gifts-for-herAre you confused and are looking for best gift ideas for women? There are so many factors to consider when buying gifts for her such as your budget, the recipient, the quality, and if it’s just the right thing to give. You want your gift to represent yourself, how you feel about that person or the relationship you and the recipient have. You want these little presents to come across as thoughtful, or humorous, perhaps something that is reminiscent of a private joke, or something that reminds them that they are love and appreciated in whatever occasion she will celebrate.

Now, most women are really not that hard to please when it comes to presents, so just give them something that are functional depending on what they do for a living, but the tricky part is finding the perfect gift for women because of our very distinct taste and style. So let me suggest some of the great gift ideas for women, be it your girlfriend, wife, mom, aunt, etc.

Best Gifts for Her

Great Gift Ideas for Women, Top Gifts for Her

  • Cosmetics

Cosmetic products are bound to make any woman happy. After all, you can go from casual to ready-for-a-night out within a matter of seconds. Base your chose on her needs or from what you notice as her preference. For example, if you notice she always has foundation on, buy her a foundation primer or a foundation itself. If that’s too expensive for you, since most of them are a little more expensive compared to other types of cosmetic products, you should opt for lipwear. However, be sure to choose the appropriate color for that specific woman. Otherwise, she might get offended if you end up handing her a harlot red tube, or she might not ever use it if the color is too bright and young for her age. If you’re unsure regarding her preferences, you can’t go wrong with tubes of lipbalm.

  • Accessories

Accessories are great. They’re cheap, stylish, and very functional. Women can’t get enough of them. Go for something trendy but not too flashy, unless that’s how you know the recipient to be. I’d go with classic pieces such as pouches or headbands. You don’t have to buy her expensive ones like jewelry or watches, just something that’s enough to add a quick kick to her outfits.

  • Gift Check


If you don’t know what she wants, she surely does. So give her a gift check to a department store that has plenty of options. She’d appreciate the effort and the chance given to go shopping.

But if you’re looking for gift ideas for her categorized depending on the recipient, you may want to look into these suggestions. You can give them these gifts in any occasions, be it on Christmas, birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, etc.

Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

  • Couple Shirt

Let the world know that you and your girlfriend is an item. Get her a personalized couple shirt that both of you can wear on special day like Valentine’s Day or her birthday. She’ll surely be glad knowing you’re proud of her.

Image: 365inlove

  • Love Letter in a Bottle


Want something sweet, romantic and a bit of cheesy gift ideas for your girlfriend? Then you may want to write her a romantic letter. Send it to her in a form of message in a bottle.

  • Chocolates and Flowers

Nothing beats the simple yet romantic gestures. Chocolates and flowers are one of the best gifts for girlfriend which will give let her know how much you love her.

  • Couple Jewelry

Just like the couple shirts, you can have a couple jewelry with names or scripture of “hers” and “his”. Although partnered items, it is not as showy and flashy as couple shirts.

Image: Etsy

Gift Ideas for Mom

  • A Day of Relaxation

Our mom deserves a break, especially on Mother’s Day and her birthday. So why not treat her a day of relaxation. Both of you can go together. You may want to buy her a spa kit as well.

  • Gourmet Gift Basket

Almost all mothers love to cook. Indulge her with not so expensive yet special gourmet gift basket. You can either get it readymade or put gourmet items together in a basket.

  • New Cooking Set

Your kitchen utensils may have already worn out. Why not get her new ones? You can buy a gift set or buy per piece and put it all together. You can buy casserole, kitchen knives, chopping board, silverwares and all.

  • Bouquet of Flowers

Not just your significant others who deserve romantic gesture from you. Moms also deserve a day of loving and appreciation. The best way to let her know you truly appreciates her is through flowers..

Gift Ideas for Wife

  • Dinner Date

Rekindle the loving feeling by having a romantic dinner with her. A candlelight dinner date will surely sweep her off her feet. With matching bouquet of flowers, this will send her to heaven of delight.

  • Designer’s Bag

Give her an extra special and extra expensive stuff on the special day of her life, be it on Christmas, birthday, mother’s day or anniversary. A designer’s bag is one of the best choices especially if your wife is into fashionable items. Remember, it’s just once in a year so it’s not that bad to be generous

  • Bath and Soap Set

Here’s an inexpensive gift idea for her that you may choose. Have a scented bath and soap set. You may include soaps with relaxing smell such as aromatherapy soaps.

  • New Shoes / Sandals

This is especially nice gift ideas for women who are working. Treat her with a new shoes or wedge. A matching dress can also serve as bonus.

  • Breakfast in Bed

Surprise her first thing in the morning with a romantic breakfast in bed. Your wife will surely be delighted having her husband serving her a breakfast in bed.

Gift Ideas for Female Boss

  • Instant Coffee Maker

Although not all women are into coffee, this is probably the best gifts for her if your lady boss loves to have a cup or two during office hours.

  • Corporate Hampers

Do you want to keep your gift safe and simple? A lady boss may be hard to please and it may give you a hard time choosing the best gift. Corporate gift baskets are available in many different themes. It is best to know what she likes and choose a theme of hampers from there.

  • Money Tree

It is a perfect gift for your lady boss on her birthday or on Christmas day. Aside from the good fortune it brings, this will also remind your lady boss about you every time she sees it displayed on her office desk.

Gift Ideas for Grandma

  • Little Luxury Gift Set

Give a bit of luxury by getting some relaxation stuff and put them all together. You can also buy preset ones. This set may include soap, aromatherapy oils, pillow, medicine kit, etc.

Image: Promo-wholesale

  • Gardening Set

Does your grandma love gardening? Indulge her and make her a happy camper by giving her gardening set. This may include new pair of gloves, pretty pots, spade, etc. Some seeds of her favorite plants or flowers can be included as well.

  • Scrapbook

Most grandmothers prefer sentimental gifts. Let her have some reminiscing of the sweet memories of the family by giving her a homemade scrapbook. Put the captured moments of the family and compile them artistically on the scrapbook.

  • I Love Grandma Mugs

Express your love to the best grandma in the world with an “I love you coffee mugs”. Other items that you can get with “I love my Grandma” scripture are hat, shirt, jewelry, etc

Christmas Gifts for Women

  • Journal/Diary

Christmas means new year will be approaching soon, which means a journal to record all her appointments and schedules for the next year to come will be surely appreciated especially if she’s working.

Image: Flickr

  • Holiday Sweater

You can never go wrong with sweaters during this season. It’s cozy fabric is functional, and it goes perfectly with the month’s usual temperature. Make sure the design isn’t too representative of Christmas so she can use it anytime she wants to.

  • Pastries

Most women love sweets so cakes, cookies, and pies would be a wonderful gift to give. You can even give Pastries are great to serve during Christmas dinners. You’ll be making their table complete. Pastries are also easy to find during this season because most bakeries have promos that enables you to buy a large amounts of pastries for a much lesser price.

  • Christmas Hampers

Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

  • Perfume

A perfume is one of the least expensive gifts you could possibly get for her birthday that she could use and would last. It’s her birthday, so she deserves to get spoiled. I suggest you buy her a brand that’s well loved by most women like Victoria’s secret, or if you’re opting for something more expensive, go for Bulgari/Bvlgri.

  • Jewelry

If you’re not yet proposing, then do not get her a ring. Get her something that doesn’t state a marriage for sure, but leaves a window of possibility, like a necklace or some earrings. I personally detest bracelets because it seems like it’s something you could give to a friend.

  • Box of chocolates and vodka

The girl could use some private pleasure, and a box of good chocolate and a bottle of vodka is the way to do it. This is not just an emergency package to someone broken-hearted, it’s actually pretty good together and enjoyable as well.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

  • Knitting Set

Knitting sets are great since she she’d probably have to take up a hobby. This would surely take up some of her time and allow her to knit cute little gifts to her friends, her grandchildren, and so on.

Image: Bhappyhampers

  • Easy-to-use-tab

An iPad or tab allows her to reconnect with her loved ones, with internet access, she could be living in her townhouse and still be able to talk to you and her family members daily. She would also enjoy some cookbook applications and maybe a few of her favorite novels.

  • Wine glasses

Wine glasses are essential for women of age because it shows class and sophistication. Besides, if she’s already retiring, then she deserves to celebrate after working long and hard all those years.

Gift Ideas for Women who have Everything

  • Captured Moments

This is a simple gift that will surely mean something to her, and occassionally make her smile. It’s the sentimental value of this gift that sets it apart. Perhaps you should write captions all over it.

Image: Etsy

  • A Dog

Dogs are great companions, they’re loving, playful and cute. Since she’s already got everything, she needs someone to share all those blessings with.

  • A Cat

Some may not like dogs, but love cats. They may be bossy but they can be honey to the right pet owner. There are many cat breed that are suitable as pets.

  • A Day of Bonding With Friends

Take her out for an all girls date. Take pictures, eat delicious food and drink some champagne. All she needs is one day away from her perfect but possibly hectic life.

Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

  • Bottle Sterilizer

These are expensive, but functional and long-lasting. She’ll thank you for lessening the hassle of cleaning bottles and she’ll be able to use it no matter how many kids she has in the future.

  • Matching family shirts

These shirts are adorable and they have cute little designs or captions like “Mommy’s little princess” or “Daddy’s little tiger”. The couple will get all excited about their soon to come newborn and they’ll probably wear these on their very first family picture.

  • Breast milk pump

These come in handy for feeding in public areas especially if the mother is having trouble lactating. Not everyone needs one, but having one is a great relief.

    • Guide to Motherhood Book

Gear her up towards motherhood by giving her a book about basic care and guideline about nurturing and caring for the baby and herself.

Unique Gift Ideas for Women

      • Mini herb garden

These are very cheap but is a good gift for women who loves cooking. It’s price range is about 50-150 pesos per kind of herb and if taken care of well, she’ll be able to use them for a lifetime of fresh ingredients.

      • A collection of her favorite TV series

These are perfect for a day of staying in bed with a tub of ice cream and putting on her favorite pair of pajamas. These episodes will surely lift up any downhill moods.

      • Pedometer

This helps her keep track of how fit she really is. She’ll need it whether or not she is a fitness freak because secretly, every woman wants to be and stay thin and healthy.

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