The use of colours is crucial to make any kind of visual design look appealing. Among the various colors, Black has its own charm. Black nail art designs look trendy and timeless. You can choose nail arts in the classic combo of Black and White or pair up with some edgy metallic colours to create amazing patterns. Also, the use of accessories like studs, Rhinestones, nail art tapes, stickers etc. can help you create Black nail art designs that are smart and luxurious.

Ten trendy Black Nail art designs

Here, in this write up we have rounded up ten trendy Black nail art designs to inspire you. Have a look at this small collection and create stylish impact by flaunting these unique designs on your nails.

Before we proceed to check out the ten trendiest Black nail art designs, let us read these tips and tricks to get the perfect nails each time, you attempt a nail art.

  • Always wipe off old nail paint thoroughly before starting a nail art. Stubborn glitter from previous nail art needs to be completely removed, too.
  • To keep your nail colour well confined within the outlines, White craft glue or petroleum jelly can be very useful.
  • Always, wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second one.
  • Quick dry nail paints are the best.
  • Keep all the required nail art tools handy so that you can be quick while working.
  • Seal all your hard work by using a clear top coat after everything has totally dried.
  • Also, keep your reference nail art design right in front of you.

#1 Black and Gold Nail Art Design

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Simplicity is beauty, this Gold and Black dual-toned manicure is very easy to do and does not require you to purchase any special nail art tools, as well. Gold and Silver coloured Mirror nails are rocking this season! When Golden mirror finish nails are clubbed with Matte Black nails, things look fabulous. Have a look at this trendy Black nail art where the artist chose to coat two nails in dull Black nail paint and do buffing for the Golden nails. The contrast of colours as well as finishes gives this nail art, the X-factor!

#2 Black and White Nails with Chevron Lines

30 Stylish Black & White Nail Art Designs

Chevron is one pattern that never fails to impress no matter where it is used. Chevrons look astonishingly chic on walls, on carpets, on cushion covers and even on nails. This Black and White nail art gives us some nail styling goals! The best part is that it is really simple to do and would barely take a couple of minutes to complete. The essential tools needed here, just a fine nail art brush or a Black nail art marker.

#3 Black and White Nails with Glitter and Pine Stripes

30 Stylish Black & White Nail Art Designs


The combination of Black and White is evergreen! This timeless combo never fails to please the eyes! This nail art where two nails have been used as accent nails in White while the rest have been painted in Black is simple and very elegant apart from being very modern. One White accent nail has been decorated with horizontal striped lines while the other one has been coated with clear Silver glitters. Pinstripes tend to give a sort of official look to your nail art so, you can flaunt this nail art in a semi-formal environment too.

#4 White Tipped Black Nails

30 Stylish Black & White Nail Art Designs

Does not this nail art look fun and quirky? This nail art is inspired from the classic French nail art and is very easy to do. Though the USP of typical French nails is the use of soft, subtle and natural colours, this one that has two strikingly contrasting colours looks awesome, too. Cherry on the top being that this combo looks great with most outfits.

#5 Black and nude

Trendy 7 Simple Nail Art Designs 2017


If you are a lover of anything classy, you would surely fall in love with this delicate looking nail art. Two accent nails in a Nude base colour have been tastefully decorated with fragile looking vines and leaves. The sparkling dots in Silver add that feminine touch. You can draw the delicate pattern with the help of a fine tip nail art brush that has been dipped in Black nail paint.

#6 Matte studded nail art

Best 101 Sophisticated Black Nail Art Designs and Ideas


If too much of Black is not your thing then you can opt for painting just one accent nail in Black. Draw some inspiration from this particular nail art and paint all your nails in deep Maroon colour except one. The Black accent nail has been decorated with the help of crystal studs. These studs are arranged on the nail bed with the help of nail art tweezers and nail art glue.

#7 Floral black

Best 101 Sophisticated Black Nail Art Designs and Ideas


All girls love flowers, floral prints and flower inspired nail arts. The nail art with a chic black basecoat looking so very pleasant with the White and bright Yellow blooms. You can surely pick other vibrant shades for decorating your nail art.

#8 Black accent nail with nail art tapes

Trendy 7 Simple Nail Art Designs 2017


Here is yet another Black accent nail inspired nail art design. Adding a glorifying appearance to the entire design are the vividly hued Orange nail art tapes that are placed with help of tweezers to form a beautiful crisscross pattern.

#9 Dotted nail art

Best 101 Sophisticated Black Nail Art Designs and Ideas


This is an interesting variation of the routine, scattered Polka dots nail art. Here, big and small Polka dots are arranged in separate linear pattern. You need dotter tools of two different sizes to create your pattern on top of nails painted with Black nail colour. These looks good on all nail shapes like square or oval.

#10 Glitters at the base

Best 101 Sophisticated Black Nail Art Designs and Ideas

Last but not the least, a minimalistic Black nail art design for you! A simple black nail paint in glossy finish has been made to look super glamourous with the help of Silver glitters at the base of the nails.

So, this was our collection of the trendiest Black nail art designs that are ruling this season. Did you like them?