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Hindu festival called Diwali or known by many as the festival of lights, is held during the months of October to mid-November. It is celebrated to mark the victory or god over the evil. It marks the day of Lord rama ‘s  re-entery to ayodhya after killing evil king Ravana. This five-day celebration is gifted with India’s rich culture and significant religious beliefs. All throughout this momentous occasion Hindus and tourists alike can enjoy the different ways of celebrating Diwali.

Fireworks, lighting of Diyas or small clay oil lamps and sharing of sweets are just some of the traditions being practiced during this time, to name a few. For most Hindu families, Diwali is that time of the year where their artistry and creativity comes to display as they prepare and decorate their homes for the festivities. Here are some tips and ideas in decorating your home for Diwali festival 2014.

Diwali 2016 Date  :- Thursday, October 30

Diwali 2017 Date: Thursday, October 19

Diwali 2018 Date:Wednesday, November 7

Religious Hindu Diwali Decorations


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A wonderful Diwali Lampdiwali-festival


Beautiful Diwali Decorations

Indian Lady Creating Diwali with lamps.
Indian Lady Creating Diwali with lamps.
Image : http://msbowman.pbworks.com/w/page/60054008/Diwali%20(Hinduism)

Diwali is known for its sparkling beauty in darkness because of the lighting decors and items. People use different diwali decoration items to make the arrangements even more captivating. See how Diwali decor can be beautiful as this one.

Barbie For Diwali Decorations
Barbie For Diwali Decorations

diwali pooja thali decoration ideas

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You can see how marvelous it looks, if you create a proper diwali decoration. The above picture is one of the perfect examples of beautiful Diwali decorations. The designer use floral artwork as rangoli. The candle arrangement on the side and the Diya-shaped beadwork turned this decorating ideas even more special


Looking for more captivating decorations for Diwali? Then you definitely need to check the above image out. See how the candle arrangements make the decoration one of the best example of diwali-inspired marvelous decor. The combination of white and red candle made the layer look like a sparkling decked decor.

Image: Flickr


image Credit: http://decoracaodoquarto.blogspot.com


A beautiful creation of “alpana” for the diwali festival. the Candles in four side and the flowers as the center attraction made this artwork a spectacular decor item! The combination of red, yellow and orange flowers on the middle, plus the candles that illuminate its beauty, turned this decor into masterpiece.

Image: Hue n Splash


Not just in homes, people are also decorating in offices for Diwali. The above photo is one of the best examples of diwali decorations in offices. What makes it beautiful and stand out from others? The rangoli diwali design may be look ordinary, but it become special because of the diya stand that surrounded it. Not to mention the words “Happy Diwali”.

Image: Flickr

Diwali Diyas Decoration Ideas, Diwali Candles

Diyas are one of the most important highlights of Diwali. These small oil lamps made of clay that has a cotton wick dipped in ghee is a must, not just in decorating for Diwali but in celebrating it itself. It is probably the most important element among all Diwali decorations. In memory of their deceased as well as to worship deities, these oil lamps are being lit.

Image Credit :mthal.com

With its significance, diyas will obviously not be forgotten when decorating homes and offices for the upcoming Diwali festival. And over time, diyas has turned into more colorful and more beautiful designs. Candles in brass holders are also used, just like in above photo. The design is actually simple, a large peach flower in a brass basin, surrounded by lit candles.


Remember when I said Diyas turned into more colorful and beautiful designs? Above image is the perfect example of that. Diyas not just limited in brown colors. There are now diyas with colored of green, yellow, red, etc. Their colors are used to complement with the designs you want. And see how they blended so well in yellow and red Diwali flower decorations.


This is one of the most traditional diwali diya decoration ideas. this five-petaled diya arrangement are usually used in puja thali. This is such a marvelous diwali decoration that includes diyas.

diwali diya decoration


Diyas are commonly used as Diwali centerpiece decorations as well. People arrange diyas in a pot with water and flowers, then put the diyas or candles in. It can make a spectacular sight when the light goes out and the only light you will see is coming from those small oil lamps.

diwali lights

Image: Colourdekor
Image: Colourdekor

Aside from centerpieces, Diyas decor items are also used in decorating walls and porches. Some can even buy diya decor items ready for wall handing. Some may even set up a place in their front porch and arrange their candle decorations.

Diwali Home Decoration Ideas

As soon as the month of October starts, people will begin to set up their home to get ready for Diwali. People start cleaning their home. They even move their furniture just to have a certain spot in the house where their can set up their indoor Diwali decorations.

Image: Rangdecor

Diwali home decorations need not to be intricate. Your decorations can be as simple as above idea. Take a look at how the celebrants celebrate the Diwali with these simple preparations. Those flowers in a brass container and Diya stand makes this home diwali decorating idea stand out in its simplest form.

Image: Rangdecor
Image: Rangdecor

One of the most traditional Diwali decorating ideas is setting up and creating rangoli artwork in the entryway of each home. Long time ago, every home has beautiful rangoli designs in their front door. This marvelous artwork that includes intricate patterns is even beautified with diyas and flowers.

Image: Rangdecor
Image: Rangdecor

Leaves and flowers can also be used as Diwali decoration at home. In above photo, the designer used these eye shaped leaves, set up in a brass plate and use flowers and diya stand as centerpiece. For additional decorating touch, he also used small diyas around the arrangement.

image : http://friday.ge/

A bowl filled with beauty and light, here it is! See how beautiful those candles can be inside this transparent bowl. This can make a magnificent sight on Diwali night. The light coming from those small candles and the reflections they create on the water is truly amazing.


Diwali decorations for home are not limited to just diyas, flowers and rangoli. Some also use light bulbs in different colors. In above photo, the design use figurines and other home decor items to set up a small podium for his decoration.

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Office

Decorating for halloween is not limited at home. Even working establishments and offices are also decorating for the Diwali. Here are some of the captivating scenes and photos of office diwali decorations I found online.

Image: Indoamerican-news
Image: Indoamerican-news

In above photos, Indoamerican News reported about a certain manufacturer “Star Pipe Product” decorated their office to get ready for the upcoming Diwali celebration. The large Ganesha idol in the middle is truly eye-catching. Not to mention those beautiful and huge Diyas stand that made both sides stand out as well.


In one corner of the office, there was a large rangoli design set up for the coming of Diwali festival. The peacock design of the Rangoli truly stands out in this artwork. It is even more beautified by the diyas and candles that surrounds it. The combination of different colors and the design made this office decoration ideas for Diwali one of the best.

Diwali Party Decoration Ideas

Diwali is considered as New Year for Hindu. That’s the reason why this festival calls for celebration – and celebration means PARTY! Yes, there are also some parties arranged as part of the celebration of Diwali festival. These Diwali parties incorporate festive celebration and bright lights.


Diwali Lighting Decorations

During Diwali, India is covered with bright, bold and exciting colors. Whether it is artworks, flowers or diyas. Commonly used shades for this occasion are red, bright pink, metallic such as gold and silver. Color combination is also a hit during this time of the year. Blues are paired with orange or black with pink.


Diwali festival is known as the festival of light. It is also referred to as “row of light” for people in Hindu community are setting up diyas rows to light up the dark night of Diwali. This signifies welcoming the victorious Lord Rama against the god of evil.


Simplicity is beauty. That old adage suits in above Diwali light decorations well. See how these small oil lamps in the colors of green, red and brown turned this small spot into a spectacular one.

Images: Aalayaminspiration

Diwali Lanterns

The festival of lights will never be complete without, of course lights. Lanterns are also use as Diwali lights. For the lighting, Diwali style, a perfect suggestion is paper lanterns which you could buy or make yourself. If you have decided to make your own, it is always good to use lots and lots of colors and patterns to make each lantern different.


Most of the lanterns for diwali are made of paper. People use papers of different colors and create colorful and beautiful lanterns. Take a look at above photo. the most commonly used colors are red and yellow as they give that marvelous color effects when the light inside the lantern is turned on.

Image: Vyanks


Besides lanterns, you can also try out different colored bulbs or lamps or even go over the top with chandeliers.

Image: Demotix
Image: Demotix

Another tradition is the disconnection of a home’s doorbell in replace of an actual bell. This bell will announce incoming visitors.

Diwali Rangoli Decoration Ideas

Get out the artist in you and why not try and be experimental by making your own Hindu-inspired artworks. Best example of this is the old system of painting, ancient Hindus have used called Rangoli.


This type of art usually involves complex patterns and intricate designs. This make Rangoli designs something interesting and challenging.

diwali home decoration


Rangoli is one of the most significant part of Diwali celebration. Hindu families make sure that they have one set up in the corner of their house. Just like in above photo, the household owner set up this rectangular rangoli design and beautified it with diyas and flower decorations in bowls in the sides.


Some time people make rangoli with peacock design and it is known as peacock rangoli designs. The color combinations of peacock design make this artwork a masterpiece. In above diwali rangoli image, the designer use more of green, yellow, purple and red hues to create this peacock rangoli.


These artworks, combined with flowers and lamps would be great space filler. In addition to Rangoli art, painting Hindu symbols or other significant Hindu figures in various colors and metallic paint is also a great idea.

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Diwali Flower Decorations

Roses and many other different types of flowers that are arranged in the fanciest way are also great ornaments. Buy flowers in dozens or bulk, arrange, place them in beautifully colored vase and voila, you have yourself a decoration perfect for Diwali.

Image: Myitanagar
Image: Myitanagar

You can also create rangoli without using colored rice powder. Flowers of different types and colors can also be used in creating Diwali rangoli. Above image is one of the perfect examples of flower diwali decoration ideas. The small lamps in the sides make the entire artwork more beautiful.



Diwali Decoration Items

Beads, glitter and sequin do not just provide pretty colors but also sparkles, which, in a way symbolizes the festival of lights. These different elements give Diwali that festive feel.


Image: Aalayaminspiration


Diwali Puja Thali Decoration Ideas


Also known as Baya, these special trays are used during Diwali where offerings are being laid out. Trays like these are adorned with elegant beadworks and are usually filled with various things like rice, fruits and sweets, fresh flowers and candles.

Image: Colourdekor

They can be bought in shops but if you want your Puja Thali to really be one of a kind; try and decorate your own.

Image: Flickr

Diwali Preparations and Celebrations

Image: Flickr

Cleaning your home is as important as decorating it. Even before you get started with adorning your home with your Diwali-inspired decorations, it is crucial that your house has been thoroughly cleansed. Pick up your broom and start dusting and have your abode tidied up from top to bottom. Out with the old, dirty curtains, pillow cases and covers and in with the fresh, new ones. Other families even go to the extremes of having their homes repaired and renovated. To give way to the decorations and for them to stand out, home furnishings are being moved. Giving your walls a fresh new coat of paint is also advisable.


Indian consider Diwali as new year. Indian stock exchanges run special trading sections on diwali day at auspicious occasions to start the trading for coming year. All over india people will decorate their homes with colored papers, lamps, baloons etc.

Image: FishDoggy

Maybe as fun as the festivities itself. Let the kids in your family join in the fun and make this a group effort that all of you can be proud of. This project is a great opportunity for families to get together and share ideas and this just proves that Diwali is indeed for the whole family. Most importantly, always remember the whole point why Diwali is celebrated, its essence, and that is rejoicing the inner light.