new-year-gift-ideasWondering what gift to give your mother, sister or girlfriend for theNew Year ? Well, you are just in luck! I am here to solve the age-old problem of the perfect New Year gift for women. But before we get to that, let me discuss a little bit about our ill-fated predicament as men.

Unlike most men, women give so much emphasis on what gifts are given to them, placing profound meanings to each one. Some women also tend to obsess over the little details, most especially when it comes to gifts from important men in their lives. The presence or lack of these little details marks the fine line between knowing if the gift is thoughtful or thoughtless.

Now for the gist of this article, here are some great ideas for New Year gifts that you could give to the women of your life. I hope this helps, my friend!

 New Year Gifts for Her

 Cook for Her

husband-cookFor your mother or wife, why not let her enjoy the day off, carrying out all the household chores. While you are at it, cook supper for her, incorporating all of her favorite things. This will be much appreciated even though cooking isn’t your cup of tea.

 CD/DVD collection of her favorite song or artist

For your girlfriend, compile a list of her favorite love songs and burn it on a CD or DVD. For added zest, you could even record a song for her while playing the guitar, that’s if you have the talent for it. Make sure to place this self-recorded song as the very first track so she could notice it right away. REMEMBER: The little details count!


If the recipient reads a lot, you could procure her a book that she has been aching to buy. Just make sure she doesn’t have a copy yet, when you do. You could write a special greeting on the first page of the book so that she is reminded of you every time she reads it.

 Chocolates and Flowers

You can never go wrong with chocolates and flowers. Alas, some women think these gifts have become too cliché and this is where you’re creativity and imagination should kick in to make your gifts unique and apart from the ordinary. One idea could be to give her favorite flower instead of the usual rose.


 Candlelight Dinner

If you are living in the city, a late night picnic on the rooftop of your apartment is a surefire way to getting on your girl’s good side.


 Homemade New Year Cards

Another New Year gift that is good to be given out to your special girl is personalizedNew Year greetings . Express your feelings through the message you can write inside your New Year card and greet her a “Happy Holidays!”