Explore Creative Ideas and Newest Collection for Halloween Costumes 2013
halloween-costumesDressing in different costumes is one of the most popular and familiar traditions that date back hundreds of years to celebrate several holidays and occasions- like Christmas, Halloween and so on. Celts who lived about 2000 years ago, introduced a new tradition of wearing scary and terrifying costumes consisting of animal skins and heads, during the celebration of the Celtic New Year- the Samhain. And the tradition to dress up in costumes and celebrate special occasions and days is still present in our blood.

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Most Traditional Halloween Costumes:

If you’re looking for the spookiest and most frightful monster costume, then following three costumes would be the perfect attire for your Halloween bash.


Ghost Costumes:

Wouldn’t it be too exciting that you walk into a Halloween party and frighten your guests with a hauntingly horrific Ghost outfit? Yes, that would be a great fun! Some people dress-up like ghosts for Best Costume Context, while others wear to scare kids and adults on the Halloween night. Also, several kids love to wear dreary ghost costumes for trick or treating tradition and enjoy going door to door. Some of the most popular ghost costumes that are usually worn by people include: Zombie Ghost Pirate, Soul Seeker Girls costume, Floating Ghost Costume, Soul Taker Costume and so on. You will get number of effective tips online to make dreadful ghosts costumes right at your home.  So, hit cool websites and nearby stores to get the one for you!


Vampire Costumes:

Vampire-CostumesVampires are of course the most popular and favorite personas on the eve of Halloween. There are so many people around the globe, who love dressing up like blood thirsty Vampires on the night. Actually, they are considered to be the living dead or the one who are passed away and continue to live through feeding the blood of the living. In past few decades, Vampires were thought to be monstrous and dreary, while the modern ones have been transformed into a bit more sexy and charismatic beings. So, if you’re thinking to wear creepy-cool Vampire costumes this season, then this is a time-honored decision, because the attire is rich in legend and an extreme fun to dress up as well.

Witch Costume:

Halloween and witches have a deep connection. Children and adults love to wear witch costumes for hideous fearsome appearance. Some people think that wearing witch outfits and hanging witch decorations and porches has become very common. witch-costume-halloweenBut this is not true! There are so many ideas to alter your witch costume and come up with a unique one. The conventional witch appearance includes a black costume, warts, pointed nose and green skin. But modern witch costumes have been transformed into a bit more hotter and appealing outfits. So, get your costume soon and look hauntingly stunning this season!

As we all know that costumes are an essential part of Halloween celebrations and the occasion is just around the corner and will be here before you know it. So, do you have any idea of what you are going to wear this October? Any plans yet?

If No, and you are still trying to find some low budget and wickedly awesome dresses, then here are some creative and cheap home-made costume ideas for everyone.

Last-Minute Inexpensive and Fantabulous Halloween Costumes:

Don’t skip your Halloween party this year, because most of us spend October setting in at schools or watching football. Here, you have the quickest and easy-to-make costume ideas that will add a life in your Halloween Bash. If you know how to utilize scissor, tapes and glue and you have some sewing skills, then you are ready to pick any one of these innovative costume ideas.

  1. 1.  Spaghetti and Meatballs:

All you need is one red checkered table cloth, about 45 inches wide and paper plate, paints and glue. First of all, cut a big hole for the head in the middle of the table cloth, so that it can be worn like a poncho. Now you would need skein-off white yarn and cut it in the way that it forms the shape of boiled spaghetti and place the bunch of yarn on the paper plate with the help of hot glue gun. Now take 8 small Styrofoam balls and paint them with brown paint, so that they resemble meat balls. Allow them to dry for 5-10 minutes and place 4 to 5 balls on the paper plate. Mix brown and red acrylic paints, so it forms the color of tomato sauce and drip that over your table cloth, spaghetti and meatballs. Now take a small pan to place over your head and glue some strands of yarn to the top of the pot. Also, you can tie some strands under your chin to keep pot over your head. Finally, stick the plate at the front of your tablecloth and you are ready to attend your Halloween Bash with wickedly cruel Butcher style.

  1. 2.  Last-Minute Squid Costume:

This is the quickest costume one can easily make with the help of spare office supplies. All you need is ample of brown paper, binder’s clip, double sided tape and manila folders and some CDs. Now the first step is to make the cone shape by rolling up a doubled piece of brown paper, so that it fits your head perfectly. Take two CDs to make out the eyes and stick on the brown paper with the help of glue. Use manila folders to cut a pair of fins out of it. Now next step is to construct the tentacles. Double fold the sheet of brown paper with one edge of strength, while the arms are free to hang and are simple to sketch with hands. Now the last step is to tie the tentacle collar around your neck with the help of blinder’s tape. Glue the fins over your head and try touch-up with a glow paint and you are done with your Squid costume.

3. Headless Andy Costume:

To begin with this costume, you need flesh and blood colored paints, tape, rolled soft sheet foam, craft color and glue. First, take the rolled sheet and tape it twice or thrice and apply some flesh colored paint, so it resembles our neck. Now boil the chicken bone and dip it into bleach for few minutes. Insert the bone at the top of neck and spread some red paint around it. You can make the arms with same foam sheet and hold the back with the help of rectangular piece of foam, which is belted under arms. The jacket will rest on the piece and the buttons will be closed under the neck. Once you’re done with this, your creepy cool headless costume is ready to wear!

Super Quick Costume Making Tricks:

Here are some fast and simple costume ideas, which can be prepared with the items that are probably lying around your home.

Bat Costume:

The material you would need to make this creepy-cool Bat Costume include: Black umbrella, black sweat suit with hood, needles and thread, safety pins, and scissors.


First of all, you need to remove the handle of Umbrella and then divide it in equal halves. This will be serving as your bat wings. You may require several tools- like saw to disassemble the handle of umbrella. Now take a black sweat shirt and use safety pins to attach the cut edge of the Umbrella at the back side of the arms. You can simply cut the ears out of black felt or card sheet. Use safety pins or thread in order to attach the ears to the hood of your shirt. Your hauntingly scary Bat costume is ready to wear this season!

Cereal Killer Halloween Costume:

The material required for this terrifying costume is mini cereal boxes, red paint, plastic knifes, safety pins, glue, black clothes or whatever you wish to wear.


Put the black or white outfit on. After that you need to empty all the cereal boxes and pin them all over your shirt with their tops sealed. Insert the plastic knifes into the cereal boxes in different directions. You can also use glue to secure them, if required. Mix red paint in water and drip over the plastic knifes and the boxes. You also have to put some fake blood all round your neck, tongue and face. For more frightful appearance, you can stick some cereal pieces around your mouth.

Horrific Zombie Costume:

All you need for this creepy-cool costume is old and shabby clothes, fake dreadful teeth, black cosmetic, and scissors.


Pick your worn out jeans and shirts and make several cuts on them. Use black eye shades or eye liner to make your outfit extremely scruffy. Add fake teeth to make your appearance more dreadful and put lots of black make-up under your eyes, so they look hollow and terrifying. Almost anything can be included here to make your zombie look more frightening.

Cheap Halloween Costumes Stores:

If you are waiting for the newest and most unique Halloween costumes for 2013, then look no further. We provide you the list of extremely reliable and reputable stores, providing affordable and highest quality costumes for your Halloween Bash this October. From adults to kids, there is a bit of something for everyone. Let’s explore some most popular super stores, where you can get the scariest and outstanding Halloween outfits at lowest prices:

  • Party City- Nobody has more Halloween for this less
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So, there is no need to break the banks, when top quality Halloween costumes are available online. All these super store come up with a wide collection of Halloween costumes, including Toddlers costumes, baby costumes, girls Halloween costumes, boys Halloween costume, couples costumes, men’s and women’s Halloween costumes and plus sizes costumes and much more. Look no further! Just hit one of these stores and get the one for you.

Halloween Costumes Collection 2013:

Every year, we look forward to the newest collections of Halloween costumes, so that we can grab the most stylish, trendy and terrifying costumes for our kids, family and pets as well. There are so many new and unique costumes for Kids on sale these days, so they can perform their most favorite tradition – ‘trick or treat’ in a more comfortable and secure way. So here are some special and more creative Halloween costumes for kids on sale.

Halloween Costumes Collection for Kids:

  • The Never land Pirate Costume
  • Monsters University Sulley Deluxe Costume
  • Man of Steel Deluxe Superman Costume
  • Franco Chucky Costume
  • Playboy Devilish Costume
  • Playboy Vampire Costume
  • Boys Zombie Skate Punk Costume
  • Kids Howling Costume

So, let your kids be anything and everything they wanted to be in these frightful and top quality costumes. Celebrate with an ideal outfit for your little one!

Halloween Costumes Collection for Teens:

Wal-Mart, SPIRIT, and Party City would be the best and cheapest options for Teen Halloween Costumes.  All the teens will find something great and wicked to wear and at the prices you’ll love. So, let’s figure out some amazing outfits for teens from the latest collections:

  • Gypsy Junior Halloween Costume for Girls
  • Lying Dead Walking Zombie Halloween Costume
  • Clawdeen Wolf Teen Costume for Girls
  • Wild Cat Teen Halloween Costume
  • Boys Zombie Hunter Costume
  • 6 foot Limb Ripper Werewolf Costume for Boys
  • Spell Speaking Witch Costume
  • Gruesome Granny Animated Costume
  • Thrashing Clown

So, all teens make your coming Halloween Bash worth remembering with these horrific and latest outfits.

Halloween Costumes Collection for Adults:

Of course, Halloween costumes for kids and teens aren’t the only collection, we carry. In this article, you will also explore some extremely dreadful and gory outfits for man, woman and elderly people. Let’s have a look at the latest collection of 2013.

  • Elsa the Ghost Maid Costume
  • Gothic Vampire and Witch Costume for Women
  • Mega Scare Crow Costume for Men
  • Little Brother Chest Piece Costume
  • Adult Leather face Costume
  • Adult Pork Grinder Costume
  • Adult Crypt Monster Horror Costume
  • Adult Ghoul Costume

Last but not the least, don’t forget your furry friends- Yes, we are talking about your beloved pets. There are many stores, offering well-designed and trendy Halloween costumes for pets. So, do check out their collections. If you have no time to buy Halloween outfits from stores, then you should try out our fast and simple costume-making ideas and tips right at your home. Believe me! It’s a great fun to dress up yourself, the kids and your pets.

Have a blasting and hauntingly awesome Halloween in 2013!