you should consider when choosing or making a wedding favor is its functionality. Most guests see favors as just another junk without any use for them. Make sure that your guest will find use of your favors and not just another waste of space.
  • Appearance. The second one is the looks of it, if it’s pleasing enough and presentable.
  • Worth to Keep. Lastly, it should be something memorable, something that will remind your guests of how fun and beautiful your wedding was.

Ideas for Homemade Wedding Favors

Homemade wedding favors are ideal for couples that are low in budget. Ordering already-made favors may cost you tons of money as you are not just paying for the materials but also for the labor and shipping. Not like the homemade ones that both you and your spouse can make. And with the help of your friends and family member, making dozens of it will be a piece of cake. Besides this, your wedding favors will also be unique and personalized. Each of your favor will have a story behind it. Some ideas for the perfect wedding favor:

  • Homemade candles


Candle–making is an easy process many of us can do. This idea for a wedding favor is great as it is both useful and economical. Your guests can either light them up or can just be used as a decoration. Make yours even more special by adding scents to it such as lavender or even vanilla. What’s also great about this is that you can shape them in any shape you want, make each different from the other.

  • Cookies and other sweets




Photo: Martha Stewart Wedding

If you love to bake, this is the perfect wedding favor for you. There are numerous types of cookies that you can choose from. Chocolate chip, vanilla, oatmeal raisins and many others. You can even make your own recipe especially made for your wedding day. Other option besides cookies, you may also try truffles or candy bars. You can even shape these delicious favors into hearts or bells or anything that is wedding-related or connected to the couple. Cupcakes are also a great choice, no one can ever resist these delectable treats and these wedding favors will definitely be something that your guests will appreciate and enjoy. As a finishing touch, make them even more exceptional by wrapping them in a fancy cloth or satin and tie it up with a pretty bow.

  • Personalized CD’s

This favor idea has become a trend these days. These CD’s mostly consist of the brie and groom’s photographs and even video clips. Some also include their favorite songs just like a mixed tape. CD covers are often adorned with laces and ribbons with a small thank you card from the newlyweds.

  • A bouquet of flowers


floral wedding favors

This might be the easiest and most affordable homemade wedding favor idea there is. All you need is just a bunch of flowers, in various types and colors such as red, white and yellow roses, deep pink daisies and even tulips in various hues. Then you can be creative with the arrangement. Mix and match different types and simple tie them up using ribbons that matches the wedding motif.

  • Homemade coasters and other keepsakes


Coasters, embroidered towels, personalized keychains or customized photo frames are just some of the many homemade keepsakes that you can easily make. Make it even more personalized by adding your name or the initials of your names.

  • Bath soaps


Soap-making is as simple as candle-making. You can make your own by using the basic melt and pour method. With a little drop of your favorite scents, these homemade wedding favors will be a sure hit.

  • Homemade Eco-Friendly Wedding favors


For the nature-loving couple who loves to looks for ways to recycle things, this is the perfect choice to show your wedding guests of how grateful you are of their presence. With this great idea, you can actually make a number of favors even without going to the store and simply by looking through your old stuff that you think can be recycled. A little bit of imagination will get you a long way.