Christmas Break up party

Christmas-barbecueYesterday was theChristmas  Break up party of my friend’s company. They Called me day before yesterday for party and informed it will start at 1:00 PM. As normal I have started from my home at 1:00 pm as I was sure that by that time they start it will be 3:00 pm. That is normal Indian ways of time keeping. And on the way I had to post some Christmas Cards  My be only sri lankans only can beat India in that record. Because recently another sri lankan family called me for their 40th birthday party at 6:30 pm. Since I thought they are time keeping people (I never went for a Sri Lankan Party), I reacehed there exactly at 6:30 pm. Nobody was there except the host family. By 7:30 people started coming by one by one. Then I asked one of the guest what time they invited you , as I thought I was confused, and he replied me at 6:30pm. but normally the party will start only by 9:30pm. Hmm Indians are running late by 2:00 hours and sri lankans are by 3:00 hours.

Christmas Party

Anyway when I reached there the boys were started preparing the barbecue . We just exchanged the Christmas Greetings  each other. one of the friend who is one the director was missing and he was not attending the phone also. People are started calling him, and others got subject to talk about. any way by 2:00 pm he started attending phone and informed us he is on the way and will reach in 10 minutes. Any way 10 minutes passed, 30 minutes passed and finally at 3:00 pm he arrived.

We all started sausages  and chicken barbecue. The chicken was excellent. Lamp and beef was also there. Then people started dancing with song and some people were already drunk and telling stories. Usually I was also one of them. But I have stopped public drinking in an effort to stop the alcohol I did stop at 2 light beer. Not only that each and every corner police is there with booze bus. if they catch you have the risk of losing licence and without license and car you can not do anything in Australia. So it is better not to drink. Drinking penalty  goes like 10 points out of 12 points for .05 to 0.07 and from .07 onwards you will loose your license for minimum of 6 months