Here you can find a good collection of Famous Christmas Poems as well as Christmas cards with Christmas poems. Christmas is one of the most important holidays for Mankind. People give so much important to this day as it is the day when the savior Jesus Christ was born. This day is also the day when people have fun, party with coworkers and friends and get together with their family and loved ones. This is the time for sharing gifts, greetings and love. Here you can find a collection of Christmas poems that will spread Christmas cheers with kids and preschoolers

christian Christmas poems

christian christmas poems

Christmas is…

Christmas is not about gifts and toys
It’s the time when people rejoice
Christmas is not about food and drinks
It’s not about this world as everybody thinks.

Christmas is about everlasting love
It’s thanking the Lord for what we all have
Christmas is about sharing and family
It’s about Christ who love us fully.

christmas poems for children

christmas poems for children

Christmas At Home

Jingles here, jingles there
Carols are sung everywhere
Exchanging gifts here and there
Christmas is in the air!

Mistletoes and stockings in place
Giggles around the warm fireplace
Gifts wrapped under the Christmas tree
Hurray! New toys and clothes for me!

Winter skates and fun sleigh rides
I love my mom’s sweet delights
Snowflakes rest in the window panes
oh, I love those candy canes!

Laughters here, laughters there
It’s my favorite season of the year
Christmas with sister, Dad and mom
Christmas at home is always fun!

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Christmas Poems for Kids

Let your kids know the true meaning of Christmas with these children’s Christmas poems. Let them enjoy the season of giving and sharing with this fun and good Christmas poems for preschoolers. We also include some Christmas family poems for you and the whole family to enjoy.

Christmas Poems for Kids

My Christmas List

Dear Santa, here’s my Christmas list
I hope you’ll spare some time to read this
I do not wish for stuffs or toys for my own
I just want those vagabond children to be warm in their homes.

Dear Santa, I hope you’ll see
It’s not the toy cars that will make me happy
I hate to see starving children out in the streets
Will give you them food especially on Christmas Eve?

Dear Santa, I’m writing this to let you know
My dad and mom will buy me new clothes soon though
So if you’ve been thinking to give me my favorite Garfield T-shirt
Just give my portion those who need it the most.

Dear Santa, I’ve been wanting a bicycle for my chums have their own
But I realize there are still much urgent needs I have foreknown
I just want the children in the whole world to be filled with glee
With their happy families gathering around the Christmas tree.

Dear Santa, you know I have been good throughout this year
You can ask my mom or dad or my brother and sister
This Christmas, I won’t be hanging a sock so you can just pass by me
My last wish is for you to make this world a happy place to be.


Writing and reading Christmas poems is one of the best ways to spend the holiday especially for kids. In the place where I reside, kids who are going to school usually write or find poems about Christmas as part of their holiday activities. Now, if you are looking for some good Christmas poems for kids, you’re in the right place. Here we have collection of best Christmas poems. We included some Christian Christmas poems which having religious verses and wording. We also have short Christmas poems which you can write in a Christmas card. I hope you enjoy these simple Christmas poems for children, cards and even for gift tags.

Christmas poems That Rhyme

Looking for Christmas Card with Christmas Poem. Look at below

Christmas poems That Rhyme


It’s another Christmas Eve
Another year it is, it’s hard to believe
Tonight we’re going to celebrate
It’s the time of the year that we await.

Christ was born in a manger
Today, He’s King and no stranger
Tonight we’re going to celebrate
It’s the time of the year that we await.

Merry Christmas Poems

Merry Christmas Poems

Christmas Joy

The sound of bells is a joy
All a child wants is a toy
It’s the time for family gathering
At eve we’ll have some merry-making.

The Christmas tree is sparkling
With lights and stars hanging
Gifts for you and me are wrapped
Oh, how nice it is to still be up.

Thank you Jesus for your birth
This day is celebrated all over the earth
You are our savior and our King
Today it’s Christmas joy we sing.

Funny Christmas Poems for Kids

unny Christmas Poems for Kids

Christmas poems for cards

Hate reading all those bunch of words? I can relate to you especially if you’re looking for Christmas poems for cards. These short Christmas poems are perfect for any holiday card and can serve as card verses. We add some humor in some of these Christmas short poems so that you can make your greetings light and simple. For those who are looking for short christmas poems for kids, the following pieces may be your poems for cards

Oh! Christmas

Oh! Christmas has come
I couldn’t wait to see
All the sparking colors
And the gifts below the Christmas tree

Oh it’s Christmas! I really could tell
I wrapped several gifts to share
I put some stockings near the fireplace
So Santa will fill it when he reaches my place.

Oh! Christmas is the best time of the year
It’s filled with fun, laughter and good cheers
So I wish the whole world a merry Christmas
May overwhelming joy fill our hearts.

Modern Christmas Poems

Modern Christmas Poems

The Carols

Christmas is finally here
The sound of the carols fill the cold air
Singing joyfully those Christmas songs
And the hearers can merrily sing along.

Every note, every line
Digs into my heart so divine
Angelic voices resounding in the night
Along with the guitar strummed in delight.

The Carols shift from hymns to jives
Sounding glorious as the melody thrives
Filled with awe as I harden quietly
The night is cold but peace overwhelms me.

Religious Christmas Poems

Religious Christmas Poems

When you say religious Christmas poems, the first thing to come to mind are those Christmas poems about Jesus. Yes, most of the Christian Christmas poems are talking about the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our savior and how we will celebrate the christmas according to His will. For those who want to teach their kids the true meaning of Christmas, here are some christian Christmas poems for children that you may share to them.

Christmas Colors

I see the city at its most dazzling
When the lights are on that are eye-popping
Christmas colors come into view
Like red, green, yellow and blue

Red means love shared with everyone
Bitter discords are finally gone
Painting the town red at its full swing
What a wonderful joy this season brings.

Yellow works best when paired to other colors
Yellow brings warmth in people’s embraces
Sparkling gold can be seen everywhere
In tinsels, candles, and Christmas stars that glare.

Some feels blue when they miss someone
Some dream for a white Christmas as stated in the song
Green is the color of nature and fertility
Embedded in the mistletoes and Christmas trees

Whatever meanings these colors may tell
We still look back to the First Noel
It’s the reason why we have this merry-making
That night was the birth of our Savior King.



If I am…

If I am a king, my crown I will give to Him
If I am caroler, I’ll sing to Him the best Hymns
If I am a shepherd the best lamb I’ll bring
If I am an angel, I’d give him my wings.

If I am the wise man, I’d give my wealth away
If I am a soldier, I’ll die for Him all the way
But I’m just a poor little boy with nothing much to give
But to offer my little hands and little feet.

To glorify the one in the manger was born
The hope and light of this mixed up world
I give my heart to the one who was born to die
And brings freedom to whole mankind.

I am just a little boy today
I’ll do bigger things for Him one day
I’d give my life, my all, to the One who calls me
Jesus Christ was born to set me free.
And this is what Christmas means to me.

Cute Christmas Poems for Friends

Friends are special to us. Aside from Friendship Day, Christmas is also one of the best times to let them know how special they are to us. We will be able to do that by writing them some good Christmas poems for friends that will express how much you value your friendship. Here are some samples of inspirational Christmas poems that you can share to your friends.


My White Christmas

The streets are filled with festive lights
Crowded with people rushing for tonight
Finally, it’s Christmas and you’re not here
Oh! How I miss our good old times there

I sit alone and watch the snowflakes fall
It never snows there when December calls
The frostiness slowly consumes me
This is the loneliest Christmas it could ever be.

Christmas tree and Christmas decors fill my home
But it’s still empty for I am still alone
As I stare at the pavements filled with snow
Our laughter’s back then echoes as I sit by my window.

I dreamed of a White Christmas when I was young
But I never thought it could never be full of fun
My dream of a white Christmas finally came true
But I can’t help but feel so cold and blue.

So I’ll dream again to be there with all of you
A perfect Christmas is spent at home with all of you.
For you are there together exchanging gifts here and there
While I sleep alone early on Christmas Eve here.

Christmas Poems For Family


Christmas Then and Now

Back when I was a kid
I just longed for all those treats
New toys and new stuffs for me
All those gifts from mommy and daddy.

All I wanted were those goodies
Yearned for the food set during Christmas eves
Never understood what Christmas really meant
All I knew that it was always a time well spent.

Years have passed and I’ve grown a little older
I realized Christmas isn’t just on December
But every day we should spread tender cares
Resonating the love that God has shared

Christmas then was full of fun
but Christmas now has doubled the fun
When we learn to give than just receive
This world will always become a better place to live.

Funny Christmas Poems


If you are one of those comic people, you may want to read some humorous Christmas poems this holiday. Some of the funny Christmas poems can be offending if you are not careful and sensitive. Since I want to keep our Christmas poems as light as possible, here are some Christmas funny quotes that have some hint of humor on them. They can also be used as Christmas poems for cards.

Be Merry on Christmas but..

Be merry on Christmas day
Eat what you want all day
But when January comes it won’t be like that
You’ll find it hard to burn all those belly fats.

Be merry on Christmas Eve
Drink until you drop as the dawn peeps
But after that don’t you sing the blues
When is Christmas is over, you’ll have hangover.

Be merry on Christmas day
Shop all you can for treats on holiday
But be wise in spending you may overdo it
When Christmas is over you might have a long debt list.

Christmas Poems for Preschool


The Whys of Christmas

Why is Santa’s beard so long
Too busy to shave or just part of his fashion?
Why does he laugh “Ho-ho-ho” and not “Ha-ha-ha?”
Please tell me why can his reindeers fly?

Why is Rudolph’s nose red and not white or yellow?
It would’ve been brighter when it starts to glow
Why do people kiss under mistletoes?
Why are Christmas trees shaped like cones too?

I still have one query left to ask
Why do I even love Christmas?
The joyous spirit this season conveys
Love is shared in big and little ways.


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