christmas-cookiesYou suddenly wake up, startled. You lay still with your eyes wide open for a few seconds, trying to listen in. You think you heard a faint noise of movement, so you get up and quietly sneak out of the room with your curiosity taking over you. Downstairs is where you have put your Christmas cookies and downstairs is where you see…

Christmas is just around the corner. Again, we look forward to the merriest holiday of the year, the time when we exchange gifts, sing carols and hold feasts. Everyone’s preparing in every way—many have hung their Christmas decorations and put up their Christmas trees, some may have already planned the Christmas party of all time and for sure a lot are already ready for the Christmas cooking.

Festivities are not complete without food and meals in festivities are not complete without desserts. You might say that Christmas is never complete without Christmas cookies. Either these are for Santa or for that little kid who cannot wait until Christmas so he can eat the cookies, these Christmas cookie recipe ideas are highly suggested! Here, we have collected some of the best Christmas cookie recipes that you can try this holiday. We also include some easy Christmas cookie recipe for you to get the yummy treats without much of a hassle.

Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes


Easy Reindeer Cookies. We’re not running out of reindeer cookie ideas, aren’t we? These star Rudolph again (but also try other reindeers so they won’t get jealous) and are made with Nutter-Butter cookies that can be bought ready and of course topped with pretzel twists and candy!


M&M Cookies. M&M lovers, this is your cookie. This is how M&M lovers celebrate Christmas, cookies bursting red and green M&M’s! These are simple chocolate-chip cookies—minus the chocolate chips, plus M&M’s. With these you’ll surely have an M&Merry Christmas!


Starry-eyed Christmas Cookies. Now this one looks unique and one-of-a-kind! But guess what, their easy to make! You just need star-shaped pretzels, some chocolate kisses and a bunch of candies. Wow, these really look good.


Thumbprint Cookies de Pascua. No, these cookies don’t have thumbprint designs on them. Rather, these easy-to-do cookies are made by pressing the dough with a thumb and filling the space made by yummy chocolate and candy topping! Adorable cookies for Christmas!

No-Bake Christmas Cookie Recipe Ideas


Easy Mallow Cookies. Want to have some delights this Christmas without the need to bake? This is just perfect for those who can’t bake or simply don’t want to bake. All you need is some cookies, malloww and cherries to top up the dessert. This is one of the easiest Christmas cookie recipes that you and your family would enjoy!


No-bake Spruce Cookies. This is the prettiest Christmas tree cookie ever! Can you even believe that these are made of cornflakes, candies and marshmallows, and you don’t even have to use the oven? This easy Christmas cookie recipe ideas are perfect for those who are not very good at baking – like me. 🙂

Cute Christmas Cookie Recipe Ideas


Snowman Sugar Cookies. This is another version of the snowman cookies mentioned above, only you can give them a very nice scarf with colorful sour tapes. Don’t forget to give those snowmen colorful M&M’s buttons and a nice, warm smile.


Frosted Reindeer Cookies. Who can refuse these sugar cookies with frosting and pretzel twists? Maybe Santa Claus will bake these for their reindeers, hmmm… The sweetness and yumminess of the frosting as well as the pretzel will surely make this a great dessert this holiday season.

Creative Christmas Cookie Recipes


Elf Hat Cookies. Maybe Santa’s elves will drop by and give you extra treats these Christmas in exchange for these, don’t you think? Or maybe Santa will bake these as a reward surprise to them?

Best Christmas Cookie Recipes Ideas


Gingersnap Cookies. Nothing beats these gingersnap cookies decorated with snowy-white frosting and a simple, teeny-tiny holly. Perfect for gifts these Christmas!


Galletas Petit écolier Navideñas. What a fancy-sounding name, right? Based from research, “petit écolier” are cookies from France (thanks, Google). Anyway, you don’t have to go all the way to France for these yummy cookies for Christmas! All you need are some molds and a creative touch (and of course, the recipe), and you’re all set!

Christmas Cookie Recipes for Kids


Double Chocolate Peppermint Christmas Cookies. Another idea for your Christmas cookies: Make them minty! Peppermint lovers will surely love these Christmas-colored cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with crushed peppermint candy.


Rudolph Cookies. Why not go for the peanut buttery version of our reindeer cookies? Plus, add one glowing red nose to that…for sure, your cookies will go down in history!

Christmas Cookie Recipes with Pictures


Snowball Trees. A song says “Rocking around the Christmas tree…”, but you’ll need to roll out dough to make these Christmas tree cookies! Do you know anything much easier to make than these? Have a rock ‘n’ rolling Christmas!


Snowman Cookies. Sugar cookies are a staple during Christmas season. All you need to do is to make and roll out some dough, cut them into shapes using a cookie cutter, bake and decorate. If you want a snowman that does not melt and would last long, these snowman cookies are the best for you! These homemade Christmas cookie recipes are perfect if you wish to give your friends or a family a homemade treats this Christmas.

Homemade Christmas Cookie Recipes


Roly-Poly Santa Cookies. These cookies shaped like jolly old Santa are so cute and adorable! They’re made by rolling out dough and putting parts together to make Santa’s fluffy body. Only, these adorable cuteness will make you think twice before eating these because they’re so oh cute!


Christmas Tree Cookies. Impress your guests this Christmas with these 3D fancy cookies! This will put your creativity and icing skills to the test!

Image: CaroleKnits
Image: CaroleKnits

Cherry Chocolate Kisses. A little chocolate and some pink won’t go wrong this Christmas. If you love chocolate and cherries and you can’t pick one, then these cookies are right for you! These are really mouth-watering by just looking at it.

Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipes


Fancy Sugar Cookies. This is Christmas cookie decoration to the next level. What a brilliant it is to include your plates in the presentation, right? Classic Christmas red-and-white frosted cookies with a fancy twist. For sure, Santa will love these.

Good Christmas Cookie Recipe


Snowflake Cookies. Oreo lovers are going to love these cookies. They’re very fun and easy to make. You just need Oreos and a little skill with icing!


Spicy Gingerbread Cookies. For those who want to be a little extraordinary this Christmas, why not add a little kick to your Christmas cookies? Surprise your guests with these—for sure they’ll admire the beautiful shapes. They’ll find themselves more surprised with the ordinary taste! Heartwarming, isn’t it?

Gingerbread Christmas Cookie Recipes


Gingerbread Christmas Cookie Wreath. You like to combine food and decoration into one—then there’s no mistake telling you that you’ll like this gingerbread cookie wreath! You can test your skills on Christmas decorating with these. Just make sure that they won’t be eaten instantly if you’re gonna use this as decoration.


Gingerbread Men Cookies. *sigh* Another Christmas classic, the poor gingerbread man who did know the Muffin Man in Shrek 2. Poor guy, he sacrificed one leg because of the experience and now, he’ll live his life incomplete. But your Christmas won’t be incomplete without him, right?

Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipes


Healthy Sugar CookiesChristmas is a time where people seems to enjoy all the best things in life especially when it comes to food. But you may want to keep your dessert healthy by going for healthy Christmas cookie recipes. This one, aside from its yummy appearance, contain healthy ingredients. This is also a vegan recipe which surely will excite any vegetarian’s intestine.


Raw Christmas Cookies. Yes, you don’t have to bake to have a Christmas cookie this year. Why would you if you can have it raw? Aside from its sumptuous taste, this is also a delight in any dinner table this holiday.

Christmas Bar Cookie Recipes


Christmas Bar CookieHow about this sweet and yummy Christmas bar cookie this holiday? It is easy to make as long as the recipe is followed. Try some bar cookies this year. The recipe for this cookie is given above.

And there you have it! I hope that these easy Christmas cookie recipes ideas will give you some delights this Christmas 2013. Have fun baking and make sure to let your kids join you as you bake these yummy and sweet Christmas cookies.

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