Pink is a very loved shade when it comes to colour choices of many Women, out there. I guess, this is because a certain element of softness and femininity is associated with this colour. When it comes to nail arts, softer shades of Pink are often preferred as they do not look over the top. If you are tired of plain, old ways of polishing your nails, try these funky nail art designs.

A lot of variants of Pink like Coral Pink, Rose pink, Salmon pink, Amaranth pink, Magenta and Fuchsia have been used in these designs along with certain nail art accessories and a basic nail art kit to create these beautiful-looking nails.

#1 Alternate nails in shades of Pink

15 Rockin’ Pink Nail Art Designs

You can choose any shade of Pink you prefer for this nail art. The colour shown in the picture belongs to Nude Pink family. The trick is to paint only alternate nails in Pink and not go overboard. The remaining nails can be painted in some other shade. neutral shades like Beige, Grey, Ivory and olive go well with Pinks. If you know some basic nail art, you can go ahead and draw some interesting patterns on the nails that are painted in shades other than Pink. To further beautify your hands, wear a delicate ring or bracelet.

#2 Pink nails with one floral accent nail

65 lovely Pink Nail Art Ideas

This floral accent nail art looks super pretty. Coral Pink shade which is basically a lovely amalgamation of Pink and Orange is an awesome colour for summers. Paint your nails in Coral Pink except the ring finger nail. For the floral pattern, you just need some basic drawing skills and a nice collection of nail colours that compliment Coral shade. Accessories like a nail art pen, fine tip nail art brush are required, too.

#3 Rhinestones for that delicate artsy touch

65 lovely Pink Nail Art Ideas

Rhinestones are readily available in all good cosmetic stores as well as online. You can get them in a huge number of colours. However, the Silver and Golden ones work nicely with all sorts of colours. This nail art looks very easy to do and practical for most occasions. A popping Pink colour has been used with two cute Silver rhinestones on the ring finger nail. Remember, shapely and well-manicured nails are the key to pretty looking nail arts.

#4 Leopard pink nail art

65 lovely Pink Nail Art Ideas

You can do the Leopard nail art pattern on all your nails or limit it to just the accent nail, like in this picture. A soft, baby Pink shade has been used to paint all nails except the accent nail. Accent nail has been painted in a glittery shade of Silver. Nail art marker in black has been used to draw the Leopard spots. You need not be very neat while doing this. A dotter tool can be used to fill in the Leopard spots. Seal all your hard work by using a transparent nail colour.

#5 pink french nail art

50 Lovely Pink and White Nail Art Designs

French nail art has been in fashion for quite some time and the trend does not seem to be dying out anytime soon. Here, the tips or edges of the nails are painted in natural shades like White, Beige, Ivory or cream while the nail bed is painted in skin like colours, say: Baby pink, Peach, Beige, Nude etc. What makes this nail art different from regular nail arts is the glittery Silver line that demarcates the nail bed and edge.

#6 Use nail art tapes

To create this nail art, simply paint your nails in a bold shade of Pink. Let the base colour dry fully. Once, your nail paint is dry, you can use nail art tapes in any colour of your choice and arrange them either horizontally, vertically, diagonally or crisscross pattern of your choice. Seal with transparent, top-coat.

#7 pink polka dot nail art

65 lovely Pink Nail Art Ideas

Polka dots are the easiest way to add an interesting detail to your nails. These are super-duper easy to make with the help of dotter tools or bobby pins. You can go for polka dots of a similar size or variable sizes depending upon your wish. Either all the nails can be decorated with Polka dots or just once accent nail.  If you have an artistic bent of mind, then you can even copy the patterns done in the reference picture. It is no rocket science but looks very pretty.

#8 colour blocking in different shades of pink

15 Rockin’ Pink Nail Art Designs

You may create colour blocks in a horizontal way, like in this pic or vertically or even diagonally stacked upon each other. In this particular design, three horizontal columns have been created using a nail art pen and each has been filled with a different shade of Pink starting from the lightest hue at the base to the darkest hue at the nail edge. Add a little heart for extra details and cuteness. You can be even more creative and ad a rhinestone on the middle of the heart or use nail art tapes to separate the different colour blocks.

#9 nail art pen for pink henna inspired nail art

50+ Beautiful Pink and Black Nail Designs

If you are good at drawing certain basic henna shapes like whorls, flowers, leaves and vines, you can easily master this nail art. Simply decorate one accent nail in Henna-inspired motifs while you paint the rest in a plain, Pink shade. The finish of nail polish is up to you. You could go for matte finish or glossy one.

#10 use text on pink nails

30 Pink Nail Art Designs

For those of you who are blessed with a good handwriting, this text nail art can be really fun to do. Paint your nails in a similar shade or pattern and use text to highlight the accent nail. Simple and short words like: Love, hope, faith etc. can do the trick.

So, how did you like our compilation of these attractive-looking and stunning nail art designs in Pink!