Nail arts a growing craze amongst girls and one nail art trend that has really appealed to many women out there is Glitter nail art. Almost every girl I have met loves to coat her nails with glittery nail paints. Glitter nail art designs help to give your manicure that extra dose of glamour. The shiny glitters brighten up your mood instantly, do not they? Going for glitter nail art designs over matte colours is a particularly good option for Winters to add that warmth as well as parties, when you need to look outstanding in every way.So ladies, if you love to dress up and stand out from the crowd this post is definitely for you. Today, we shall be sharing with you a wonderful collection of 10 trendy Glitter Nail Art Ideas that you are sure to love.
When applied precisely and neatly, the use of glitter could actually add glamour and elegance to anyone’s appearance, especially when it’s used in nail art. If you still don’t believe us, check out our proof by scrolling through these twenty glitter-infused nail designs for the everyday glamazon.

10 Trendy Glitter Nail Art Ideas

1.Half nails coated in coloured glitter polish

This particular glitter nail art design is for the ladies who live their manicure to look trendy and glamorous without looking over-the-top. Here, the base of nails has been coated with clear nail polish. Alternatively, one could also go for a base coat in shade like Nude, Beige, light Coffee and light Brown. Ladies with all kinds of nail shapes, be it Square, Oval or rounded.


2. Gold Sequins at the tips

This one is a beautiful combination of deep, dark Black and shimmery Gold. You get the best of both worlds here. For anybody who wants to look like a true Diva in a party, go for nails embellished tastefully with Golden, Silver or Copper shaded sequins like these.
This nail art is pretty easy to recreate for beginners. You simply need to paint your nails in a Black shade for the base Once, it is fully dry, coat the tips with Golden-flecked or Golden-Sequins nail polish. This style look appealing on short as well as long nails.


3. Glitter accent nail

Everybody is familiar with accent nails. With it’s introduction, initially it was trendy to do only your Ring fingernail as the accent nail. Those days,however, people highlight every alternate nail or even adjacent two nails to add a twist to their regular manicure. This particular glitter nail art involves combining subdued shade of Grey with a Bronze-toned shimmery polish. Alternate glitter shades that would look equally flaunting are: Silver, dark Gray, Wine and deep Purple.


4. The deadly combo of Glitter and Rhinestones

Step up your nail art game by combining glitters, Rhinestones and gems. The key tip here is to use good quality glue for the gems and stones to avoid embarrassingly bare and messy looking nails in the middle of the party. This stunning nail art features a light shade of base polish, which could be Grey, baby pink, Beige or any subdued colour that sets with a matte or semi-matte finish. Thereafter, glue on the desired gems or Rhinestones on the accent nails. The other nails need to be coated with a clear, glitter polish. A Nail art like this is sure to bring many Waos, your way! So, girls you could surely take inspiration from this unique and delicate looking glitter nail art. You can surely experiment with different colors, crystals and arrangements here.


5.Bronze Holographic Glitter Nail Polish

The simplest of all the ideas here is this one. You simply need to invest some money in a metallic looking, holographic nail paint and luxuriously coat your nails with it.


6.Glitter French Manicure

This is a very elegant nail art design that you can wear for casual outings, office as well as for parties. Pale pink nails look pretty on every bride. You can add a Silver Glitter-rimmed French manicure at the tips. If your wedding gown has Golden embellishments, you could also go for a dash of Gold sparkle. A glitter nail art design like this looks chic and stylish,always.


7. Striped with hint of glitter

Stripes never really go out of fashion. Do they? Be it in clothing, upholstery or nails! We love this simple yet extremely pretty nail art. To recreate this nail art, apply a White base coat. You can use a Blue nail art pen to draw the stripes. Alternatively, you can use a nail art brush that has fine tip to create the stripes. If you are good with nail art tapes, even those can be put to use here. Onn the accent nail, either draw the anchor or use an anchor shaped nail art sticker.


8. Glitter pressed nails

You can buy the regular art glitter and dip your nails in it after applying a layer of clear nail paint.You can also use a nail paint in exactly the same shade as the glitter you have. Dip while the base coat is still wet. To make it easy for you to clear the mess later on, switch off the fan and use newspapers for this process. Applying petroleum jelly around your nails makes it easy to wipe off the extra glitter later that sticks to the skin around nails. Seal everything with a clear top coat.


9. Glitter and accessories

The perfect nail art for summers. It looks very cooling and relaxing to the eyes. First of all, coat your nails in a base colour like White or Icy Blue. Let the base colour dry completely and then apply a generous coat of transparent Silver glitter nail paint. This shimmery white is a versatile one for a number of occasions. Add an accessory like a cute bow or a butterfly.


10 Just a hint of Glitter

Combine a soothing shade like Periwinkle with a stroke of Glitter on the side of your nail with the help of a nail art brush dipped in Silver glitter polish.


So, try these nail arts and have fun by incorporating some Glitter in your designs and enjoy that trendy set of nails.

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