It’s your husband’s birthday and yet you are still out of words to express your sweetest and most loving birthday wishes for him? Well, I’m here to help you find the perfect birthday messages for your husband. It doesn’t have to be long or cheesy. It just has to true and come from the bottom of your heart. Here are some samples of birthday wishes for husband that you might wanna use.


Happy Birthday Messages for Husband

You’ve been nothing but a great husband. Happy birthday!

Your wife is really a lucky woman. Every single day, you prove that. Happy birthday!

I’ll admit, sometimes I envy your life of being a husband. You make it look so easy. Happy birthday!

I don’t know if it’s a talent to be a good husband but I’m pretty sure that you do it so well. Happy birthday!

Your wife is always happy and proud when she talks about you. She never stops when she starts! I’ll take that as evidence of how well you do that. Keep it up! Happy birthday!

If I could ask you, how do you do such a great job of being a husband? You’re quite great at it. Happy birthday!

People know that it’s not easy being a husband. People also know that you’re doing pretty well at it. You’re that awesome. Happy birthday!

Every time I see you and your wife at church, I always seem to feel that you’re wife is quite thankful for a husband like you. Strong, wise, loyal and hard working. Geeeez, how do you make it look so easy to do? Happy birthday!

To the coolest husband in the world; Happy birthday!

You are an inspiration for the other husbands in the world. Happy birthday!


Romantic Birthday Messages for Husband


There is not a day that I regret marrying you. Happy birthday honey.

I never thought that the married life would be so much better than being by myself. Thank you darling. Happy birthday.

Even if I could go back in time, I’d still marry you. It’s one of the things that I don’t regret doing. Happy birthday.

To the dearest love of my life, Happy birthday. I will always be here to greet you with that.

We make such a great team. Through all the thick and thin, the cold nights and quiet evenings, through anything that the sun would bring, we stick it out together. Happy birthday my love.

On your birthday, I just want t remind you that you’re loved. You mean so much to me. Happy Birthday, darling!

Happy birthday to my best friend, number 1 fan, a great provider and wonderful husband rolled into one.

You’re the greatest gift that God gave to me. I will always be thankful that I found you and you became my husband. Happy Birthday, my love!


Birthday Messages for Husband from Wife


Marrying you was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Happy birthday.

If you ever wake up in the morning and you won’t find me beside you, don’t worry. I’d be already up and preparing breakfast for us. Your happiness is also my happiness. Happy birthday.

I love you even if it’s not your birthday. I love you even if you’re angry or sad or full of joy. I love you even if you feel sick and tired or excited. I love you any time of the day. I love you so much that I even married you. Happy birthday.

The sun will rarely see the moon but I assure you, no matter the time, date or place, you will always see me right beside you. Happy birthday.

You’re God greatest gift to me. I will cherish you for all time. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to the guy who made my life complete and filled with laughter – my husband.

You’re like a chocolate – sweet, yummy and very comforting. Happy Birthday, my sweetest husband!

Birthday Messages for Husband and A Father


To the greatest dad and husband in the whole universe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You’ve been nothing but the most hardworking father, ever-faithful husband and a generous provider at home. Happy birthday.

It’s not hard to see how mom is so happy every time she’s with you. It makes us feel so blessed to have you as the man as our father and mom’s husband. Happy birthday pop.

Whenever advice is needed, you and mom are always the best counsel. I don’t even know where I’d be right now if you guys didn’t take care of us. Happy birthday!

You deserve nothing but all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday dad! From mom and the kids.


There! See? Your husband birthday wishes doesn’t have to corny and cheesy. As long as you mean it, you’re good to go. Be sure to give him your most romantic birthday messages in a very loving way, e.i. while having a candlelit dinner, or having a private time together. You may also surprise him with the gift that he long wants, then write your birthday greetings in a birthday card.

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