Easter is the second most popular Christian festivals the first one is Christmas. Every calendar year, people who believe in Jesus celebrate his resurrection from the dead. There are rejoicing and feasting and dancing on the last day of lent. Everyone, from adults to kids await the big day, the markets and stores are flooded with chocolate bunnies, colorful eggs, flowers and other Easter symbol. Easter is an important day for millions of people. If you are interested in knowing more about this holiday, congratulation because you have come to the right site to find out everything you need to know about Easter.

Approximately, nine million chocolate are produced each year and around five million marshmallow bunnies and chicks are made for the Easter festival. That’s a lot of sweets and treats. Anyway, you will find lots of interesting trivia and facts if stay with me, as I have searched the internet and compiled information you will be happy to read and share with your friends and family members this Easter.

Below are Easter trivia and facts that you will be happy to know, check them out:

Easter Trivia Questions

1. In the song “Here Comes Peter Cottontail,” what type of flower it is?
Answer: Orchid

2. What is the other name for Easter Sunday?
Answer: Resurrection Day

3. What does the Egg symbolize on Easter?
Answer: Rebirth

4. Where will you find the largest Easter egg in the world?
Answer: Vegreville, Canada

5. How tall is the world largest egg?
Answer: About 31 feet tall

6. What is Australia’s Easter symbol?
Answer: Bilby’s

7. What days does the Easter Sunday fall on?
Answer: Between March 22 to April 25

8. How many days do the lent season last?
Answer: 4o days

9. When does the lent season start?
Answer: Ash Wednesday

10. How Many chocolate produced each year?
Answer: Nearly 90 million

Easter Trivia for Kids

Easter is a holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus from dead. All over the world, people uses symbols like colorful eggs and bunny rabbits to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately, most people do not know exactly how these symbols tie itself to the Easter holiday. Luckily, you do not have to search the internet for information as you can learn everything you need to know in the following Easter trivia for kids.

1. How did the Easter holiday get its name?
Answer: From the goddess Eastre

2. What is the official name for painting eggs?
Answer: Pysanka

3. Where do the Easter baskets get it look?
Answer: Bird’s Nest

4. Why egg the symbol of Easter?
Answer: Egg is the symbol of the Anglo Saxon goddess Eastre

5. What country brought the Easter bunny to America?
Answer: Germany (Germans brought the Easter bunny symbol to Americans during the civil war)

6. When does Easter occur?
Answer: Easter occur after the spring equinox

7. What color of jellybean popular to children?
Answer: Red

8. How many Easter chocolates bunnies made yearly?
Answer: 90 Million

Easter Trivia Facts

Below are Easter trivia facts that you have probably never heard of before but would love to know.

1. Did you know that the name Easter also derived from the Hebrew name of the Passover festival, the “Pesach?”

2. Since time immemorial, egg symbolizes rebirth. It is why eggs chosen to represent the resurrection of Christ or Easter.

3. Passover festival is dependent on the phase of the moon, which is why the date changes each year, the same thing with the Easter festival.

4. The Easter basket made to look like a bird’s nest, since it protects the Easter eggs.

5. Next to Halloween, chocolates and other sweet treats also sells like hotcakes during Easter.

6. The gift giving customs started back to the time of Greeks, Romans, Persians, Gauls and Egyptians.

7. Did you know that each year, the pope gives his papal address to the world on Easter.

8. Jellybeans are the favorite candy of kids on Easter.

9. Easter is called in many names across the world. In English, it is Easter, Paques in French, Pascua in Italian, Pashke in German, Pask, Swedish, and Pasen for Holland.

10. Did you know that the Egyptians started the gift giving of eggs to remember the rebirth of Jesus Christ? They also passed this tradition down to pagans then to Christians.

11. In America, Easter is the second holiday that a lot of candies are sold off.

12. The earliest Easter treats are not chocolates or jellybeans but hot cross buns made by monks in Europe. They give cross buns to poor people during the lent season.

13. In the old days, it takes about 27 hours to make the famous marshmallow peep. Today, you can have a marshmallow peep in 6 minutes.

14. Eggs, bunnies and lamb are not the only Easter symbols. In some countries the symbols of Easter are lily, candles, cross bonfires and palm.

15. Did you know lilies grown mostly in America? At the border of California-Oregon, there are at least 10 growers of the popular Easter lily.

Easter Bible Trivia

Christians all over the world celebrate holy week to remember the death, burial, and Jesus resurrection. Holy week also called Passion Week is an important week and often observe in silence and prayers. The last day of holy week Black Saturday is the time to prepare for the big day, the Resurrection day, or Easter day.

Easter is an important day, but a lot of people celebrate the occasion without really understating the reason behind the celebration. Here are some bible trivia about Easter that you can reflect on as well as used for your bible trivia game.

1. What Jewish feast celebrated on the week Jesus was crucified on the cross?
A: Passover (see Luke 22:1)

2. What animal was Jesus riding on when he entered Jerusalem?
A: Donkey (see Matthew 21:1.7, Luke 19:28.35, Mark 11:1.7, and John 12:12.15)

3. Why is the Sunday before Easter called Palm Sunday?
A: When Jesus Christ walked into Jerusalem at the start of the holy week the people cheered and welcome him as the Messiah and king. They also laid palm fronds on the road to show their acceptance to him as their king. (Mark 11:8, Matthew 21:8, John 12:12.13, and Luke 19:35.36)

4. Which disciple attempt to protect Jesus Christ from being taken as prisoners by the soldiers and who also cut the high priest ear?
A: Peter (John 18:10)

5. What’s the name of the high priest whose ear got cut off by Peter?
A: Malchus (John 18:10)

6. How many times Christ denied by Peter after abandoning the Lord?
A: 3 times (Mark 14:69, 70; Luke 22:54-57, Matthew 26:73-75, & John 18:13-27)

7. How many pieces of silver did Judas get after trading Jesus life to the high priest?
A: 30 pieces of silver (Matthew 26:15)

8. How did Judas betray Jesus to the soldier?
A: By kissing him (Matthew 26:47.49)

9. What did Judas did after repenting and giving back the silver to the high priest?
A: He hanged himself (Matthew 27:3.5)

10. What did the priest did to the money that Judas returned?
A: Bough a potter’s field (Matthew 27:6.8)

Easter Egg Trivia

A. Chocolates eggs first made in Europe, around the 19th century. Today, it is still a favorite treat of children and adults during Easter season.

B. The largest Easter egg in the world weighs about 5000 lbs.

C. In America, each year there is an egg hunt game on the lawn of the White House. President Hayes wife started this tradition in 1878. The white house opened to the public for the children on Easter Monday.

D. According to study, 76% of the people eating chocolate bunnies eat the ear part first, while 5% eat the feet and 4% the tail.

E. Easter eggs according to legend, comes from a hare not from a rabbit or a chicken. Hare are nocturnal creature that is not very popular unlike the rabbit, so the early Christians changed the symbol of Easter to rabbit. Plus, Rabbit symbolizes fertility and fruitfulness.

F. Eggs painted with bright colors on Easter season because bright colors represent springtime.

G. Eggs are the symbol of Easter from the time of Persians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Guals since eggs represent rebirth.
H. The most valuable Easter eggs made not of chocolate but of gold. Around 1880s, Czar Alexander III commissioned a famous goldsmith, Peter Carl Faberge to handcraft an Easter egg gift for his wife. The Faberge egg, presented to Czarina Maria Feodorovna, wife of Alexander measured 2 ½ inches long.

I. Eggs in the Greek culture painted red.

J. About 2 billion dollars are spent by Americans on Easter goodies and they consume billion of lbs of treats yearly.

K. 95% of the bulbs grown come from California, the “Easter Lily” capital of the world. They produce more than 11 million bulbs for the Easter market yearly.