lakes-entranceLakes entrance is a popular tourist location in Victoria Australia. It is one of the best place to spend your holidays especially New year and Christmas. As per Australian Climate the summer months are November to February and you can enjoy the  lakes entrance  maximum  at these months.If you visit this location you will understand that this is the one of the best place to spend your new year and Christmas holidays. On New year we are sending lot of new year messages and Gifts. I think it will be great new year gift if you take your dears as new year gift to Lakes entrance


Lakes entrance is the one of the best place I have visited in Australia. In fact I have visited it twice.   The first time was with my friends. We had a old retired man of 72 years who was interested to come with us. He is one of the person who is having very young mind at the age of 72 and he is taken the responsibility to drive us from Melbourne to Lakes entrance 3.5 hours. I really appreciate his energy and enthusiasm at this age also. He has taken us through sale from where we had our lunch from sale We bought a 25 can beer slab and myself and Paul started drinking the beer from the start of journey from Sale. By the time we reached the Lakes entrance Myself and Paul finished all the beer and fully drunk and we both messed up the full night. We have lost the full night as we both fro just fallen sleep.

Next day we have gone for boating and fishing. It was great experience. Rented a boat and gone to the sea our self  for fishing. Any way fish did not like us and it did not come near to us and we could not catch even a baby snapper in our 4 hours of fishing.

Accommodation lakes entrance

Accommodation in lakes Entrance is very affordable and in my experience it is always available. But it is better to make sure you are getting one before going. If you are a group of youngsters then you can go and try for last minute holidays as you can always come back if it is not available.

Activities in Lakes Entrance

lakes-entrance-boatDo not forget to hire a boat and go for fishing. Boats are very easy to operate and you can learn in one minute. Fishing sticks and baits are available at local store for hiring and buying. You can always buy baits in local petrol stations

Food and Drinks

In Australia the best thing is that you never has to prepare food or carry food. Same applies to Lake entrance also. either visit local milk bar. Small restaurants are called Milk bar in Australia. When I went to my first interview after migration, I was little bit puzzled when the manger interviewed me told me that I can have my lunch at near by milk bar. (I was also puzzled when they told me “no worries” “not bad” etc). Other wise you can got to local McDonald or fish and chips shop.

Another way is go to supermarket coles or wool worth buy marinated chicken and sausages, bread, drinks and beer if you drink then go to local park of sea shore and you will find lot of barbecue in these areas. You can relax pass the time and have the lunch without spending much money

Happy Holdays