Halloween-CraftsThe Halloween season won’t be complete without a bunch of Halloween decorations to complement the occasion. Sure, you already have the makeup, costume and treat bags, but you might forget one important aspect of the occasion: decorations. To do decorations, you need to start with craft ideas that you can make or even buy at the local store. In case you want to do the Halloween crafts at home, there are a couple of Halloween craft ideas that you might get interested in. In fact, customizing your decorations will add a bit of “at home” touches. Making them on your own will allow you to become more innovatively creative to make this year’s Halloween truly memorable. Doing Halloween crafts will also create a bonding for the rest of the family. There are Halloween craft ideas available for every family member – from easy to Martha Stewart level. Everyone can enjoy the season not just during the trick-or-treating, but also in preparing of the decorations. This year will guarantee not only a scary imposition but also quality bonding time. You should not miss this season to practice your creative skills.halloween-crafts

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Bat Treat Bags halloween-craft-for-kids Kids can have fun with this, as of it was an ordinary act of playing. If you have a pin board at home and your kids love to play around with this, the Halloween craft can be tons easier. This bat treat bag can make a nice container for your halloween party favors. Source: CreativeItch Candy Corn Banner kids-halloween-crafts This will look nice as hanging decors both outside and inside of the household. To do this is also well-suited for the occasion. After all, Halloween is all about sweets. Source: BGH Flowerpot Pumpkins flowerpot-pumpkins-halloween-craft In case you are still wondering on what to do with those unused flowerpots, then thank god for the Halloween season – you can finally rouse those pots and use them as decorations. The kids will surely have fun decorating, as they can paint different faces on each flowerpots. Source: Spoonful Paper Pumpkins halloween-paper-crafts Source: IlovetoCreate

Easy Halloween Crafts

Halloween Treat Bags mummy-halloween-craft Running out of time and ideas for the Halloween? Here’s a refresher. If you want something simple and quick to do, try making treat bags for the trick-and-treaters. Source: Parents Witch Legs All You Magazine / Halloween crafts You might get a police call with this high-impact idea. The decoration will make it look as if someone has been stuck under your house. All you need for this craft is a manikin’s pair of legs, old shoes (that you can decorate later on with glitters) and a pair of striped legwarmers. Source: AllYou Pumpkin Bandits pumpkin-halloween-craft For this craft you will need black paint and 3 – 5 pumpkins. All you have to do is paint the pumpkins with “masks” that will give them a “bandit” image. Then, leave them outside of the main entrance to make it look like they’re waiting for a heist. Source: AllYou

Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers

Bottle Bats bat-halloween-craft Now this is not only easy to do – it is also environmental. You can use plenty of recycled bottles for this creation so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot. Source: KinderArt Spiderweb Rice Art spiderweb Sand art is popular for the Halloween season, but you can try to make your decoration unique by using rice art for the craft. This is a little something that your pre-schooler make want to do as a school project as well. Source: FaveCrafts

Martha Stewart Halloween Crafts

Pasta Skeletons skeleton-halloween-craft Who would’ve thought that pasta can also be used for crafts? Only Martha Stewart can think of this as an idea. But you can also check her examples of this idea in case you might want to do something else with those pasta that doesn’t have to involve tomato sauce. Source: MarthaStewart Glittered Pumpkins glittered-pumpkins The Halloween season won’t be complete without a few glittered and glow-in-the-dark stuffs to add more character. The best thing about this idea is that it is versatile enough to be used on any Halloween decoration, including your face. Source: MarthaStewart Floating Ghosts floating-paper-mache-ghost Because we know that Martha Stewart produces only the best Halloween ideas, this also deserves to be in the list of best Halloween crafts for a scarier and classy feel. Source: MarthaStewart Creepy Candles candle-halloween-crafts And speaking of creepy, Halloween is not complete without candles at this is one of the most common things to use on All Hallow Evening. How about making your candles creepier with these Martha Stewart ideas. Source: MarthaStewart

Halloween Decoration Crafts

Spooky Paper Cutouts paper-cut-outs You may want to work on something that is all-in-one such as this one. Literally, this paper cutout may become a garland that can hang as a decoration anywhere in the household. Source: CountryLiving Wicked Witch Candy Dish creative-halloween-craft Have some extra pair of shoes to spare for the occasion? This may be the best time to let them out and use them as candy dish. Sounds bit off? Let’s see if you can still say that after you have seen the result of this craft: a glittering pair with a bunch of treats in it. Source: LifeArtCollide Silly Spider Crafts spider-halloween-craft What makes this spider silly? It may be the eyes. It may be the body. It may be the multiple crouched legs, waiting to pounce. Whatever the ‘silliness’ factor, one thing’s for sure – this decor deserves a place in your household for the Halloween. Source: BHG

Halloween Paper Crafts

Wicked Bag cool-halloween-crafts Turn a boring Halloween treat into something exciting for the roaming miniature monsters and ghouls who will come knocking at your door. Source: ValerieStrangle Muslin Mummies best-halloween-crafts This is another craft that will turn something boring into a one-of-a-kind. You can place this Halloween craft on the treats table to make it look like the pumpkin spirit is on the prowl. Source: CraftaPhile Papier-mâché Jack-o’-Lantern Papier-mâché Jack-o’-Lantern Of course, who can forget this craft? Every Halloween season deserves to have a place in your household. This is a classic design that will never fail to set the standard. Source: Instructables Black Flower Paper Bouquet Black Paper Flower Arrangement. Country Living October 2010 Hall How about a spooky and eerie paper craft for halloween? You can turn this thing into creepy, depends on how you made it. In this case, let’s make a bouquet of black flower. This can be used as decor and centerpiece. Source: CountryLiving

Halloween Party Crafts

Haunted Forest Centerpiece centerpiece-halloween-craft If you’re throwing a halloween party and still don’t know what to put in your table as centerpiece, this craft may be your choice. This can add a little spook that you can need for the occasion. Some may find this idea cute – so be it. Source: Parents Bat Piñata bat-pinata-craft Instead of the traditional piñata, you can choose this idea for the treaters. You can also adapt the same piñata game idea. Source: MarthaStewart Spooky Spider Lollipops best-halloween-crafts-for-kids You can have as many as you want. You can make as many as you want. Instead of using ordinary lollipops, you can serve this spooky and creepy lollipop. Have this for a demented change. Source: ApartmentTheraphy