Friends are like family, not by blood, but by bond. They are not easy to find, especially the true ones. They are people for keeps. Just like in a family, arguments and fights is inevitable. But what makes the friendship special and extraordinary is its capacity to resolve those fights and develop stronger bond. Simply put, friends are treasure in life.

Since friends are a special gift given to us, we want to make sure that they deserve to be special on their big day. Be sure to send them a card or gift that letting them know how special they are for you. If you’re looking for some samples of birthday wishes that you could send for your special friends, casual friends or best friends, you’ve come at the right place. Below are some samples of birthday messages for friends that you can use.

Happy Birthday Wishes for A Friend


I know I’m lucky to have you as my friend. Happy birthday!

It’s rare to find people with the same mental conditions I have. I’m glad I’ve found you. Happy birthday!

Friends are the ones who’d help you when you need them. True friends are the ones who’d first joke about your situation before helping you. You’re a true friend. Happy birthday!

We used to talk over chocolate drinks back in elementary. Now we’re talking over beer and tonight, we’ll celebrate with all the beer since it’s your birthday. Oh yeah! Happy birthday!

Dear friend, you are a complete ass. And, I still love you as whoever you are. Happy birthday! Drinks on you!

From high school until your first child’s baptism, we kept it tight. Friends for life! Happy birthday!

Though we don’t keep in touch that much, you know I’m still here as your friend. Happy birthday!

Gone are the days where we’d chase after girls or try to skip school. But some things never changed through out the years. Like the fact that we’re still friends and that I still know when you’re birthday is. Happy birthday!

I love your mom’s spaghetti and meatballs every time it’s your birthday. I know she’ll be cooking it again because today’s your birthday and you can bet I’ll be there. With a couple packs of beer of course. Happy birthday!

You’re too old for a cake but you’re never to old for a greeting. Happy birthday buddy!

Birthday Wishes and Messages for Best Friend


No matter what changes life may bring, you’ll always have a best friend right here. Happy birthday!

Seasons come and go, so does girlfriends and college friends. But best friends like you and me that certainly stick around for a long time. Happy birthday!

We’ve been best friends since diapers and even having our own families didn’t even made that falter. So here’s a cheer to my best friend, happy birthday man!

Dude, remember the time when we went to the beach to hang around and look at all the babes that were wearing bikinis? It’s not that clear anymore. Well, it doesn’t matter anyways. What matters is that I had the best of times with my best bud. Happy birthday!

I don’t how things would be like when we’re old. I do know that we’d still be drinking and talking about our lives and the times. Haha! Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Special Friend


I don’t know what to call you except that you’re a special friend. And I know that today is your special day. Happy birthday! Have a good one.

You are a special friend and today is your special day so I’m going to do my best to make it a special time starting with this special greeting; Happy special birthday!

I’ll take this opportunity to admit something that couldn’t be too obvious; you are a special friend for me and Happy birthday.

Indeed, you are one of a kind. For me, you are special. Here’s a special greeting to start your special day. Happy birthday!

I don’t think using different words can express just how you are so special for me. Well, you are special. Happy birthday.

As my special friend, I have an earnest wish for you. May all your wishes and dreams come true. You deserve nothing but the best. Have a happy, happy birthday!

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Friend


No matter what the world says that you CAN’T do for whatever reason, if you believe with your whole heart, you CAN do it. Happy birthday!

If everyone thinks that you are bound to fail, you have a friend who thinks otherwise. You can do it! Happy birthday!

YOU ARE AWESOME just how you are. Happy birthday!

Never doubt yourself. You have what it takes to make your dreams happen. Happy birthday!

All you need to start working on your dreams is a decision and hard work. Happy birthday!

You’re there to support, to listen, to respect, to appreciate, to make me happy and stay with me through thick and thin. The least that I can do for you is to wish you to have the most wonderful birthday ever! Happy Birthday, my friend!


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