birthday-wishes-for-brotherIf you are searching for the best and most beautiful birthday wishes for your brother, no need to blog hop anymore as here we will provide you the best collection of brother birthday messages that you’ll surely want to put on your greetings. We divided our birthday messages for brother into different category so could choose the best one suitable for your beloved brother.

Of course, you want to best and the perfect wording for your brother as he celebrates his birthday. This time, you will be able to express your feelings into words, especially if you’re one of those who aren’t very talented at expressing their feelings. Showy or not, your brother’s birthday is one good chance to let him know that despite everything, you’ll love him and be with his side. Enjoy this collection of brother birthday wishes just for you.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother


Dear Brother,
No matter how much I hate you,
I will always love you.
Happy birthday!

We could never be too different and we could never be the same too much.
I’m still me and you’re still you and forever you will be my brother.
Happy birthday.

There were so many sad and unfortunate things that happened in my life
but there were also so many great and happy memories that came along with it.
No matter how the days went, you were always there as my brother.
Happy birthday brother!

I could never choose and I never would to have anyone
as my brother except you.
Happy birthday brother dear.

I was always the loud one while you were always the quiet one.
I was always the crazy one while you were always the wise one.
I was always the cruel one while you were always the good one.
I was always proud and you were always humble.
But, no matter our differences,
you will always be close to my heart as my brother.
Happy Birthday, Bro!

I wouldn’t never change the fact that my adviser,
my partner in crime and my most loyal friend is actually my brother.
Happy birthday!

If I were to choose between girlfriends or you,
I would definitely choose you
because I’m more than lucky to have you as my brother
that no girlfriend could ever match.
Happy birthday!


When I failed in school, you were there.
When I failed in my relationships, you were there.
When I was removed from my job, you were there.
When I got married, you were there.
No matter the occasion, no matter the time,
you were always there for me.
Truly, you are a great brother.
Thank you.
Happy birthday!

When you were born, I hated you so much
because all the attention was on you.
It wasn’t until we grew up together
that I found myself fortunate enough to call you brother.
So this one’s for you and your day, cheers!
Happy birthday.

There was never a time that you never arrived when I called for you.
So let be this card tell you that I am here for you no matter what.
Brothers forever.
Happy birthday!

You have the most beautiful of hearts
and the wisest of minds and it is my honor to have you as my brother.
Happy birthday!

No matter how heated our argument is,
we would always patch it up before the end of any day.
I guess it’s just how we do as brothers.
Happy birthday.

If there’s anything that I would really shout to the world, it would be;
“I have the greatest brother in the world!”
Happy birthday!

You would always mess up my toys and I would always spit on your juice.
You would always kick my butt and I would always pull your hair.
You would always scream when I’m asleep
and I would always pull your blanket from you.
No matter how hard we fought each other,
we both knew that we’d protect each other from the world.
I’m glad that you are my brother and I know you are too.
Happy birthday!

There was never a time that I was never proud to call you brother.
Happy birthday!


On this day, at this time, it is your obligation to celebrate today with a bang
and I would feel bad if you don’t because I’ve always wanted you to be happy
and that’s what you’ve always done for me.
Do your thing dear brother and make the world see why you are celebrating today.
Happy birthday brother!

Our history as brothers can only prove one thing;
we’re the best team ever.
Happy birthday!

I could never hate you enough to not call you as my brother.
I love you.
Happy birthday!

There was never a time that I was not proud
to share my blood with you.
Happy birthday to you brother.

Today I wish that you would have a great day
because you always made sure that I’m having a good day.
Thank you brother.
Happy birthday.

It will always be a good thing that you are my brother.
Happy birthday.

Mama and papa could never stop us when we teamed up;
we were indestructible because we knew we had each other’s back.
It’s been years since those days and yet it has never changed
that we will always have each other’s back.
Happy birthday!

No matter what you’re going through,
know that I will always be here you my dear brother.
Happy birthday!

If the world was the enemy, I will forever be your ally.
Through thick and thin, brothers forever!
Happy birthday!


You always made it a point to protect me,
let me promise you that I will always be here for you.
You will forever be my brother as I will forever be.
Happy birthday.

I just want to wish you all the best,
Best of luck, best of health, best of everything,
Because that’s what the best brother in the world deserves.
Happy Birthday!

We may argue, we may fight,
One thing is for sure,
You will always be my best brother.
Happy birthday!

I am so lucky to have a brother like you.
You’re not just the best, but you’re always my superhero.
Happy Birthday to my Super brother!

Happy birthday to the most wonderful
Most handsome, cutest, most brilliant brother in the world.
With that, I don’t have to give you gifts, right?
You’re the best! Happy Birthday!

You’re not just a brother to me,
You’re also a friend, which makes you a real treasure.
Happy Birthday!

Despite out fights and misunderstandings,
Know that you’re my favorite brother
And I love you.
Happy Birthday!

And there you have it! I hope you found the best birthday messages that you could use to wish your brother a happy birthday! Be sure to share this page to your friends so that they can also find the perfect words to say to their brother’s birthday! Feel free to share your own birthday wishes for brother on our comment section and we will surely add them to our post. Enjoy!

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