Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages

birthday-wishesSaying birthday wishes and giving birthday gifts to someone are the best way to show our involvement, love and care for them. Wishes can be say to anyone, there is no exemption for this. Birthday wishes can be address personally or perhaps indicated on your birthday gift’s tag or in the birthday cards. We address this wishes to show our gratitude for them and at the same time express our feelings to them on their special day, even we know that person or not. Birthday wishes can be a way to preserve a good relationship and toughen it. There are numerous forms of birthday wishes however there is single purpose and essence, which is to spread serenity and love to each other not only on this special day for them but even those simple days. Here you can find a collection of birthday wishes that can be used along with birthday gifts and birthday cards

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Happy Birthday Wishes and Happy Birthday Greetings

Greet someone by those birthday wishes  quotes on their birthday to make their celebration happier and be a special one. Below are some of examples that I provided. These birthday wishes are specially selected so that you can attach with your birthday gifts.


I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration,
As for now, I legitimately welcome you to your maturity stage.
Happy birthday!

Before this special day of yours, your just a child and asking always for help,
But now, you are more mature enough that you can face your life with yourself.
I am very proud that I have you in my life.
Happy Birthday to you!

You are now grown up into a great individual,
I hope you will continue to be a good person,
May God always teach you how to stay a better person, more birthdays to come on you.
Have a blessed birthday!

Birthdays do not gauge a person’s maturity.
However, I hope you will continue to grow in love and wisdom every day.
May God grant all the desires of your heart.
Have a blissful birthday!

I wish you all the best and that your days will be filled with favor and blessings.
I will pray that you will receive more than what you hoped and wished for today.
Live well. Happy birthday!

May you find your happiness in everything you do.
Wishing you the most blessed and happiest birthday ever.
You deserve it.

A special person like you deserves nothing but the best on this special day
May you be blessed on your birthday.
Happy Birthday!

To one of my favorite people in the world,
I wish you more gifts to open, more cakes to eat,
more candles to blow, and of course, more birthdays to come.
Have a good one! Happy birthday!

Suggested Birthday Gifts

  1. birthday-gift-basketBirthday Gift Baskets: Birthday Gift baskets are a great birthday present that you can think of it. It is universal and you can select easily without much hassle or selection
  2. Tool sets for men
  3. For Indian Women you can gift them a sari

Birthday Wishes For Husband and Birthday Messages for Wife

Say your birthday wishes to your partner can be a way for a strengthen relationship among couples. At the sometime, couple can show their love and care to each other by the use of those simple phrases but with meaningful thought. Here are some birthday wishes quotes that you can send and greet to your partner.


There is no birthday gift that can be equal to the gift that receives from you.
And that is all your love that a feel when I’m with you.
Happy birthday honey!

Let enjoy ourselves on this special day of yours,
I hope this harmony relationship of ours last forever.
I love you and have a wonderful birthday sweetie!

I congratulate your parents to have a wonderful daughter,
And I am so lucky that I met you in my life.
I wish nothing but all the best for you!
Happy Birthday!

You’re the greatest gift that God gave me
I will always be thankful that He give you to me.
Happy Birthday, dear.

Loving you is perhaps the best thing that happen to me,
You are my everything.
I love you so much.
Happy birthday!

It’s an honor to celebrate this day with you.
Wanting to be part of you, I hope I can do something
That will make you happy on your big day.
Happy Birthday, honey!

I’ll be your slave for today.
Ask you wish, command me.
I’ll be more than happy to serve you.
I love you and Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes and Funny Birthday Messages

How about making your friend or loved ones laugh out loud on their birthday? Well, that’s the essence of throwing a party anyway, to have fun. why don’t you punch some lines and throw some funny birthday greetings? Just make sure that the celebrant is up to it before cracking your funny birthday joke. Here are some samples:


They say that age is just a number…
So, how old are you?
Happy birthday dude!

Your age is ever increasing.
So please grow up starting tomorrow!
Today is an excuse for you.
Happy birthday!

Today, you’re a year younger than next year.
Isn’t that worth celebrating?
Hurray! It’s your birthday!

Stop counting your wrinkles.
Worry not about tomorrow.
It can take care of itself.
Cheers! Happy birthday!

People come and go but birthdays do accrue.

Happy birthday!
I have my gift delivered straight to your home….next year.

I remember your birthday.
I just forgot it’s today.
Happy Birthday anyway!

Birthday Wishes For Friend and Birthday Messages For Friends

Make your friend’s birthday be a special one for you and for them. You can send them Birthday Cards with these birthday wishes and maybe advice by the use of some birthday wishes  quotes like I provided underneath.


As of now, you are responsible enough and ready to continue and pursue your dream,
I hope you will achieve more your dreams and goals in life.
May God always be with you.
Happy birthday friend!

Happy birthday my friend!
Let celebrate for you another 365 days survival full of happiness, enjoyment and love,
I hope all of those matters will last to you forever.

Did you know why I am not asking for more gifts from God?
That is because I have already treasured things in my life,
Which are my family and a fantastic friend like you.
Happy birthday!

A birthday is a perfect time to cherish
and please someone who has always been with me.
You have never left my side.
As you grow older each year, I promise to be by your side too.
I won’t miss a single birthday of yours.

When I think of you, I feel so grateful.
I could never find a friend whose heart is ever true.
I hope I can make your birthday as special as ever
Just to show how important you are to me.
Happy birthday!

Birthday Card Messages and Birthday Card Wishes

Get to know what to write in a birthday card with these samples of birthday messages and wishes. No need to be a poet yourself just to come up with the perfect card messages. All you need is some ideas and inspirations and you’ll be good.


This birthday card isn’t enough for me to write
a thousand and one reasons why I’m blessed to have you.
It may run out of space but not in my heart.
You will always have a place there.
Happy birthday!

This cake and card are as warm as they can be,
I want to show you how much you mean to me;
I’ll send you hugs and wishes to bless your way,
Smile a lot because it’s your birthday!

Warmest thoughts and best wishes I want to send you today,
Let’s take a blissful cheer for this is your day;
I hope God will bless everything you want to pursue,
It’s a day to celebrate you!

I’m wishing you…
Laughter each single day
Overflowing blessings along the way
Promotion in your career
Friends to give you cheers
Dreams to keep you going
And all the best this life could bring.
Happy birthday!

Happiness, Joy and Prosperity
Happy life, good health and peace
All these are my wish for you on your birthday
May you get all these, you deserve it.

I am wishing you a birthday that is full of blessings and God’s graces
My you reap all the fruits of your hardwork.
Happy Birthday

Many more days and years of good health, good life and prosperity
That’s my wish for you.
Happy Birthday!

Have all the fun you can get and be grateful for everything you have in the moment.
Continue to share your love with your family and friends
And never forget how to smile at life.
Happy birthday

For the best person ever, I wish nothing but the best!
May you have an amazing today and that you have more birthdays to come!

Inspirational Birthday Messages and Wishes

Inspire and encourage someone on her/his birthday with these inspirational birthday wishes. Make it heartfelt and soothing. Give some inspiring words that will motivate the celebrant to live her/his life in happier ways. Here are some inspiring birthday messages that you can write in a card, attach along with birthday gifts or send as sms or email.


Do not be overwhelmed about growing old.
We all go to that same direction.
Just be thankful for everything you have accomplished and how far you can still go.
I wish you brighter and more stunning birthdays in the year to come!

May your face continue to be radiant as the sunshine.
May your smiles be ever warm as the gentle breeze.
Birthdays are not just about growing older.
We could still have a youthful glow despite the age crisis.
Have a blooming birthday today!

Spread your wings and soar above your hopes and dreams.
I believe this is another brilliant and victorious year for you.
Happy birthday and may you have success in everything you do.

If blessings are like the ocean, you should have drowned by now.
Be thankful for another year to live under the wings of God’s race.
Happy birthday!

I pray that each birthday will continue to inspire you
To become the person that God wants you to be.
I know there are still a lot of blessings and favor He has in store for you.
Have a joyous birthday and for the next years to come.

You may not get all the presents you want today but nevertheless, be grateful.
You are blessed with another year to live.
Enjoy this with a lot of gratitude and a positive outlook in life.
Happy birthday!

How to send Birthday Wishes

You have found your Birthday wishes. Now best methods to send birthday wishes to your birthday person . Here is some methods, that may help you

  1. If you like some of the image, just pin it and send that Url to your firend. People like colors
  2. If you like some messages, you can just retype it on your mobile and send it as SMS
  3. Right Click and copy, Visit some free sms sites to that country and past it there. Sned the sms to them.
  4. Copy the message and tweet that, or add it on google plus or face book page
  5. Visit popular greeting card site like 123greetings.com, bluemountain.com, select a beautiful card and past your message there, to make a greate animated birthday card
  6. Visit popula printable greeting card sites, create and print a birthdaycard with these message. Post it or attach with your birthday gift and give to your birthday person.

Short Birthday Wishes and Best Birthday Messages

Birthday messages need not to be so long or lengthy. A one-liner birthday greetings will do. Remember, a single word can speak thousands of meaning. You can also use the short one phrase as your birthday wishes to some one. Here are same sort of examples that you can consider.


Birthday is the starting point of a another 365 days journey in our life,
So make it special for you.
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!
I hope that you have a wonderful and fantastic one this year.

Changing of age is compulsory, while changing yourself is optional.
So, think of the things that are the best for you.
Happy birthday!

I wish a very special birthday for a very special person to me.
Have a brilliant birthday!

May this day be as special as you.
Happy Birthday!

You’re a wonderful person,
So you deserve to have a birthday as wonderful as you.

I’m happy to know someone like you.
Wishing you all the best!

I wish you all the best, not just for today, but for always! Happy Birthday!

Famous Birthday Quotes Wishes

Birthday quotes can also be used as your card wording. You can use them as your introduction to your greeting card especially if you don’t know what to write on your birthday card. You can choose from these samples of popular birthday quotes said by famous people like Mark Twain and Robert Frost.

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.
Enjoy the trip.

A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday
but never remembers her age.
– Robert Frost

Age is an issue of mind over matter.
If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.
– Mark Twain

Birthdays are good for you.
Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.
– Larry Lorenzoni

Birthdays are good for you.
The more you have, the longer you live.
– Unknown

Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.
– Edward Morykwas

The best way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it once.
–H. V. Prochnow

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