Easter tradition won’t be complete without egg hunting. But modern egg hunting can be more challenging and novel when it is incorporated with new ideas. Make your egg hunting more exciting and unique by trying out these cool ideas for an Easter egg hunt.

Easter egg hunting is an exciting traditional game during the Easter holiday. Both adults and kids can experience the thrill of hunting for brightly colored eggs hidden in bushes, trees, or even inside the home. It is not only fun to search for hidden eggs but it also gives a feeling of achievement for kids to discover something on their own.

Before proceeding further I would like to wish you an happy easter to you. The mankind is blessed to have easter which spreads lords love and affection to mankind. So let us listen and spread easter messages in our friends and relatives. I am wishing you a Happy Easter 2014

  • Color Egg Hunt


Paint the eggs with different colors. You may also paint them in stripes or dots but make sure the eggs appear the same. Give one basket to each child with one colored Easter egg in the basket. Instruct them to look for eggs that have the same color as the one inside their basket. Make it clear to the children how many eggs they should be looking for.

  • Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt


Night time can add the challenge to an egg hunt. Instead of doing your egg hunting at day time, make it more exciting by hunting Easter eggs at night. Surge the thrill up by using glow in the dark paints for the eggs. Provide a basket for each child where to put their collected eggs. I’ve seen this glow-in-the-dark-eggs from Lil’ Luna.

  • In-House Egg Hunt


Rain can be a spoiler of Egg hunting games. When the sun shies away and raindrops fall to wash away your plan for the day, transfer your egg hunting inside your house or a building available for use. Choose a spacious room to conduct the egg hunting. Hide the eggs in different corners and places in the room and let the hunt begin!

  • Odd and Even Egg Hunt

Paint the eggs with bright colors and number each egg using even and odd numbers. Ask the children to line up and assign each with an odd number or an even number. They are only allowed to hunt and collect eggs according to the type of number assigned to them.

  • Arithmetic Egg Hunt


Use plastic eggs in this game. Write numbers in each of the egg. Set a limit as to the quantity of numbered eggs that the children should hunt for. Like they can collect only five eggs or six eggs. When the number of eggs required has been collected, add up the numbers written on the eggs. The one who gets the highest score is the winner. Toys or candies can also be placed inside the plastic eggs so that all the children can enjoy the fruit of their labor.

  • Letter Egg Hunt


Plastic eggs hidden around can be inserted with short notes for the child to accomplish. Examples of short notes can be, “Say one nice thing to your neighbor Alice” or “Give Aunt Susan a big, big hug” or “Sing a love song for mom”. Package in exciting rewards inside real eggs with written numbers on them. The number on each egg matches a prize for the child who finds it. Prizes can come in toys, candies, or foods.

  • Name Search Egg Hunt


Photo: Benzado

One of making egg hunting fun to do play is by looking out for your own name in the egg. Write the names of each child in each Easter egg. Hide the eggs before the children arrive. Let the children look for the egg that bears his/her name. The child who finds the egg with his/her name on it receives a prize.

  • Color Inventory Egg Hunt


Hide colored eggs to be hunted by children. A basket with a checklist and a pencil will be given to each child. The child can only hunt and collect colored eggs according to the checklist he/she has. The checklist should be the same for everyone. Example of checklist is this:
Look for the following eggs:

_____ 3 red eggs
_____ 2 green eggs
_____ 1 pink egg
_____ 4 yellow eggs

  • Easter Basket Egg Hunt


The goal of this game is to find the Easter basket. Each child will be given a plastic Easter egg with a clue inside it. The clue will lead the child to another Easter egg having another clue. The clues should end with the child finding the Easter basket filled with goodies. You can use at most a dozen egg for each child until he/she finds the basket. The child who finds the basket first wins the game.

  • Toy Gift Egg Hunt

Different toys can be put inside plastic Easter eggs. Since boys and girls vary in their toys, use one color of Easter egg for boys and another color for girls to be able to distinguish the appropriate toy they will get from the egg hunting.