Rangoli Designs With Dots

rangoli-designs-with-dotsHi are you looking for Rangoli Designs that is easy and simple to do?. And you do not want to use ready made rangoli designs?. Hard to draw Rangoli by Your self !!. Then this post is for you. Please have look below where you can find lot of beautiful Rangoli Designs suitable for your taste and skill.

I am sure that these post will help you to create a great Rangoli Designs for Diwali as when you read this you will understand how easy it is. By the way I am wishing you Happy Diwali Wishes and may this Diwali brings you luck and prosperity to you and your family, like the Diwali lamp brings lights and happiness to your family

1. Make Rangoli by using Dots

You can see lot of Rangoli designs and patterns on the web. But the biggest challenge to make rangoli is making your dream pattern symmetrical  When we draw our dream pattern it should be perfect. So what about when you start Rangoli from one side and by the time you reach other side it it became big or small. So making Rangoli symmetric and perfect looking is the biggest challenge in Rangoli design.

Yes!! The women who do Rangoli also knows this. That is why they use Rangoli design with dots to make their Rangoli symmetrical and perfect. You may be wondering how all these women makes rangoli so perfect. The answer is simple. The use Rangoli design with Dots technique. That is make dots before as per your pattern and then connect it to make your pattern. I am amazed to find this in Tamil Nadu when I stayed there. They just put some dots and then their hands will move so fast. Tada the Rangoli is there.

Recently I found lot of people are looking for Mesmerising Rangoli designs with Dots. So I thought I will share my knowledge to you.

Simple Rangoli designs with dots

Below you can find a simple rangoli design with dots. It is easy to make and traditional


Easy rangoli designs with dots


How to make Rangoli With Dots

Clean the floor

Rangoli making with dots consists the following steps. Since Rangoli is a Divine art the main importance is cleanness and freshness. We have to offer any thing to god or do any puja at only the clean spot. Similarly we have to offer only fresh food and materials to God. The same thing apply for Rangoli also. So clean the Floor thoroughly. Make sure no bad materials or dirt is near by the Rangoli. Also make sure that yesterdays or previous rangoil marks are completely removed. And Follow the following steps.

Add Dots

Add dots as per the Rangoli design in you mind. Make sure the dots are symmetrical

Connect The Dots With Pattern

Then connect the dots with the pattern in your mind. By connecting these dots the pattern will look symmetrical since the dots we put is in symetrical

Fill the inside with colors

fill the colors inside the patterns. Color selection can be symmetrical or it can be as per your imagination



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Dotted Rangoli Different Stages


Continue below



Note: My sincier thanks to rangolidesign.com for photos. They have lot of other designs also. You may visit them to get new ideas and designs for Rangoli

 Pongal Kolam with Dots and rice powder

In Tamil Nadu normal days kolam is made by white rice powder. Everyday morning women will clean the front of the house and lay the kolam.


Simple Rangoli Design with Dots

Here is simple Rangoli with dots. This is big one but it uses more simple design and much less material


image Credit: sagennext

New rangoli designs with dots

The below design is suitable for Diwali. It is colorful and decorated with Diwali lamps.



image: todaynewz.com

New rangoli designs with dots-2

Another Color full Diwali Rangoli kolam. This is Andhra style, as you can see colors, but simple

new-rangoli-designs-with-dots-2Image: blogspot.com

 Small rangoli designs with dots

Now days people uses computer generated stencils or ready made stencils for making Rangoli design. You can see one such type of rangoli below




  small rangoli designs with dots -2


Image: mykolam.blogspot.com.au

rangoli designs with dots for competition


diwali rangoli designs with dots


Pongal Rangoli With Dots


Diwali Kolam with Dots

You can see another rangoli for Diwali. In this the theme itself is Diwali



Colorful Rangoli Design with Dots



Rangoli Designs with Dots Tamil style


Simple Rangoli designs with dots

simple-rangoli-designs-with-dotsSimple Rangoli Designs with Dots



Images from : http://www.rangolicoloring.in/

By easydayby

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