vishu-kaniVishu is the New year for Kerala.Kerala People welcome their new year with Vishu kani, fire crackers, and with Vishu feast known as vishu sadhya. Vishu sadhya in northern kerala is with special goat meat curry and chicken items where as in south it is pure vegetarian.Vishu‘s most prominent part is Vishu Kani followed by fire cracker lighting.Normally people prepare a special room to arrange the vishu kani, with their favorite gods picture or statue with all good things like gold coins, new cloth, flowers, fruits and kani konna (a special flower).If you have kerala Friend and You want to wish him on this vishu, I am here by giving you some vishu wishes and messages that will help you while creating you vishu cards

Vishu-smsVishu Wishes and Vishu Sms

Happy Vishu to you and your family

I wish you a vishu filled with happiness and fun

May the coming new year brings you happiness and peace. Happy vishu to you and your family

Happy Vishu Wishes and Vishu Ashamsakal


It is vishu,
I wish may this vishu brings you
happiness, peace and prosperity
in to your home
Happy vishu

May the good things you are seeing as vishu kani
brings you happiness and prosperity through out this year
Happy vishu

May you have a great Vishu,
filled with happiness and prosperity
Wishing you a Happy vishu

Vishu is the new year for Malayalees
Let us celebrate the vishu
with firecrackers, vishu kani and vish sadhya
Happy vishu

Let us welcome New year with
Vishu kani brings prosperity
Happiness and peace to your home
Happy Vishu

May the Unnikannan, brings you
Happiness and properity to your Home
Happy Vishu to you and your family

I wish may unnikrishna brings you
luck and prosperity to your home
Happy vishu

May Ubbikrishna bless you with
love and prosperity, as you
see him on vishu Kani

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