birthday-wishes-for-wifeMelt your wife’s heart on her birthday. Try these romantic birthday wishes for wife that are written for the sole purpose of sweeping your wife’s feet and make her fall for you once again. Birthday is a perfect opportunity for husbands to rekindle the loving feeling between you and your wife. As a husband, you have to make sure that on her birthday, you’ll treat her with extra care, extra love and extra appreciation.

But if you are someone who is not good with words, let me help you. Here are some samples of birthday messages for wife that you can tell her on her big day. You may also choose the best birthday card messages for wife if you’re giving her a card, along with your birthday present. Keep your wife birthday greetings sweet and romantic. But if you want some humor, you may try funny birthday wishes for wife too.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife


It’s been many, many years since you said I do in our wedding. I wouldn’t mind saying I do to you for forever. Happy birthday.

I always thought that life would be more fun by myself but fortunately, I got married to you and that made life a lot more exciting. Happy birthday.

There are only a few, rare things that are important in my life. One is my passion, two is my dreams and three is our marriage. Happy birthday.

I could never imagine how I was able to live life without you as my wife. Happy birthday.

Gone are the days where I’d just spend my nights drinking with my friends or going away by myself in the weekends because I’ve discovered that life is so much better in marriage than being a bachelor. Happy birthday.

My life was all right for so many years. After the day of our marriage, life was even better. A whole lot better. Happy birthday.

I can watch you all night before we sleep and I don’t really mind waking up next to you. Being your husband has been the greatest decision I have made in my life. Happy birthday.


When I saw you for the first time, I knew you be the last. And lo and behold, we got married and the rest is history. Happy birthday.

Being married to you has taught me many, many things. The biggest of which is; no matter the day or the time or the place, no matter how rainy or sunny or easy or difficult, life is better being married to you. Happy birthday darling.

They say that marriage is one of the scariest things to commit to. They were right. And, I have no regrets being married to you. Happy birthday.

I don’t like how you snore or how your fart can stink so badly. I don’t like how you would just wake up with scruffy hair or bad breath. I don’t like how you would scratch your underarm while we’re watching TV. I don’t like a lot of thing but I don’t mind because these are the things that make you perfect for me. I love you. Happy birthday.

Whenever I miss you so bad, I look at the ring on my finger. I remember and rejoice at the thought that I have a wife who misses me too and it’s comforting that in my life is my wife, is you. Happy birthday.

I may have a lot of regrets in my life but do know that being your husband has been one of the greatest honors that I have. Happy birthday.

I won’t mind if all your hair turns to gray and your smooth skin would start counting wrinkles. I don’t mind if we’d be walking slower and slower in the years to come. I won’t mind as long as I’m doing it all with my wife. Happy birthday honey.


As I rule my life as my own king, you have ruled my heart as my queen, as my wife. Happy birthday.

My favorite dish has never been the same because of how you cook them. Whenever people would ask me what’s my favorite food, I only tell them; whatever my wife cooks. Happy birthday.

From the happiest husband in the world to the loveliest wife, happy birthday.

I can’t imagine a life without my home cooked meals.
I can’t imagine a life without sleeping beside my companion every night.
I can’t imagine a life without being asked to buy some groceries by my chef.
I can’t imagine a life without my wife.
I can’t imagine a life without you.
Happy birthday and I hope I can always imagine that we’ll spend it together.

I can really say that I was lucky enough to be alive and one of the most pleasurable things that could attest to that is being your husband. Happy birthday darling.

This life would never be enough to show all my love for you. I want you to know that you will always be the only woman in life since the day of our marriage until forever may not exist anymore. I love you. Happy birthday.


There isn’t much to say when I’m asked how’s my married life. The only thing that can easily encapsulate my experience as your husband is; I’m lucky to have my wife. Happy birthday.

The married life is not for everybody. It’s not easy and it will never be easy. I’m just fortunate that you became my wife and that’s what makes our marriage worth all the trouble. Happy birthday.

To my forever partner in crime, my confidante, my best friend, my chef, the mother of my children, my sleeping buddy, my personal nurse, my sexy love, my equal, my housemate; my wife. My everything. Happy birthday.

Every year, I wish you for more birthdays to come whenever it’s your birthday. This time, I’ll wish for the same thing. Because your happiness is of mine and I wish nothing but the best and happiest days with you as my wife. Happy birthday.

That’s it! I wish that these samples of birthday messages and greetings for wife help you come up with perfect wordings to make her fall for you once again on her birthday. It is advisable to partner these sweet birthday greetings for your wife with something special like presents or card.

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