Handmade items are always considered as a lovely gift and Cross Stitch is one of the most simple and easy to do stitch . Any handmade item surely makes its own place in the receiver’s heart. Also for the little ones in your family cross stitch projects are a great way to keep them engaged and let their creativity Flow. We today show you some cool and useful cross stitch patterns:

Baby Cross Stitch Patterns:

If you are looking to make a special handmade gift for the new baby in your family or for someone special then making a special handmade Cross stitch design for them will surely be a Great idea. See the few designs we liked and have presented here:

cross stitch 1

Babies are our little angels and to welcome them to the family a great gift is this small design . You can use this design to make a small cross stitch design and frame it as a present or use the design on any fabric to present. The word ‘baby’ can be changed to the Name of the Baby if needed.

cross stitch 2

The new member of your Family deserves special attention and what better way than presenting her/him with this special cross stitch design cloth or towel. This lovely designs along with the alphabets and numbers look adorable. The Baby’s name and Birth date are also added to the design.


You little toddler will love this Hand-print style cross stitch pattern. The teddy bear design on the side is beautiful too. Also the Baby’s name and the date of birth is mentioned in the design.


It’s really lovely to see little kids loving Nursery rhymes like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little stars’ and more. So if you are thinking of Presenting something inspired by Nursery Rhymes then select this design which has lots of different design.

Cross Stitch Letter Patterns:

Letters are one of the most used designs and motifs for cross stitch . There are so many ways you can write the letters of the English alphabet and here we present a few examples for you:


If you are just starting off in Cross stitch designs and are looking for a simple and fast way to do the letters then see this easy and fast letter patter which will require very less time and effort. Single lines are used and you can always add more width to the letters.


This design again is for Beginners who want simple and Easy designs for a good and easily understandable letter design. The letters are easily understandable.


The letter pattern here requires more than a single line to make it appear thicker and bolder. This type of design looks great where you want the text to stand out or are using smaller fonts along with it.

Easy Cross Stitch Patterns:

Easy Cross Stitch patterns are perfect for Beginners and  will be best if you are just starting out.Here are a few which will be best for practicing before yo start out with more complex patterns and designs:


Hello Kitty is a famous cartoon character and has been featured in so any places. It’s one of the easiest designs for beginners to try . if you are not ready to try complex designs try this Easy hello kitty design which will be perfect for gifting or for craft purpose.


Fish patters like this one is so easy to do and will be best if you are a Beginner. If your little ones want to join in your craft project they can also do this design themselves. The design uses only two colors. Black and red which is used as the main colors.

Christmas Cross Stitch Patterns:

Christmas is the time for Family , Friends and a time to be Merry. Here are a few designs which will be great if you are planning to present your Family and friends with something handmade. take a look and take inspiration :


Santa Clause is the main attraction for kids on Christmas and they will love this easy and fuss free Santa Clause cross stitch design . let them enjoy the holiday season with this cross stitch craft. Alternatively you can make them fr a dear one too. Use a lighter base to make the design stand out.


Cupcakes and sweet desserts are a part of Christmas people cannot omit. Sweet christmas themed cupcakes are really pretty and yummy. So why not make a yummy looking christmas inspired cupcake using cross stitch patterns.



If  you are just starting out or want to make a simple and easy Christmas gift then try this. The Christmas wish is done using cross stitch and one can easily bind it or use it for gifting too.

Cross Stitch Alphabet Patterns:



Crazy alphabet designs are very cute and are perfect for kids. If your little one likes cross stitch projects let her/him use these cute cross stitch alphabet patterns for their projects. Also for making gifts for the newest member of your home use this.



These colorful and easy looking alphabets are perfect for anyone and any kind of project. You will need various alphabets and letter patterns for crafts and this one is a great choice.

Wedding Cross Stitch Patterns:

We have some really pretty Wedding Cross Stitch Patterns and ideas for you. Take a look:



If the wedding bells are ringing in your family there’s a great way to celebrate this union . This beautiful and easy cross stitch designs will make for an ideal gif and will surely be appreciated.


A beautiful wedding themed cross stitch pattern is this one. The beautiful rose with beautiful designs done all over the canvas looks perfect as a Wedding gift.

Cool Cross Stitch Patterns:

If the usual Cross stitch patterns are not for you check the few designs we liked . These are exciting, new and cool designs for the modern Cross stitch artist.



Cool Cross stitch designs are ideal if you want your little ones to take interest in the art. It’s a great Fox inspired design which is easy to make and will not consume lots of hours. The design .


This is a cute and useful pattern if you’re planning to gift a handmade cross stitch project to your dear one. The colorful and easy to read letters will surely bring a smile on the face of your loved ones.



If you’re looking for a small and unique cross stitch pattern which will need very less time and will also be presentable then check this apple-shaped cross stitch pattern. The small design is easy to do and will be a great project for kids too.

Stamped Cross Stitch Patterns:


This stamped cross stitch pattern looks perfect over the baby quilt. The beautiful picture depicts the birth of Jesus Christ . The design is a great choice for children and babies. Children will love this design and it will be a great way to take them close to the Lord.


This stamped cross stitch quilt design looks fun and is quite colorful. It’s perfect for the little members of your family and has cute animals and birds stamped over it. The colors vary from sober colors to bright ones and the mint green border looks pretty.


Fun and colorful cross stitch patterns are always in demand and this fun rooster design will surely be loved by all. Lots of colors are used for this design making it ideal for a long stitching session. It will be a great ‘Welcome’ gift for your family member or a neighbour.


Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns


If you love Halloween and want to celebrate this special day by doing something special make this easy and simple count Dracula trick or treat cross stitch pattern. It will surely be a perfect gift on Halloween and can be used as a craft for your kids too.


These famous lines from the Epic Macbeth by Shakespeare has ben an inspiration for many Halloween crafts, projects and decorations but this cross stitch pattern with the Famous lines ‘Double, double toil and trouble ;  Fire burn and cauldron bubble.’ are also done using cross stitch. The witch design and cauldron design looks realistic here.

Disney Cross Stitch Patterns




Mickey mouse and Minnie have been one of the most known animated character . The cute mouse dressed as Minnie looks beautiful and can be the perfect inspiration for the little one in your family. If you are planning to make something for the little girl in your family choose this pattern and see a bright smile on her face. You can also use this pattern to engage your kids in an easy and exciting craft.


pooh has also been well known among children as well as elders too for his Love for Honey. If you would like to make something sweet for the little member in your family or are looking for a perfect pattern to engage your little ones in craft then choose this one. It’s comparatively easy to recreate.

cross stitch stocking patterns

Christmas season calls for celebration and if you want to engage your kids into christmas activities and crafts let them make a very cool and easy Cross stitch Christmas stocking.


If you want to surprise dad and want to make him feel special on Christmas make this lovely christmas stocking. Choose a theme representing Christmas like shown here. The Christmas tree is present with children and a father figure.


This one requires quite a bit of practice and will require lots of help from the elders for Kids. There are som any different designs for this Stocking cross stitch pattern . But once complete it will be a really pretty design and will surely be a prized part of Christmas.

We hope you liked our collection of Cross Stitch Patterns . Do share with us which ones were your favorites and let us now if you use any of them.